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Nanny + Newborn Care Specialist Jobs | Nanny Harmony



Nannies + Newborn Care Specialists!

We are on the hunt for extraordinary candidates.

At Nanny Harmony, we hold high standards for our caregivers, who we strategically place with families seeking the greatest care for their little one(s).

(Scroll down to read our requirements).

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Baseline Requirements for Nanny + NCS Applicants


  • A strong, noticeable passion for working with children

  • Ability to work legally within the United States

  • 2+ years of childcare experience in a professional setting

  • Updated resume and list of 3+ professional references

  • CPR and First Aid-certified, or willingness to complete

  • Willingness to go through an extensive background check

  • Valid U. S. Driver’s License with clean driving record

  • Non-smoker

  • Ability to make a 1-year commitment (with the exception of summertime & NCS placements)

    Additional Requirements for NCS Applicants

  • 3+ years of relevant experience (as a Newborn Care Specialist, night nanny, postpartum doula, nanny)

  • NCS training, preferably with Newborn Care Solutions or another CACHE-accredited program

  • Ability to commit to the full duration of the NCS position in which candidate is applying to

  • Must be a resident of Illinois (barring cases of a nationwide search)

Apply Now

01. fill out


We would like to learn more about you! Share your childcare experience, your unique qualities, certifications and training in order for us to best match you with a family. The application helps determine your needs, and your ideal job scenario.

02. send your resume

Once we receive your application, we will ask you to email us a copy of your updated resume. This will be passed on directly to select families to help you land an interview.

03. interview with nanny harmony

It is very important to us that we meet our nannies face-to-face. We care about matching your unique qualities with your ideal family, just as much as we care to match families with extraordinary nannies. We will schedule a time to meet via video to get to know you, and iron out any questions you might have about the placement process.


After our meeting, we will begin contacting your references and we’ll give you a heads-up before we do so. Criminal background checks are performed later in the screening process, and are at no cost to the nanny.


We will be in contact with you about any prospective families as soon as they surface. We help coordinate interviews with the families that suit you, and we help you put your best foot forward. No stress about negotiating pay rate on your own… we’re here for you! 

Nannies + NCS’s – Apply now!

“I could sing the praises of Nanny Harmony all day long! Working with Brooke was an incredible experience.

From the moment our initial interview began, I could tell that Brooke had my best interest at heart. She really listened to my story and paid attention to the “why” for me when it came to nannying. As a nanny, I was thrilled to hear that the folks at Nanny Harmony have a great deal of experience as nannies themselves. That makes a huge difference, and it was evident throughout the process. It’s so apparent that Brooke loves this work and that she also just really loves people. She values the needs of both the nanny and the family, and because of that, I had a smooth transition into a job I love with a family that is a perfect fit! I’m deeply grateful.”

– bethany, NH Nanny

Nanny Agency | Nanny Harmony


Welcome, Families!

We are excited to connect you with outstanding, highly-qualified professionals.

We proudly offer placements for:

Long-Term Nannies

Nanny/House Managers

Newborn Care Specialists

Summer Nannies

start a search

01. family


Take a moment to share with us what makes your family special! Once we receive your application, we will send a detailed email which includes a link to schedule a video consultation.

Ready? ⇨

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02. Video


The best way for us to make a connection is to meet for a video consultation. We will elaborate on the placement process, the current nanny market, typical duties, salaries, and benefits. Are you first-time parents? We will help you get acclimated to life with a great caregiver on your team.

03. The

matchmaking begins

Once you have decided to proceed with our agency, a $500 Engagement Fee will kickstart the matchmaking process.

Within weeks, we will compile a customized list of the top contenders that fit your criteria and provide you with their detailed NH profiles.

04. Candidate


Your agent will coordinate video interviews via Zoom or in-person. You will receive our Interview Guide, which will prepare you for this stage of the process.

After interviews, we will gather feedback from both you and the nanny candidates to refine your search.


