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Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year begins Monday, January 31, 2023 at 8am for residents and Monday, February 13, 2023 at 8am for nonresidents. Please see the panel on the right for details. 

The Orange Early Childhood Center offers comprehensive programming including a preschool program, enrichment classes and family activities for children from ages two through five. The preschool program offers half, full and extended day options. In addition, we offer enrichment classes for toddlers, preschoolers and parents that are open to both children enrolled in the preschool program and children in the community. 

Our enrichment classes offer a variety of developmentally appropriate educational activities designed for young children. Each season, there are a variety of exceptional classes such as soccer, t-ball, basketball, dance, baking and much more.  

Orange Early Childhood is a division of Orange Community Education and Recreation and operates under the auspices of the Orange Board of Education. Our preschool is located in Pepper Pike Learning Center on the Orange Schools campus. 

Orange Early Childhood Preschool  

Orange Community Education & Recreation’s Early Childhood Preschool is a private preschool licensed by the Ohio Department of Education. This preschool program has been in continuous operation for more than 40 years and offers a quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum that aligns with the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning and Development Standards.

The Orange Early Childhood Preschool offers half-day, full-day and extended day preschool classes for children ages two through five. All lead teachers hold a Pre-K or Kindergarten teaching license issued by the Ohio Department of Education and have extensive classroom experience. Teachers utilize standards-based activities to help children develop vital skills in the areas of social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development.

For more information about Orange Early Childhood Preschool, please contact us at (216) 831-8601 Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5 pm. 


Early Childhood Coordinator 

Maria Hill

(216) 831.8601 x 5409 

Fax (216) 831.3750

Coordinator II

Kristine Chamberlin

(216) 831-8601 x 5524

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year begins Monday, January 31 at 8 am for district resident families not currently enrolled and Friday, February 14 at 8 am for non-district families. Enrollment is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. We utilize a wait list and do accept from that list when possible.


All registration is done online through our easy-to-use, safe and secure Eleyo software.  Please view this document and follow the directions to begin registration.  Registration takes about 15 – 20 minutes and will need to be completed at one time.


There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee, paid when your child is officially enrolled.  


Prior to the beginning of the school year, parents must also provide the following forms:

  • Physician-signed Child Medical Statement (physical)
  • Physician-signed Medication Statement (if applicable) 
  • Child Medical/Physical Care Plan
  • Immunization records from your pediatrician

 If you have any questions, please contact Early Childhood at (216) 831-8601.



The Orange House

Welcome to The Orange House

Full-time Childcare and Preschool in a Home Setting.

The Orange House family childcare offers a safe, fun, enriching home environment for toddlers and preschool age children. Our toddler and preschool program has been serving families since 2007, and continuously through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inquire today about our full-time program (M-F 8:00-5:30) and enrollment for the 2023-24 school year.

Questions & Enrollment: [email protected]

Childcare You Can Trust

The Orange House provides safe, reliable and loving childcare to support working families. Our engaging, play-based preschool and early preschool/toddler program includes daily indoor and outdoor playtimes, art projects, music and movement activities, lots of children’s literature and continuous learning through creative play and social interaction. We offer a full-time Licensed program for 12 children; we are not currently offering kindergarten distance learning support. We are happy to provide references and recommendations for your review or you can read about us on Berkeley Parents Network.

Questions & Enrollment: helen@orangehouseberkeley. com

Hours and Fees

8:00-5:30 Monday-Friday

$2,560.00 per month (beginning Fall 2023)


We are a full-time, 5 days per week program. We do not offer half-days or partial week schedules except when a child is transitioning in to care.

​​Arrivals 8:00-9:15, pick-ups 3:30-5:25.

Special arrangements may be made for late drop-offs or early pick-ups when needed.


Year-round program, continuous enrollment as space permits. We are currently enrolling for Fall 2023 and the 2023-24 school year.

Questions & Enrollment: [email protected]

Our Commitment During Covid

We are proud to have remained open from the very start of the pandemic, caring for the children of Essential Workers during Shelter-in-Place. From March 2020 to April 2021 we expanded our program to include kindergarteners and distance learning support while elementary schools were closed.

Now as more families return to childcare, we are here and prepared, sharing our experience and ease with the new safety protocol and procedures. Full compliance with CA Dept. of Social Services Community Care Licensing Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocol since March 2020, details available.

Questions & Enrollment: [email protected]

Contact Us

Please contact us by email with any questions and to find out about our next available openings for enrollment.

We are currently enrolling for the 2023-24 school year.

Thank you!

