Macy employee discount: Macy’s Employee Discount | Eligibility Criteria & How to Claim

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Macy’s Employee Discount | Eligibility Criteria & How to Claim

If you are planning to work at Macy’s then you would be excited to know all the benefits and perks you would get as an employee, especially Macy’s employee discount. As an employee, you can save on your favorite clothes, footwear, as well as home goods.

However, you should know what items qualify for the discount and when you become eligible. This article will help you know how to claim discounts and Macy’s employee benefits.

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How Much Will You Save With Macy’s Employee Discount?

For clothing & accessories, cosmetics, and furniture items, Macy’s employee discount can help you save up to 20%. For electronic items, this discount is reduced to 10%.

The discount applies to the sale price of the item including tax. Check the colleague discount policy at your store as some stores may apply discounts differently.

Macy’s Employee Discount
Active employee account
Online & In-store
10% – 20%

When Am I Eligible for the Discount?

You are eligible for their colleague discount as soon as you get hired at Macy’s. All you need is an active employee account. For this, you can either sign up for a new Macy’s credit/pre-paid debit card or register your existing Macy’s credit card as an employee account.

Once you complete your Colleague discount and Credit account information form and Macy’s will send you your credit or pre-paid debit card within 7-10 days. If you don’t receive the card after 10 days, reach out to customer support.

You can claim discounts once your employee account is open using either of the cards.

How to Claim Macy’s Employee Discount?

To use your associate discount benefits, all you need to do is use your Macy’s credit/prepaid debit card at the checkout. Your card should be set up as an employee account at Macy’s. Reach out to your store manager for any queries.

It may take up to 72 hours for the colleague discount to appear on your account after making a purchase.

Does Macy’s Offer Employee Discount Online?

Yes,  associates can use their discount at any Macy’s facility to get 20% off on eligible items. This includes their online store, Macy’s local stores, as well as Macy’s Backstage stores.

Can I Use Macy’s Employee Discount at Bloomingdales?

Bloomingdale’s is a subsidiary of Macy’s and thus, employees are free to use discounts at Bloomingdales also. More accurately, you can use the discount at, their local as well as outlet stores.

Do I Get a Discount At Bluemercury?

Bluemercury is another subsidiary of Macy’s. But, you won’t receive a discount for any purchase you make at Bluemercury’s online or local stores. However, you can claim the discount for any Bluemercury products available on Macy’s online or in local stores.

Macy’s Employee Discount Exclusions

At Macy’s colleague discount is subject to some exclusions which include certain brands and services. Dial 1-877-493-9207 to Macy’s credit customer service and choose “transfer to employee accounts” for details on exclusions. Below is a brief list of exclusions.

  • Louis Vuitton merchandise
  • Luxury handbags
  • Gift wraps
  • Eye exam & warranties
  • Delivery fees
  • Apple warranties
  • Worry No More protection plans
  • Services related to furniture & carpet
  • Customization for bridal dresses

Can I Use Coupons Along with My Employee Discount?

Yes. You can use any Macy’s coupons on top of your colleague’s discount, including your friends and family coupons. But remember that all rules related to specific coupons will still apply while making your purchase.

Why Am I Not Able to Claim Employee Discount At Macy’s?

This can happen when your employee account isn’t active yet or the item is excluded from the discount. For any questions regarding Macy’s employee discount, you can contact their credit customer service and choose transfer to Employee Accounts.

Although the store does not provide employee discounts Macy’s employee benefits are remarkable. You certainly will get dental, health, and vision insurance. Aside from such benefits at Macy’s you will also get PTO/vacation policy.

Alongside the benefits, you can also make returns through Macy’s return policy. If you are not satisfied enough with your purchase you can make returns at Macy’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need Macy’s colleague ID to get employee discount?

No. All you need to do is grab the items you need and pay using your Macy’s credit or pre paid debit card.

2. Can I get employee discount without a Macy’s credit card?

Yes, simply show your ID and tell the cashier that you are Macy’s employee. Their sales executives will look up your card information to identify your employment

3. Are Macy’s employees eligible for Thanks for Sharing discount?

No, Macy’s colleagues are not eligible for Thanks for Sharing and New account discounts.

4. Is there a limit on how many times I can use the associate discount at Macy’s?

No. Macy’s colleagues and eligible family members can use the discount as many time as they like.


