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Mother’s Day Out – Crossroads

About Us

Crossroads MDO is a two day a week program for pre-school aged children that focuses on a child’s spiritual and educational growth.
Children learn in age appropriate classrooms through structured, educationally driven activities and play. We also offer an Extended Care for early drop off. During this time children will do a S.T.E.A.M activity and be given time for free play.


Age on or before September 1st*
One year old class/2:8
Two year old class/2:11
Three year old class/2:12
Four/Five year old class/2:12

*There are occasionally exceptions to the age requirements


Tuesdays and Thursdays from September to May

School Day 9:30AM – 2:30PM

Extended Care 8:30AM – 9:30AM

*Please make sure to check the MDO Calendar to note all school holidays and events.




Summer dates will be announced in February


Registration Fee:  $135/yearly (non-refundable)

One year old class: $340/month

Two year old class and up: $315/month

Extended Care: $300/semester (non-refundable

Summer all ages: $150/session



Get Plugged In

To check availability or schedule a tour, send an email or call 936-271-7530.

Before submitting a payment for summer sessions or 2022-23 school year, please confirm availability.

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We look forward to seeing you! Please know you are a welcome guest, and we hope you and your children have a wonderful first visit.

Our staff and volunteers work hard to create a safe and meaningful class experience. Here are a few things that will help you have a successful time on Sundays.

· We recommend arriving 20 minutes before the service begins.

· When you arrive, you will find volunteers at all Welcome Desks ready to assist you in checking in your child.

· We will help you fill out a simple registration form. At that time, please let us know of any allergies or health concerns.

· Your child will be assigned a class, given a name/security label, and then escorted to classrooms.

· When you visit again, you can go directly to one of our kiosks and print a name/security label for your child. Please feel free to ask any of our volunteers for assistance with the kiosk. Once you’ve printed your child’s name/security label, you can go directly to the classroom listed on the label.



1.  For the protection of your child and the other children, we ask that you allow your child to recuperate at home with any of the following symptoms and/or illnesses:


  • Fever (99.5 degrees or higher) currently or within the previous 24 hours (Children should be fever-free without fever-reducing medicine for 24 hours)
  • Runny nose, green or yellow in color (excluding allergies)
  • Questionable rashes
  • Coughing
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Sore throat


  • Impetigo
  • Active Chicken Pox
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
  • Thrush
  • Croup
  • RSV

2.  We will not administer medication. If your child is being treated with antibiotics, he/she should be on the medicine and “fever free” for at least 24 hours before coming to the nursery/classroom.

3.  If the child develops a fever or other symptoms of illness while at church, we will contact the parent immediately so the child may be taken home to recuperate and receive the necessary care and rest.

4.  If your child has a physical condition which might require some type of specialized intervention or precaution, please contact the Preschool/Children’s Minister to discuss special arrangements before bringing your child.

5.  For the protection of all our little ones, caregivers and volunteers are asked to follow the same guidelines with regard to working in the preschool area when sick.



Secured Check-In

At Crossroads, we have a secure check-in process. First-time guests check-in at the Preschool Welcome Desk. We have amazing volunteers who will assist you. Once your child is in our system, you will be able to check-in at one of the kiosk located in the Preschool commons. We always have volunteers available to assist you.

How to Check-In

Enter the last four digits of your home phone number (or cell phone if that is your main contact number) to pull up your children’s information. Click on the class/service they will be attending that morning and make sure to “print all” when you are given the printing option. The label you receive for your child will have their name, the class they are assigned to, along with the parent/guardian name. There is also a random number generated weekly on the child’s label that corresponds with the random number on the parent’s label. If you are unable to locate your parent label when you come to pick-up your child, please see the Volunteer Coordinator. You will be asked to provide some identification before your child is released to you. Thank you for understanding and for helping us to make Crossroads the safest place for your children!

Magnetic Lock Doors

While we have children inside the preschool area, we have the ability to lock our doors for extra security purposes. Our Preschool Coordinators and Welcome Desk Assistants have scan card access to the doors, and we are happy to allow you in at any time. We lock the doors at the beginning of our Large Group Time and un-lock them prior to the end of each service.