Helen Alvarez, Director

1666 Le Roy Ave Berkeley CA

[email protected]

Lic # 013419263

care, maintenance, breeding, compatibility, food, photo review

inhabitants with a yellow or orange body color are unusually popular. And deal
here not only in the fact that the color immediately catches the eye. Similar colors
give the aquarium notes of warmth, light, energy, repeatedly amplifying
relaxing effect. In our article we will tell you about one aquarium
“sun” – Mexican dwarf crayfish.



pygmy crayfish (Cambarellus patzcuarensis var. Orange) is a freshwater crustacean from
order Decapod crayfish. You can also find the designation by the first letters
Latin name – CPO cancer.
This resident of Central America is distinguished by its miniature size,
unpretentiousness in care and feeding, as well as stunning orange or red
body coloration. All this makes him an ideal candidate for keeping in
home aquariums.

adds the fact that it is not necessary to keep crayfish in a species aquarium: it
gets along well with both some popular fish and live plants.

Mexican dwarf crayfish is beautiful and peaceful

Worth it
note that the beautiful orange “skin” of the Mexican dwarf crayfish –
this is the result of the work of breeders, because in nature such colors will be made from it
easy prey for predators. In the aquarium, he has no one to be afraid of, so crayfish
continue to delight us with bright outfits.

for crayfish and interesting forms of behavior: “arrangement” of their shelter,
regular molting, mating and bearing offspring, skirmishes for territory. A
what is the moment when the cancer is hungry – it runs along the wall of the aquarium, raising
your claws. These pets love to hang upside down, clinging to the stems.
plants, such a “ritual” can last several hours and sometimes leads to
bewilderment of beginner crayfish.

The color of Mexican pygmy crayfish is diverse

Mexican pygmy crayfish are diurnal, which makes it easy to observe their existence in a home aquarium. It is rare that an aquarium animal brings such a storm of emotions and surprise.


if you have ever seen an ordinary cancer, then imagine the appearance of the hero
articles will be easy for you. The body consists of characteristic crustaceans
departments: a dense cephalothorax and a mobile abdomen, ending in a wide
tail fin. The first section serves as a place for fixing walking legs (five
pairs, the first ends with massive tentacles), jaws and sensory organs.
Under a dense shell (carapace) under reliable protection are internal
cancer organs. The abdomen consists of articulated segments, under which are located
swimming legs – pleopods. They participate not only in swimming, but also in
reproduction. For example, in a male, one of the pairs has turned into a copulatory organ, and
females use them for carrying eggs and young crabs.

Mexican pygmy crayfish. Appearance

a popular body color is red-orange, the intensity of which can
vary. Along the head and tail may be dark or light
stripes, as well as small rounded spots. Body length does not exceed 5 cm.

Life expectancy in aquarium conditions is 2-3 years.


it’s easy to guess from the name, the homeland of dwarf cancer is the territory
Mexico. One of the most famous distribution sites is a volcanic lake.
Lago de Patzcuaro (Mexican Pacific coast), which is located on
altitude of 2000 m above sea level, so the water in it remains relatively
cool even in summer.

crayfish mainly in stagnant reservoirs, or in streams and rivers with a slight
flow. They keep near the coast, because it is here that it is easiest to find
suitable hiding places among tree roots or shoreline rocks.

and content

keeping a pair of Mexican dwarf crayfish will need an aquarium of 50
liters. It is best if it has the maximum bottom area, because it
almost the entire life of crayfish passes here.

coarse sand or medium pebbles are suitable as soil. layer is better
thicker, because crayfish are very fond of digging the bottom.

aquarium with Mexican dwarf crayfish should be a large number
various shelters. This will help your
divide the territory with a pet, if several individuals live in the tank, hide
during molting, when the unhardened cover is very vulnerable, and females also
save offspring. Any improvised materials are suitable as shelters:
grottoes, ceramic pots, hollow tubes with a diameter of 2-5 cm, coconut shells and
etc. Often, crayfish arrange an impromptu door near the entrance to the shelter –
they rake up a hill of soil that closes the entrance, when they leave the house, they dig
it, and upon return they bury it again.

Mexican pygmy crayfish in aquarium

must be equipped with a filter. This is necessary to maintain
purity and high quality of water, because crayfish are sensitive to high
nitrogen compounds. It is better to give preference to internal filters. This
due to the fact that Mexican crayfish are excellent climbers. They easily
can climb the tubes of the external filter and escape through
technological openings. Unfortunately, such a journey would be fatal for
cancer, if it is not returned to the aquarium in time, since without water they will live for a long time
they won’t be able to. Particular attention must be paid to aeration. Vital for cancer
oxygen dissolved in water, so you should choose filters with air supply,
Better yet, install a separate compressor. The problem is especially relevant
lack of oxygen in the summer, because in warm water it dissolves much

Mexican pygmy crayfish are good with live plants. The only threat is the possibility of undermining the roots. Most often, unpretentious plant species are recommended: bunches of Javanese moss, hornwort, cryptocoryne, ferns. It is desirable to launch a pistia or riccia on the surface of the water – they create a natural twilight, since crayfish do not like bright lighting.