You can use your Macy’s employee discount after opening your associate account, which requires signing up for a Macy’s credit/pre-paid debit card. Macy’s allows their employees to use the discount for online & in-store purchases from Macy’s and Blooming dales.

Also, take advantage of Macy’s employee benefits while working there. You certainly can claim the benefits after they hire you as an employee.

Does Macy’s offer any discounts for government workers? — Knoji

No, Macy’s does not offer government worker discounts.

We researched this on May 22, 2023. Check Macys’ website to see if they have updated their government worker discounts policy since then.

Check website

However, Macy’s does offer coupons and discount codes.

You can use Macy’s coupons to unlock discounts at their website. View 7 active coupons.

What other customer-specific discounts does Macy’s offer? Here’s their scorecard:

Military Discounts: Yes – More details Student Discounts: No – 3.0k stores offer this
Front-line Worker Discounts: No – 1.1k stores offer this Teacher Discounts: No – 981 stores offer this
Nurse Discounts: No – 765 stores offer this Senior Discounts: No – 566 stores offer this
Birthday Discounts: Yes – More details Government Worker Discounts: No – 332 stores offer this
AARP Discounts: No – 123 stores offer this

Additionally, here are 5 brands like Macy’s that do offer government worker discounts:

Home Depot (homedepot. com) is a brand like Macy’s that does offer government worker discounts.

View details

New Balance ( is a brand like Macy’s that does offer government worker discounts.

View details

Samsung ( is a brand like Macy’s that does offer government worker discounts.

View details

Apple ( is a brand like Macy’s that does offer government worker discounts.

View details

YETI ( is a brand like Macy’s that does offer government worker discounts.

View details

View the full list of brands that offer government worker discounts

Does Macy’s offer military discounts?

Yes. As of May 22, 2023, Macy’s does offer veteran’s discount policies. View the discussion thread for more details.

Does Macy’s offer student discounts?

No. Based on our last check on May 22, 2023, Macy’s was not offering student discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

Does Macy’s offer front-line worker discounts?

No. Based on our last check on May 22, 2023, Macy’s was not offering essential worker discounts. Check the full discussion for updated information.

Does Macy’s offer teacher discounts?

No. Based on our last check on May 22, 2023, Macy’s was not offering teacher discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

Does Macy’s offer nurse discounts?

No. Based on our last check on May 22, 2023, Macy’s was not offering nurse discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

Does Macy’s offer senior discounts?

No. Based on our last check on May 22, 2023, Macy’s was not offering senior discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

Does Macy’s offer birthday discounts?

Yes. As of May 22, 2023, Macy’s does offer birthday discount policies. View the discussion thread for more details.

Does Macy’s offer government worker discounts?

No. Based on our last check on May 22, 2023, Macy’s was not offering government worker discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

Does Macy’s offer AARP discounts?

No. Based on our last check on May 22, 2023, Macy’s was not offering AARP discount policies. Check the full discussion for updated information.

View full FAQ

15 Amazing Rules Macy Employees / Girl Talk Must Follow

Macy’s first opened in New York City in 1858 and became a household name. This is one of the largest department stores in the world. Macy’s flagship store in New York City’s Herald Square has eleven stores! It’s a lot to walk and browse (spend too). It is also well known for its annual Thanksgiving Day parade, where millions of people line the streets to watch the parade while millions more watch from the comfort of their own homes.0003

The retailer allows people to shop because they have everything we need in one place – clothes, bags, jewelry, beauty, furniture, you name it. They have an extensive list of designer brands and even those exclusively sold at Macy’s. So you don’t have to stick to one brand of jeans; You can get jeans from other brands. With the store constantly featuring the latest fashion trends, working at Macy’s can be fun as employees get to see first-hand newcomers and buy them at an employee discount. However, many people have expressed their thoughts about working in retail, and things aren’t always what they seem.

Here is a list of 15 rules that Macy employees must follow.

15 Employee discount is only available with a Macy credit card or prepaid card.

Macy employees receive a 20% employee discount; However, some items are only eligible for a 10% discount. Not all employees were happy, but this was not their main complaint. Many on online forums like Reddit have complained about having to open a Macy credit card or prepaid card to get an employee discount..0003

This didn’t sit well with many of them because employees without a good credit score might not even qualify for a credit card, and apparently a store credit card comes with an outrageous interest rate.