Careful Screening of Volunteers and Workers

We have a careful screening process for all our volunteers and childcare staff. We review all applications, contact references, submit background checks, require a child abuse awareness training session (Ministry Safe Training), and interview all potential candidates to assess each individual is the right fit for our ministry.

Hand Washing

We realize that the #1 way to prevent the spreading of germs amongst children is effective hand washing. We do our very best to ensure that your child and other children are not passing germs. Please help us with this effort by washing their hands before they arrive. When spending time with us, we have them wash their hands before snack, after playing on the playground and after using the restroom. We do our best to wash our hands frequently, after tending to a child’s nose, before we hand out snack, after taking the children to the restroom and after we use the restroom.


When changing diapers, our staff uses a new pair of gloves for each diaper change and we spray the changing pad with a safe disinfectant spray after each change. All surfaces in a classroom are sprayed with a safe disinfectant that kills germs but is safe on toys, after each time children have been in a classroom. All of our sheets and blankets are laundered after every use. If a crib is used multiple times, new sheets and blankets are used for every new child. Please be especially aware of signs of illness before coming to the nursery. Do not send children with symptoms of contagion to the nursery. These symptoms include green nasal discharge, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Children must be fever free for twenty-four hours before returning to the nursery. If a child has a runny nose due to allergies, a doctor’s note stating the child is not contagious is extremely helpful for us and other concerned parents.

Special Needs

Crossroads is a loving, safe and caring place for all children. We will take the best possible care of your child and will make every effort to accommodate any child with special needs. Please let us know of any special needs your child may have by visiting with us at the Welcome Desk, or feel free to contact our preschool staff at 936-271-7500.

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Spring Woodlands Ministries is an organization to support seniors and those in our senior community living with food insufficiency. SWM identifies seniors living in these communities suffering from food insufficiency. Their “Bags of Love” food distribution delivers groceries, monthly, to those seniors. Forty-one percent of all seniors in America live only on Social Security. The average Social Security check received by seniors is $1,200.00 per month. After paying bills, many seniors often have $200.00 or less for food, fuel, co-pays to doctor’s appointments, prescription medicines and any other incidentals.

In spite of COVID 19, SWM served meals and distributed groceries to 3686 low income seniors in 2020. These seniors suffered from fear, loneliness, mental and physical issues during the lockdown from COVID. For these seniors, visiting with SWM volunteers that brought them encouragement cards, food, hygiene items, hope, listening ears, and an opportunity to pray, all from 6 feet in distance.

Volunteers are always welcome to help sort, pack and deliver these “Bags of Love” as well as for special events like their annual Thanksgiving feast.

Email Debbie McCabe for more information on how you can become involved.

A ministry where REAL PEOPLE can come in contact with a REAL GOD through salvation, worship, discipleship, ministry and giving. Under Over operates a food bank, food kitchen and food distribution bus along with a medical clinic to serve the under served and homeless in the Conroe area.Volunteer opportunities include teams of 2 or more to pass out food and witness to complexes with the food bus, sort food at the food bank, help cook or serve food in the kitchen and help in the medical clinic.


To be a missional partnership of healthy reproducing congregations cooperating together to transform our community and our world.


PACN is a non-profit that serves women and their partners by offering holistic care for sexual health and pregnancy decision. PACN offers confidential services for women and men and provides consultation, testing, educations and resources to meet the immediate emotional, physical and spiritual needs of clients in a caring and loving environment. Many ways to volunteer including: working with clients (training required), performing administrative tasks and helping in the PACN Thrift Store.


Two million inmates. One Savior. We like our odds.

The Jubilee Weekend is an all-volunteer, cross-denominational Christian program where we introduce incarcerated men and women to the One who can redeem their lives and give them lasting hope.


Journey Home is a Christ-centered nonprofit Maternity Home existing to encourage and empower the women that walk through our doors to live the lives God intended for them to live. Opportunities to serve include: helping house parents with chores and errands, light office duties, making phone calls, mentoring guests, tutoring, home teachers, childcare, helping to host baby showers, cleaning and sanitizing toys, meal preparation and outdoor maintenance.