Trial Period

With any candidate(s) that you feel may be a potential match, the next step is to schedule a Trial Period. This allows both the nanny and family to see what a working day is like in your home. Typically, a Trial Period consists of 1-2 visits of 2+ hours.



Once you have decided on the best fit for your family, we assist with with building your Employment Agreement—outlining weekly pay, PTO, etc.

Once both parties agree to the terms, it’s official! The Placement Fee will be charged once your nanny accepts the job offer.



We are here to support you throughout your partnership.  You may reach out to us anytime for guidance pertaining to life changes or for general advice. 

We truly value the relationships we build with both families and nannies.

Requirements for Families


  • Must offer a set schedule of 20+ hours per week.

  • Must comply with compensating their nanny as an in-home employee, legally, using a W-2.

  • Must agree to offering nanny industry standards (i.e. guaranteed weekly pay based on a set schedule, paid vacation, holidays and sick days).

  • Willing to offer a competitive market rate such as $27-35+/hour for nannies & household managers, and $35-50+/hour for Newborn Care Specialists.

  • Open to sharing past nanny references.

Apply Now

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Nanny Harmony.

What can be such a stressful experience was easy and enjoyable because they listened to what I needed, made me feel confident they could find us the right candidate, and ultimately helped us find an amazing nanny! I’ve worked with other agencies in the past and my experience with Nanny Harmony was the best by far. I would encourage anyone looking for a personalized experience to call and let them help you with finding the perfect fit!”

– brody, NH Client

We offer services nationwide. Have questions? Send us an email here.

  • A long term nanny (full-time or part-time) is a professional who fits seamlessly into your family life to provide childcare, household assistance and family support. Full-time nannies work 35+ hours per week, while part-time nannies work 20-34 hours per week.

    Most career nannies are offered $27-35+/hr, depending on their background and job expectations. Nannies earn a guaranteed weekly rate. (Don’t worry — we’re here to help guide you through this!)

    Click here for pricing

    **We require that families agree to compensating their household employee, legally, using a W-2 form.

  • Can your family use support in holding down the fort this summer? Hire a summertime nanny!

    Our professional nannies are reliable, flexible for your family and hold themselves to a higher standard than a ‘back-up babysitter’. Many of our candidates have teaching backgrounds, tutoring experience, and impressive resumes. The market rate for experienced candidates is $25-30+/hour.

    PRICING: $1,875

    One-time fee includes our time spent screening numerous candidates through a multi-step process, the cost of background fees, assistance with a written employment contract, and ongoing support.

  • Newborn Care Specialists (NCS’s), often misrepresented by the terms “baby nurse” or “night nanny,” are invaluable, highly-experienced individuals with extensive training centered around newborn care. While new parents catch up on must-needed sleep, an NCS is able to step in and implement healthy strategies for feeding, sleep schedules, and more. Their ability to lead the way takes giant pressure off of new parents’ shoulders during those first several weeks/months.

    NCS’s (depending on experience and credentials) earn $35-50+/hour.

    Most NCS’s are willing to work a schedule between 6-weeks to 6-months. For further NCS information, click here.

    Click here for pricing

  • Are you frantically searching for quality care a lower cost?

    Nanny shares are comprised of two families, who live close by, and often share similar needs in childcare. Both families pay 2/3 of the Nanny’s standard rate. (i.e. If their rate is generally $23/hour, they should earn around $34/hour, split by both families. This gives each family about a 30% discount, and the Nanny a well-deserved 30% pay increase for their extra efforts.

    Already found a FAMILY to share with? Contact us — we’re the nanny experts!

    Click here for pricing

Apply for a Nanny now

$500 Engagement Fee to start search

After a consultation, payment of the Engagement Fee initiates the search.


Nanny or House Manager*: 12-15% of the candidate’s total annual compensation

Newborn Care Specialist*: 18% of the candidate’s total annual compensation

*The minimum base rate is $5,500 for nanny placements and $3,500 for an NCS.