Those who opted for prepaid cards faced other challenges as well. In general, there is confusion and frustration among the staff. Some believe Macy’s is using the employee discount as an incentive to open a credit card.

14 training sessions consist of watching an eight-hour video on a computer

Former and current employees have expressed their thoughts and feelings about their training experience (or lack thereof) at Macy’s on the Glassdoor website. Each new hire requires two days of post-hire training. They expected to learn how to interact with customers, how to use computer systems to call customers, and other important things by following a more experienced worker.

Unfortunately, this is not the kind of training that Macy’s provides for its new hires.

Instead, they are placed in a room with several other new hires and have to watch eight to ten hours of video on the computer, for example, to study Maisie’s story. Many consider training a waste of time because it doesn’t teach them how to work the floor.

13 They have to force customers to open a store credit card to meet their quota

Have you ever wondered why employees keep asking if you have a Macy credit card? When you tell them you don’t have one, they try to convince you by listing benefits like “You can save 20% if you sign up today with a Macy credit card.” While not all employees are willing to push their customers to open up to a credit card they don’t want, there are some who are more aggressive than others.

The reason employees push customers is because they have to meet their quota.

They have to open so many credit cards per week (the number of credit cards that full-time, part-time and seasonal employees have to open is different)! Their manager is breathing heavily through his neck. It’s definitely difficult and stressful.

12 employees can detain and interrogate shoplifting suspects

Retailers like Macy’s have a serious problem with shoplifting. They lose a lot of money on shoplifting. Most retailers have their own employee policies when it comes to shoplifting.

According to the Macy’s Inc page under “Customer Bill of Rights”: “A person may only be detained in a reasonable manner and for no more than a reasonable time for investigation or questioning, provided that the authorized officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the person is detained was thus guilty of criminal possession of a security item, or committed or attempted to commit shoplifting.”

It appears that officers can detain and interrogate suspected thieves if they feel it is necessary.

Trying to get close to them can be a scary thing for employees for a variety of reasons.

11 They ask open-ended questions to better interact with their customers.

Maisie takes selling MAGIC very seriously. MAGIC acronym stands for Meet and Connect, Ask and Listen, Suggest Options and Advise, Inspire and Celebrate a Purchase.

This is a strategy to make customers feel important.

Employees should ask open-ended questions to better interact with their customers. They can’t just ask questions where the expected responses from customers are “yes” or “no”, like “Do you need help finding something?”. We’ve all heard it. Instead, they are encouraged to ask questions like “What brings you to the store today?”. In this way, employees can negotiate and possibly form strong bonds with their customers. All employees must use the MAGIC sales technique when contacting customers; otherwise, their managers could lecture for some time.

10 managers shame them for failing to meet sales targets in front of the team

Earlier it was mentioned that employees are under pressure from their managers to open an insane amount of credit cards and hit unrealistic sales targets every day. This can be tricky – not all employees want to push their customers, and they don’t learn much from two days of training. Unfortunately, when employees don’t reach their credit card or sales goals, management shames them in front of the team (it doesn’t sound like fun).

A former employee actually wrote, “He was given very high daily credit card and sales goals and was embarrassed in front of all the employees at the morning rallies if the goals weren’t met.”

There were other complaints on sites like Glassdoor – some employees were even yelled at by their managers. is one of the biggest complaints former and current employees have about working at Macy’s..

Achieving their goals forces them to compete with other employees working on the same floor, and aggressive employees may “steal” customers.

In addition, Macy’s does not allow them to stand on the register waiting for customers who are ready to check. According to Glassdore and Indeed, they have to walk around the store folding clothes or helping customers. Since employees must meet their goals, checkout lines can be long. They try to convince customers to sign up for a Macy credit card after they opt out by listing the benefits. Some employees said they get a commission for every credit card they open, while others said that only managers do.

8 Favoritism plays a big role in employee promotion

Favoritism is a common problem in the workplace. Many employees have complained about Glassdoor and indeed there is a lot of favoritism at Macy’s. Favoritism occurs when managers and employees make friends outside of work, such as gossip about other employees over dinner or drinks. map, gets a job, and the other is fired for not doing his ..

