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School Zones / School Zones

  • The Williamson County School Board establishes school zones for the district. School zones may change when a building becomes over its student capacity or when the district opens new schools. Due to rapid growth in Williamson County, we can only guarantee school zones for one year. Please note that you must reside in Williamson County to attend Williamson County Schools.

  • 2023-2024 School Year

    Find your Zoned School for the 2023-2024 school year. To view the details about your address, enter your street address with the street type abbreviated. For example: enter Rd. for Road or St. for Street and leave the zip code field blank. Select search to view the zoned school and bus stop information.

    To request your student(s) to attend a school they are not zoned for, please complete our 2023-24 Out of Zone online application for consideration and processing. Follow the instructions listed to create an account and complete the application request. All correspondence regarding the request status will occur through email once you register and submit the information. For all requests except those related to residential moves and programs of study, the deadline to apply is April 15. Denied requests may be appealed to the Zoning Appeals Committee. Contact the Planning & Zoning Department for more information at 615-472-4000.

  • Approved Open Zoned Schools

    Per state law, the list of open zoned schools is required to be posted for 2 weeks prior to accepting out of zone applications.  The portal opens February 1 with the deadline to apply of April 15. 

    Students currently approved to attend out of zone schools who are not changing buildings do not need to reapply.  All rising 6th and 9th grade students roll up to their zoned schools until the out of zone application is approved. Grandfathering after a school rezoning is not automatic.  All students affected by the rezoning roll to the newly zoned school until the out of zone application is submitted and approved. Unless related to a residential move, the deadline for all requests is April 15.

    Please note that out of zone students are not eligible for bus service.

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Open Zoned Lottery Process

    • State law changed and a lottery is required if the number of open zone applications exceeds the available spots.
    • A parent will submit an application to attend an open zoned school and will receive a confirmation email with randomly assigned order number of the submitted application. 
    • The zoned and out of zone school principals will review the request.
    • The application is then sent to the Planning and Zoning Department.
    • The Planning and Zoning Department approves the request to enter the lottery, regardless of the number of applications received.
    • The parent receives an email stating that the application has entered the lottery.
    • After the deadline to apply, if the number of applications exceeds the number of spots available at a particular school, the lottery option will take effect within 5 business days.

    If a Lottery is Not Required

    • A parent receives an email stating their child is now assigned a place in the requested open zoned school.
    • A parent logs into the out of zone account to accept or reject the placement within 7 calendar days from the date of the email. 
    • When the placement is accepted by the parent, the Planning and Zoning Department changes the student’s school path field in Skyward to the new school. 
    • After 24 hours, the parent may contact the new school for enrollment information.


  • If a Lottery is Required 

    • Out of zone software randomly assigns an order number to each application. 
    • A student list is determined by order number.  
    • A student wait list is created after the number of available places have been assigned. 
    • A parent receives an email stating that their child is now assigned a placement in the requested open zoned school. 
    • A parent logs into the out of zone account to accept or reject the placement within 7 calendar days from the date of the email. 
    • Parents with students on the wait list receive an email of their wait list number. 
    • When placement is accepted by the parent, the Planning and Zoning Department changes the student’s school path field in Skyward to the new school. 
    • After 24 hours, the parent may contact the new school for enrollment information. 
    • Rejected or expired placements go to the next student on the waiting list. 
    • All placements will be made by 5:00 pm CST prior to the first day of the 2023-24 school year and the wait list/lottery process will conclude for the school year.

School №58 Vladivostok. Main page

Enrollment in class 1

03 July 2023

Information about enrollment in grade 10 in 2023 as of 07/03/2023

03 July 2023

10 class




General (Advanced Algebra-Geometry)





(advanced chemistry – biology)




Railway – a zone of increased danger

19 June 2023

Dear legal representatives! During the summer wellness campaign, we remind you of the need to comply with the rules of personal and property safety when you are at transport infrastructure facilities.

The railway is a high-risk area! Not allowed:

  1. Crosses railway tracks in an unspecified place, and also closer than 5 meters from the edge rail
  2. Run across in front of a passing train
  3. Cross the railway track at a prohibitory traffic light and with the barrier closed
  4. Crawl under wagons, ride on roofs and in freight wagons, steps, grab onto protruding parts of wagons
  5. While on the platform – play active games, run after the departing train
  6. Place foreign objects on the railway track, as well as apply graffiti on the composition and other property of Russian Railways
  7. Touch and stay close to wires. The voltage in the contact network is 27,500 volts, the radius of destruction is from 2 meters.

Dear legal representatives, follow the safety rules and instill them in your children. During the summer holidays, it is necessary to strengthen control over the leisure of minors and exclude the facts of the free presence of minors on transport facilities that contribute to the commission of offenses and crimes, as well as injuries, including those with a fatal outcome.