The Nanny Harmony experience will include:


Getting paired with

one agent who will work closely with you to facilitate a thoughtful, customized search.

We love the chance to develop personal relationships with our clients and nannies, and this is the best way for us to be able to do so!

We pride ourselves on the flow of our experience which is largely due to one expert working with each individual family to manage recruiting, screening, calling references, and supporting your search from start to finish.


Education and information

on industry standards for professional caregivers.

While your nanny will be hired as an in-home employee, there is important criteria to take into account, relevant both to industry standards and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Especially if this is your first time hiring a nanny, sorting through this on your own can feel like ‘information-overload.’ We’re here to set you up for success!


Our multi-step screening process of numerous candidates narrowed down to

2-3 top contenders for your family.

Rather than overwhelming you with countless resumes, we do the leg work by combing through and identifying your top options to encourage this process to be enjoyable, and less time-consuming.


Background screenings

Background checks will include national criminal check, national sex offender, federal criminal history, global watchlist records, SSN trace, address history and driving history* (*if applicable).

Screenings are run as soon as the decision has been made to present an offer to a candidate.


Reference verification

We collect reference feedback and any letters of recommendation from past employers and share this with the family.



Interview Guide, Trial Visit Guide, & access to our Employment Agreement to set you up for success in a healthy partnership.


Free consultation with one of our payroll partners to help calculate employment taxes and set up payroll.


replacement credit policy

If an unforeseen circumstance were to disrupt an employment relationship, we would step in to discuss next steps in providing replacement options.

Beyond a contract agreement, we want you to feel

ready, excited and prepared for your new journey, therefore we also include gifts with nanny placements:

  • Rayz Kidz App: (6-month paid subscription) This is a one-stop-shop for parents and caregivers to stay connected, organized and on the same page. Features include an event log, calendar, chat platform, photo album, daily activity ideas catered to individual age groups, and more!

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How to include babysitting experience on your resume (with tips and examples)

As a babysitter, you have the opportunity to improve the lives of the children you care for. This can be a viable career for those who love children and want to contribute to an environment that supports a child’s creativity, learning, and social, emotional and mental development. As with any job, it is important to demonstrate your skills and experience for the role.

In this article, we’ll cover what babysitting experience might include, explain when you should consider including babysitting experience on your resume, provide steps and tips for adding babysitting experience to your resume, and give some examples of resumes that include babysitting experience.

What is nanny experience?

Babysitting experience is any experience that you have taken care of children. This may include changing diapers, feeding children, arranging quiet time and sleep, driving children to school and other activities, working with children on age-appropriate projects, and other responsibilities. Perhaps you worked at a family or daycare, or babysitting regularly while you were in college.

When should you include babysitting experience on your resume?

It’s important to include babysitting experience on your resume so that hiring managers know that you’ve taken care of children in some way. This shows that you are responsible, driven and most likely creative, team oriented and reliable. You will definitely want to include a nanny resume on your resume if you are applying for a position with a company that provides childcare services to clients or a family that hires you directly to care for their children. Also consider including babysitting experience if you are looking for jobs in these places:

Treat babysitting experience as normal work experience and include it if it is relevant to the position you are applying for. By reading your CV and cover letter, the recruiting manager can be sure that your curriculum vitae is suitable for the position he is recruiting for.

How to add babysitting experience to your resume

Follow these steps to highlight your babysitting experience:

1. Write a goal

The career goal or resume is at the top of the resume and gives the recruiting manager some background information about yourself and why you are a good fit for the position you are applying for. Your resume should include the number of years of babysitting experience, any certifications that are relevant to the role, and a few adjectives that best describe you as an employee.

2. List all babysitting experience

Order your babysitting experience by employer, starting with the most recent. Consider the positions you held in high school, college and other educational institutions, as well as any work experience – from babysitting for neighborhood children to working in a multi-family babysitting service.