Management may also choose to promote someone with less experience and less time at the company than someone who is hardworking and has exceeded their sales targets. Unfortunately, this is how favoritism works. Working for a company where managers play favorites can definitely be frustrating for anyone.

7 employees must do most of the work for little pay

Employees who have met their credit card quota are still forced to open new accounts. They thought they were done with the day, but no, they should push more customers to sign up for the store’s credit cards.

They are also told to clean up the mess their customers have made in the fitting rooms, and clothes are not the only things likely to be found in those rooms – maybe used fabric.

There are other tasks, but in general employees are frustrated that they have to do most of the work for little pay. They feel they are not being compensated for their hard work. Apparently, Macy’s pays its workers the minimum wage, and that may not be enough for workers who only get part-time jobs (no benefits).

6 If no one can cover them, they can’t take short breaks

A former employee wrote on Glassdoor: “Managers refused to let employees take breaks and yell at you if you ask for one. They are required by law to give employees breaks, but since they never had anyone to cover those breaks, they would not allow any of the employees to take breaks.

Retail workers walk around the store all day, making sure everything is tidy – folding clothes, putting things back in their place, etc.

They help customers find everything they need and they also need to stay on the register for quite some time if there are many customers lining up when they check out. Standing or walking for several hours puts a lot of pressure on the feet and can cause blisters or swelling.

5 new employees are forced to work on the floor without supervision

Many employees have expressed their frustration with Macy’s lack of training on various online forums. They are expected to know everything from watching eight to ten hours of video.

Employees think it’s a waste of time because they have no idea how to do their job when they have to work on the floor without supervision.

People with retail experience are probably fine, or they can settle in quickly. However, people without experience have a hard time. There is no on-site training, which means no one teaches them how to use the POS system, apply coupons, talk to customers to open a Macy credit card, etc. New employees have to learn everything on their own because other employees don’t not ready to help them or answer their questions.

4 They have to work in more than one department when they are not understood

Apparently, Macy’s is often understaffed. Employees can’t take their 20 minute break because there aren’t enough employees on the sales floor to cover their break. Things can get a little crazy when the store gets busy. Clients cannot find workers for help and there is a long queue at the register.

The same employees have to do everything, like take customers to the fitting room, find what they are looking for and call them..

Other things include returning clothes neatly folded, tracking customer returns and more. They have to clean up the store while running around doing other tasks. The next time you shop at Macy’s, there is only one cashier at the checkout with ten customers because they are understaffed.

3 Not allowed to take holidays in December

According to Macy’s My Day My Way, all employees must be available for work on key days and during the holiday season in November and December. Key days like Labor Day and Black Friday when big sales happen. Unfortunately employees are not allowed to use any of their off days in the month of December..

They cannot take the holidays to spend time with their loved ones.

This may be because it is the holiday season and that is when the department store is at its busiest. Many shoppers come to shop for gifts and decorations, so a retailer probably needs more staff than usual to meet the needs of their customers and exceed the retailer’s commercial goals. Employees are likely to be more likely to open many Macy credit cards as well.

2 employees must be very friendly with customers because their happiness is a priority

Customer happiness is Macy’s priority. Management wants them to come back and shop again in their store, so all employees are told to be very friendly with their customers..

to make them happy.

Some clients may become furious when things don’t go their way; However, employees still need to be kind to them. Every retail worker has probably had their fair share of bad and rude customers. In any case – management believes that customers are always right. They will accept returned items without tags to please their customers among other things. Some employees believe that management cares about meeting the needs of their customers, not employees..

1 They may lose their jobs due to a strict store attendance policy

Macy’s has a credit bank for all of its employees based on their attendance. For example, they earn half credit when they have excellent attendance for two weeks. They lose half their credit when they are ten or more minutes late, and so on. Some employees actually said they only had one sick day.

According to the credit bank, employees lose one credit when they are absent on a weekday and two credits on weekends.

Nothing will happen if the passes are approved, but when their credit balance is zero, they may lose their jobs. In addition, when employees are fired for poor attendance, there is a high chance that they will no longer be hired to work in the store, as former Macy employees actually claim. Macy’s has a fairly strict attendance policy.