Aquariums with Mexican pygmy crayfish should have plenty of hiding places

per week, 20% of the water in the aquarium should be replaced with fresh water, while
tap water must be treated with Tetra Crusta AquaSafe conditioner, which will remove from
compounds dangerous for crayfish.

for keeping crayfish should not be too soft, as arthropods
minerals are required to form the shell.

Optimal water parameters for keeping: Т=18-25°С, pH=7.0-8.5, GH=10-20.

of the features in the content of crayfish is their periodic molting. She
consists in throwing off the old cover, which no longer allows cancer to grow,
and the formation of a new one, during this period, crustaceans increase in size, until
the shell will not harden. During this time, Mexican pygmy crayfish
are the most vulnerable, because without a protective cover they can be offended
even peaceful fish species, not to mention their own relatives. Shedding allows
also regrow new limbs lost in battles with group maintenance
crayfish. It is very important not to throw away the discarded cover from the aquarium, it will
eaten by the owner, and its nutrients will be used to build a new


dwarf crayfish are peaceful in nature. Intraspecific aggression has
place to be, but it tends to zero in the absence of overpopulation and large
variety of hiding places. In such situations, even possible fights
end happily.

Crayfish have a calm relationship with fish. More often
it just happens that moving neighbors are an additional source of stress
for crayfish, which, when they appear, try to hide in
refuge. Even long-term cohabitation with the same species does not make arthropods
less fearful.

on the other hand, a hungry crayfish will, like a tank, move towards the cherished food,
pushing even fish larger than themselves.

Mexican dwarf crayfish gets along well with fish and live plants

Best of all for joint keeping are medium-sized mobile fish: mollies, platies, barbs. Relations with bottom fish are also usually good, despite the need to divide the territory, therefore, corridors, thoracatums, ancistrus, bots can be settled with crayfish without fear.

Undesirable species include various cichlids (black-striped cichlid, severum, acara, astronotus, etc.), as well as shrimps and crabs.

Mexican pygmy crayfish

Mexican pygmy crayfish is the least of the maintenance problems. These
animals are completely omnivores, the origin of food for them does not play any role.
Dead parts of plants, dead fish, dry food – all this will be eaten
cancer with pleasure. Widespread live and frozen foods are better
do not use, they do not contain the full range of nutrients,
necessary for cancer, and in addition, they can spoil the water very quickly in the case when
are not eaten by pets completely.

the only thing to stop at is quality dry food for crustaceans Tetra Crusta. These are fully balanced
feed will provide cancer with everything necessary, including nutrients for
good shedding. They quickly sink to the bottom and retain their
form, which allows you to feed crayfish even in community aquariums. However, the food is not
causes cloudiness of water and deterioration of its quality. Also crayfish will be great
eat universal food for catfish and bottom fish – Tetra WaferMix or Tetra Pleco SpirulinaWafers.

you can feed cancer with dried oak leaves or Indian almonds.

and breeding

offspring from Mexican dwarf crayfish at home is as easy as shelling pears.
You will need a couple of spawners and a small spawning aquarium of liters per

Maturity in crayfish comes very early – at 3-4 months. Distinguish male and female
easy enough. First of all, pay attention to the claws: the female has them
short and thick, although she herself is larger than the male. Males have pincers
elongated. To confirm the information, take the cancer and turn it on its back,
then look at the first pair of pleopods – in the male it is lanceolate,
long (copulatory organ), while the female has a short one.

Mexican pygmy crayfish are easy to breed at home

fertilization, eggs develop in females from one to four weeks. Then she
hides in a shelter where eggs appear and immediately firmly attach to
mother’s swimming legs. Incubation of eggs will take up to a month and a half. All
this time, the female practically does not leave the shelter, and with the help of pleopods
creates a constant current of water near the eggs. The fertility of the female
make up to 60 eggs. During the period of gestation, the female should throw food
right in front of the entrance.

A fertilized female is best placed in a spawning aquarium, which should be with a small airlift filter, and a bunch of small-leaved plants (hornwort, Java moss, etc.) should be placed on the bottom, and plenty of shelters should be created. Young crustaceans will need them so that the loss of offspring from cannibalism is minimal.

into the light, crustaceans are exact copies of their parents, only in a reduced
size, at first they hold on to their mother’s pleopods, but soon they begin
independent life.

time, young crayfish molt very often (due to increased growth), but with age, this
process happens less and less.

Orange Paradise on Paveletskaya

+7(495) 951 76 31
+7(495) 951 76 37

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