Any outside interference in the operation of railway transport is illegal, it is prosecuted by law and entails criminal and administrative liability (children’s parents are responsible for violations of safety rules by children).

Enrollment in class 1

25 May 2023

From May 29 to June 19, enrollment in grade 1 was suspended due to the unified state exam (USE) being held at the school.

Registration will resume on Monday, June 26th. The first stage will end on June 30th.

On July 6, the second stage of recording will begin. And then every Monday.

Recording time during the summer period: 11.00 – 13.00

Last call

24 May 2023

The last bell rang today for our eleventh graders

Children, parents, grandparents, and, of course, teachers gathered for the solemn event in the assembly hall.
There were parting words and good wishes from the school administration, class teachers, teachers, elementary school students and tenth graders.

Graduation for fourth graders

24 May 2023

On May 22, a graduation ceremony for fourth-graders took place at the school. The children prepared a festive program. The principal of the school, Goloborodko L.V., congratulated the students and their parents. The mother of one of the students, Gurko A.S., spoke with words of gratitude to the teachers and parting words to the students and parents. At the end of the holiday, all the guys went on stage to sing a song about elementary school. And in the end, as always, each class released the Wish Fulfillment Ball into the sky. We wish the future fifth graders success in their studies, health and fulfillment of their plans!


school camp

18 May 2023

From July 24 to August 11, the school will run a children’s day camp “Smile”

At the parade rehearsal

09 May 2023

On May 6, the dress rehearsal of the Parade took place. 15 Youth Army members of the Askold detachment take part in the Parade. After 2 months of training, they are ready to show all their skills.


Action “Garden of Memory”

09 May 2023

On May 6, the Askold youth detachment took part in the International Action “Garden of Memory” and tree planting on the territory of the hospital for war veterans.


All “School News”

► Responsibility for spreading false information

► Leaflet “Scammers on the web”

► Leaflet on the topic: “Cell phone as a target and weapon of crime”

► Information material for the public

► Narodny Front

► Psychological assistance and emergency response services in the Primorsky Territory

► The Prosecutor’s Office of the Frunzensky District of Vladivostok draws attention to the need to comply with the Rules of the road!

► Protecting children from information harmful to their health and development

► Recommendations for conducting preventive measures in educational institutions with students aimed at developing positive thinking, principles of a healthy lifestyle, and preventing suicidal behavior

► “Healthy Eating”

► Memos from the Prosecutor’s Office for the summer of 2022

► 12 steps to digital literacy for adults and children

► Road safety

► Drug prevention information

► Fire safety leaflet


Educational services

“Hot line” for state final certification

“Hot line” for illegal collection of funds

Addresses and phone numbers of psychological assistance services for children and families with children

Secondary school No.

38 named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Tatyana Makarova

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Municipal autonomous general educational institution of the municipality city of Krasnodar

Year of teacher and mentor

Parent survey hello parents!

Please take part in the survey. It is important for us to know your opinion on a number of issues related to the work of an educational organization.

The questionnaire is ANONYMOUS.

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Victory dictation

On April 27, 2023, students of MAOU secondary school No. 38 took part in the International historical dictation on the theme of the events of the Great Patriotic War – “Victory dictation in 2023”.
The purpose of the campaign is to attract the general public to study…

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All-Russian School Olympiad

Educational Center “Sirius” holds an invitational stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren for students in grades 3-10 2022/23 academic year from general educational organizations all subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as for teachers . ..

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Voting on the choice of green…

Krasnodar residents will be able to choose a green area for improvement for the next year in the course of a single online voting, which will be held from April 15 to May 30 on the 23.gorods Internet platform reda. ru. The green zone that will become the winners …





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Victory dictation

April 27, 2023 students MAOU Secondary School No. 38 took part in the International Historical Dictation for…

All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren

Educational Center “Sirius” holds an invitational stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren for…

Voting on the choice of green areas for improvement in 2024

Krasnodar residents will be able to choose a green area for improvement for the next year during a single online… We are posting the work plan for the January 2022-2023 academic year. Please…

Cossack dictation

12/09/2022 54 students of grades 5 “A” and 6 “A” of MAOU secondary school No. 38 took part in the regional …

Meeting with the Kuban poet, children’s writer, member of the Writers’ Union of Russia, Honored Worker of Culture of the Kuban V. A. Arkhipov.

On December 13, 2022, a meeting of students of grade 9 “A” of the MAOU secondary school No. 38 was held in the library of the Central House of Children in the village of Lazurny…

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  • Department of Education of the Administration of the Municipal Formation city of Krasnodar

  • Regional resource center

  • Russian education

  • Portal of public services of the Russian Federation

  • Single window for access to information resources

  • Federal Center for Information and Educational Resources

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