WP: Employee Opportunities



Employee status

When applying for a job, your own virtual card “Rainbow Smile” with VIP status will be created for you. The advantage of the VIP status is that you get 2 times more points with each purchase

Moreover, the employee status of the loyalty card has a permanent 25% discount on all non-promotional private label products.

For everything that is not on sale. Any day. Always as long as your card has the status “Employee”.

You can check the status of an employee in the Smiles of the Rainbow mobile application. If your card has not been assigned the status of an employee – contact our contact center, they will help you 🙂

1 point = 1 ruble

The points system works very simply: 1 point = 1 ruble. You accumulate points and then you can use them to pay for 100% of your purchase. At the same time, on the birthday itself, three days before and three days after it, we will return 15% of the purchase with points to the card. We also offer personal promotions and special discounts for employees.

Linked to phone number

Your card will be linked to the phone number that was specified when applying for a job. If our card is already registered on this number, it will automatically receive the status of an employee


We know for sure that the company develops with the development of each of its employees. And we can say with full confidence that people who want to sit out and not learn anything new will be uncomfortable. We have so many projects and such a pace of change that we simply cannot do without development ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The faster we master new knowledge and form new competencies in ourselves, within the company, in its departments, the more chances we have to “keep the bar” and raise it even higher 🙂

For the development and training of employees in Rainbow Smile Responsible for its own Training Center. Our training managers conduct training both in the form of intensive courses of various durations, and in the format of one-time training events: trainings, webinars, business simulators, business games, and so on. And at the request of the leaders, closed groups are held for their departments.

In the portfolio of our specialists there is a large set of ready-made training activities aimed at developing the skills that every specialist needs today (communicative competence, time management, stress management, management skills, argumentation, public speaking skills, etc. ). d.). At the same time, our training managers are ready to develop a new program “on request”, if there is such a need.

In addition, the specialists of the training center provide a service of moderation and facilitation of events at the request of department heads, help managers, leaders and members of our large team reach agreements faster using modern technologies.

For any questions related to training and development within the company, you can contact me directly – my colleagues and I are always ready to help and orient 🙂


On the Vmeste portal in section “Partner discounts” you can find current special offers, conditions, discounts and promotions for Smiles of the Rainbow employees from online stores, fitness clubs, online schools and more.


Classes with a Russian-speaking teacher and a conversation club with a native speaker.

Suitable for everyone who wants to learn English and who is comfortable with group lessons. Previously, classes were held offline in an office in St. Petersburg, now they have been completely transferred online and are available in any region.
Before assigning you to a group, the teacher will conduct an online test to determine the level of language proficiency.
If you just need to practice speaking English, sign up for a conversation club with an English-speaking teacher.

To sign up for a group or conversation club, write to Kuzmina Anastasia [email protected]

The number of group members is limited.

Private online lessons, English speaking teachers available.

This training option is available only to those who need English for work. In order to join the compensation program, it is necessary to coordinate this with the manager. When joining the program, after each self-paid and completed lesson from the company, a second lesson will be additionally charged.

To join the Skyeng compensation program, send Kuzmina Anastasia an email with your manager’s approval to [email protected]. who wants to learn English with a corporate discount.

This option is suitable for those who want to study privately online and practice English for personal purposes. Classes at Skyeng are available at special prices not only for Rainbow Smile employees, but also for your relatives, children, friends and acquaintances. You can choose and purchase the desired package of lessons for to Skyeng corporate page for Rainbow Smile .

In this case, Daria Kruglikova does not need to write.

Also for all employees of the company Skyeng offers a free subscription for 3 months of training in conversational clubs . Just register and join – no additional conditions!

Join the English speakers group on the portal – there is always up-to-date information about teaching English. You’re welcome!

To the group “English speakers”

For all questions related to teaching English in the company – write to me, I will help and guide you!

Anastasia Kuzmina

Internal Communications Manager
[email protected]


We love to work, but also about leisure don’t forget. The pandemic has made its own adjustments, we have moved online. But this did not stop our desire to communicate, give gifts, hold contests. Let’s talk about what we have now:

  • New Year gifts for all employees and their children

    We send gifts to employees in all shops, offices, warehouses. For children under 14 – a sweet gift. In order to receive it, it is necessary to transfer the child’s birth certificate to the personnel department.

  • Gifts for March 8 and February 23

    Every year in March we give gifts to all our employees.