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Peanut Gallery – Spring Hill School Age | Preschool | Special Needs

  • As parents ourselves, we understand that choosing the best educational child care for your child is one of the hardest decisions you have to make. By providing an environment for your child where they can grow and thrive, we are confident that The Peanut Gallery in Spring Hill, Tennessee is the best preschool you can choose.
  • At The Peanut Gallery we integrate the two most important elements in any child care or preschool to give your child a fun and educational experience amazing teachers and a contemporary curriculum. Combined, the value our preschool offers is unparalleled. We extend our schools value by including nutritious meals and enrichment classes such as Spanish, Sports, and Technology without additional fees.
  • To give you a better idea about all that our school has to offer we are excited to introduce you to Rachel Dickinson, our Preschool Director at The Peanut Gallery in Spring Hill, TN.

Child Ages:
5 years – 12 years
Licenses & Accreditations:
Tennessee Department of Human Services – 0
This provider accepts vouchers
Special Needs:
Please contact us for more information.
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Remember the last time you looked at something in wonderment? It was something so unique and interesting that it stopped you in your tracks. At The Peanut Gallery, we create those moments of wonderment each day with our preschoolers.

The Peanut Gallery offers educational care for children from infants through Pre-Kindergarten and Before and After School programs for Elementary students. A child must first accept and trust a new adult in their world. The warm attentiveness of our caregivers allows children to be happy and thrive while in our care. By providing an atmosphere that is physically safe and emotionally warm, children feel secure and confident. We partner with our families on the achievement of the big milestones in a childs life. Whether it is the challenge of potty training or reading first words, these important moments are approached with love, patience and understanding. The Peanut Gallerys program is thoughtfully planned to promote self-help skills and independence, while at the same time encouraging a sense of sharing and co-operation.

The Peanut Gallery, Spring Hill, offers children a world of choices, small class sizes and an educational experience that is second to none. A childs learning success is assured by simple activities that match developmental abilities and provide foundations for later, more complex skills. All of our classrooms are center based and include reading, dramatic play, manipulative activities, art, blocks and computer learning lab. Zoo-Phonics, our themed based phonics curriculum, Math Their Way, and handwriting readiness promote a strong foundation by preparing our early childhood students for life-long success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Outside of the classroom, our incredible playgrounds allow imaginations to blossom and bodies to grow. Our school has multiple age-appropriate playgrounds that children enjoy every day.

We understand how much our families want to stay connected with their childs day and development. By partnering with our families, we chart a course for open and honest communication, sharing ideas and monitoring progress together.

The Peanut Gallerys School-Age program offers before and after school care for children Kindergarten age through 12 years old. This program provides free transportation to and from local Elementary schools, as well as a full day program for all out of school days.

Wed love to show you all the wonderful things The Peanut Gallery, Spring Hill has to offer.

Peanut Gallery: Tennessee Volunteers vs. Georgetown Hoyas

View from the DJ Booth – A Musical Perspective from lordnick:

Oh, you guys don’t like REM for some nice pregame music? Suck it, nerds. Anyways, can’t really think of a better theme song for Conference Realignment. MORE LIKE BIG L-EAST! Ha. Christ, we are screwed. Really going to enjoy watching us lose to SMU in the 2017 Big East Quarterfinals, live from The United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, Texas.

View from the Student Section – A Youthful Perspective from Campus:

Ah the Big East/SEC challenge is upon us again. Anybody remember that Hollis Thompson dagger last year? I sure as hell do, that was one of the most awesome shots I’ve ever seen. I would say I am hoping for the same thing this year, except I’m definitely not looking to have to beat the good ole boys from Knoxville with a last-second three pointer. These guys have just one loss, to now-#15 Oklahoma State, and it really wasn’t even close. Their 4 wins have come against the likes of Oakland and they couldn’t even manage to beat UNC-Asheville by more than 10 points. This is an experienced team, but not a scary one. The Phone Booth will definitely be rocking as I’m pretty sure the students have had this one circled on the calendar since the schedule came out. I’m a little uncertain as to how the team responds to finally being bestowed with a national ranking, but I hope they play with the same chip on their shoulder we saw in the first 5 games. At the same time, these guys cannot continue to come out of the gate slowly. Tennessee isn’t an elite team, but they’re not a cupcake either, so letting them get off to a hot start is likely to burn the Hoyas bad. I won’t get to join the party until the second half, as RA Interview responsibilities run until 7 PM, but I expect to walk into a raucous building at half time. Come early, be loud, wear gray, and beat the Vols. Hoya Saxa!

View from the Cheap Seats – A Nervous Perspective from JahidiLikesPie:

The Board of Gimps at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON have yet to receive this perspective as JahidiLikesPie is probably sleeping near some gutter in Westchester.