For each employer, list the dates you worked there, employer name, city and state, and your job duties and responsibilities. Also be sure to talk about the tasks you did outside of childcare, such as doing light housekeeping or grocery shopping for the family.

You may also list any relevant volunteer positions you have. List where you volunteered, dates, and any programs you helped create and organize.

3. Highlight your skills

The skills section is an important part of your resume because it helps the hiring manager learn more about you as a well-rounded candidate. Include items such as:

  • Organization

  • Musical instruments

  • floor games

  • Time management

  • Compassion

  • Responsibility

  • Self-motivation

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Language fluency

  • Excellent driving experience

Review the job description you are applying for to make sure you highlight the most important skills the employer is looking for.

4. Include details of your education in your resume

Create a section on your resume that lists your education. You may choose not to list your high school education if you have a college or university degree. In any case, please include the name of your institution, the degree you received, and your GPA if it is 3.5 or higher. Consider listing the titles of relevant courses you have completed, such as early childhood education, nutrition, literacy, and child psychology.

5. List your certifications

As a nanny, you may have some certifications that will help you excel at work, especially in certain circumstances. For example, you can receive first aid, water safety, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, as well as a Certified Child Care Professional (CCP) certification. When listing certifications, list the name of the certification or training and the time you received it. Your certifications can help you stand out from other candidates and the hiring manager can feel confident in your ability to care for children in a variety of situations.

Tips for including babysitting experience on your resume

Here are a few tips on how to effectively add babysitting experience to your resume:

  • List all your experience as a nanny. Even if you have performed the same duties in multiple positions, find a way to vary the wording you use on your resume, and still be sure to list those positions if you have held them within the last 7-10 years.

  • Subtract your resume. Before sending your resume to an employer, proofread it to make sure it is free of spelling and grammatical errors and that it is a coherent and readable resume for the hiring manager. Ask someone else to review your resume to get a fresh perspective on the situation.

  • Enter the age of the children you cared for. The employer may want to know how many years the children have been in your care. This may be relevant depending on the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying to an elementary school, the principal may be impressed by your many years of experience caring for children of the same age that you will be working with in your new position.

  • Use action verbs. Action verbs add emphasis to your resume and help you stand out in front of the hiring manager. You can include action verbs such as managed, strengthened, developed, created, and expected.

  • Specify special circumstances. If you have cared for children with special needs who speak a different language or need tutoring, please provide this information.

  • Give examples. Your specific accomplishments can help the hiring manager get to know your background better. Provide examples and key details of your work tasks where relevant.

  • Submit your resume. A recruiting manager may receive multiple applications for the same position. Style your resume with bullets, bold headings, and other styles so your resume can be scanned and the hiring manager doesn’t have to scrutinize you as a candidate.

Nanny resume examples

Your resume is often the hiring manager’s first impression of you as a potential employee and person. Here are a few resume examples to consider for inspiration when writing your own:

Sample One

Alba Suarez
(555) 123-9876
[email protected]

Career Summary

Compassionate and cheerful CPR certified nanny with over five years of experience caring for children ages one to four. I can design age-appropriate learning programs and create a loving environment that children enjoy.

Work Experience

Live-In Nanny | the Lovett family | Chicago, IL
August 2019 – Present

  • Care of twins, boy and girl, aged three years

  • Follow nutritional guidelines when preparing meals and snacks and adhere to food safety protocols

  • Design games and other activities for children, including puppet shows, music activities, and imaginative play

  • Perform basic housekeeping duties, including laundry, and run errands around the house, including groceries and some travel expenses

  • Give parents daily updates

Nanny | Nannies Care LLC | Chicago, IL
January 2015 – August 2019

  • Provided babysitting services to parents as needed

  • Cared for children aged 1 to 13

  • Transported children to school, meetings and extracurricular activities

  • Worked with children of school age as needed




University of Chicago | Chicago, IL
Associate of the Arts in Early Childhood Education

Case Two

Christina Elliott
(555) 123-5678
Christine Elliott@email.