Hospitality House is the only overnight inmate family lodging facility within Texas that operates seven days a week. Currently, Hospitality House welcomes families for visitations and executions in addition to releases, marriage seminars, hospice visits, and funerals. Volunteers including individuals and small groups can come to provide an evening meal for the guests, special events, landscaping or craft projects for the children and adults staying there.


Angel Reach is a faith-based nonprofit organization that helps children and youth achieve their full potential in spite of the obstacles placed on them by broken families and a broken system. They offer services to young adults who have aged out of the foster care system with counseling, guidance, mentoring, housing, training and so much more. Volunteer opportunities include: assisting in the clothing bank or Angel’s Loft retail store, cooking meals, adopting a house and tutors to help youth with computer training, money management, life skills, completing applications and more.


An intentional outreach to the homeless in downtown Houston. Each Saturday a dedicated team pours into the homeless with great worship and a Bible message. Volunteers can assist with the provision and preparation of sack lunches along with special events and praying and connecting with those we serve. Every Saturday at 7:30 a.m.

Lord of the Streets
3401 Fannin St.
Houston, TX 77004
Email Trent Shidaker for more information or to sign up.

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Mother’s Day Out at Freedom Church

Enrollment for the 2023-2024 School Year is now open!

2023-2024 Enrollment Form

Our Programs

Mother’s Day Out

We have a great childcare program for your little one. We are fully licensed with the State of Texas. We have all the appropriate safety measures and trained staff to work with your children. We take pride in our program and its affordability.

Our classes are set up as:
Infant’s Class: 3 months – 1yr
One’s Class: 12 months-24 months
Two’s Class: 24 months-36 months
All older classes are part of our Preschool program.

Preschool Classes

We have a great Preschool/Pre-K program for our 3-5 year olds. We offer a complete, well-rounded curriculum to make your child ready for Kindergarten. Your child will love it! Our Preschool/Pre-K program is the top of its class. Your child will wake up excited to come to preschool every single day! We have tons of fun daily activities for the kids.
Our classes are set up as:
Preschool Class: Three year olds (Must be fully potty-trained)
Pre-K Class: Four and Five year olds

About The Program

Freedom Church MDO & Preschool offers a weekday program specifically designed for children ages 3 months-5 years old. We offer a Mother’s Day Out program for younger children and a preschool that includes a Pre-Kindergarten program that is focused on preparing your child for Kindergarten. We value the importance of developing each child intellectually, spiritually and developmentally.
Freedom Church (Formerly Freedom Life Church, then Christian Life Assembly) has been in the Dallas area for over 85 years. We have been in the Carrollton area since 1996.

Mission Statement

Our program helps each child to grow in Christ by providing age-appropriate opportunities through learning, worship, loving, and serving others. We provide a safe, caring, and nurturing.


Each class is designed with a custom curriculum along with additional learning opportunities including Spanish class, Music & Movement Class, Chapel, Art & Dramatic Play, Center Activities, Story Time, Gym Activities, Indoor Playscape, and Outdoor Playground.

Licensed by the State of Texas

Freedom Church MDO is licensed by the state of Texas. We are subject to state and local health, fire, licensing, and building agencies. Regulations and inspections pertain to staff qualifications, the facility and playgrounds, nutrition, health and safety matters, record-keeping and child-to-staff ratios.

Summer Camps

Parents, get ready for the most FUN your child will have all summer!
Your child will be in an exciting, safe, and age-appropriate environment. Children will have a blast with fun games, crafts, music, snacks, and so much more. You don’t want to miss it! Our summer camp consists of several weeks of back-to-back fun! Every week is a different theme, and you may register your child for individual days in each week.
Mother’s Day Out is proud to offer amazing summer camps for children that are 3 months old through graduated 4th graders.

Daily Hours:

9:00 AM to 2:30 PM

Extended Time:

Early Care: 8:30 AM-8:55 AM

Afternoon Extended Care: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM (Mondays through Thursdays)

Summer Camps will be open in June and July 2023.

Registration opens online in mid-March 2023.

Minimum Standard Policy Review Information

As a licensed facility, the “Minimum Standards Guidelines” provided by the state is always available for your review in the MDO/Preschool office. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services prepare these guidelines and are put in place to ensure the safety and welfare of all children that attend child care facilities.