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Loving Arms Kids Care – About our Center

Loving Arms Kids Care is a fully licensed DHS Child Care Center with classrooms for ages 6 weeks to 12 years. We have six classrooms that operate throughout the year. Learn more about the structure of our classrooms here: Childcare Rooms. We provide breakfast, lunch and a PM snack and prioritize a nutritiously dense menu featuring local foods when possible. 

Our Kids Care program is for elementary aged children and has a before and after school program during the school year and a robust summer camp in June-August. Our BASP program includes transportation to and from school for select area schools. Currently this includes Lemme Elementary, Hoover Elementary and Lucas Elementary. 

To learn more about our curriculum, enrichment programming, and tuition – please see below. 

Social Emotional Learning

Music & Art

Large outdoor space with playgrounds

Kids Care Field Trips

Librarian visits to the Center from ICPL

Pre-K Field Trips (Indigo)

Swimming (Summer Camp)

Yearly Pictures

Learn more at Enrichment Programs

A visit to the Iowa City Public Library!

Indigo (4/5) Classroom conducting an expieriment on what melts ice faster – salt water or regular water.  

LAKC is heavily focused on providing a curriculum that is centered around social emotional wellbeing. During the first five years of life, a child’s brain does 90% of its growing. This is a crucial time for growth and we are committed to training our staff to feel equipped to help children navigate these very important foundational years. 

Our classrooms provide experiences with sensory activities, fine motor practice, large motor opportunities, art, plenty of outdoor time, literacy and age appropriate math, science, and STEAM activities. 

Children who benefit from specific special needs support or positive behavior intervention are met with a positive, supportive environment that is focused on connection building. 

  • Blue room: $1,373 a month (4 weeks-12 months)

  • Red room: $1,373 a month (12-18 months)

  • Orange room: $1,373 a month (18-24 months)

  • Green Room: $1,290 a month (2 Years Old)

  • Yellow room: $1,188 a month (3 Years Old)

  • Indigo room: $1,117 a month (Preschool)

  • Kids Care: $300/month (School-age before and afterschool includes transportation to and from school for some elementary schools)

  • Summer Camp: Varies weekly (School-age) 

Loving Arms Kids Care is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Childcare Center

Do you want to help support Loving Arms?  As a non-profit organization, any donations (monetary or items) are tax deductible. Your donations help our center with operational costs, payroll costs so that we can provide our staff a livable wage for their hard work and support iniatives to provide the children in our care with new expieriences. We also utilize funds and donations for furthering the training of our staff in areas like classroom management, behavior supports and special needs support. 

Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/PL60IUQQ3W3C?ref_=wl_share 

Monthly Classroom Wishlists: https://tinyurl.com/LAKCwishlist

Monetary donations can be sent via mail to:

Loving Arms Kids Care
2675 E Washington St.
Iowa City, IA 52245


“Loving Arms Early Learning Center is a great daycare! My 3 year old has been there about a year and a half and has just blossomed under the guidance of the teaching staff. She routinely comes home spouting about beluga whales or my personal favorite “cumulonimbus clouds”. The curriculum is engaging and she’ll be more than ready for kindergarten when the time comes. The Director is great and puts the kids and staff first. She is routinely seen in the classrooms or has lunch with the kids all the time. I highly recommend it!” 

-Brandon Johnson

“The Rainbow Room (4 year-olds) currently has 9 kids in it that have been together at Loving Arms for over 3 years now. My son is fortunate enough to go to a daycare in which he has been able to form long-term friendships with his classmates, learning and developing from 18 months (and younger) all the way to preparing for kindergarten.” 

-Risa Dotson Eicke

“My family has attended Loving Arms since April 2016.  The teachers create such a friendly family oriented environment where all children feel welcome to learn and enjoy their friends throughout the day during open play and learning activities.  The staff are very friendly and always available to answer questions or help out with whatever is needed. ” – Will Urion

Our center offers large indoor and outdoor spaces for our children to play and learn. 

This space is graciously offered by St. Mark’s Methodist Church with whom we maintain a close working relationship, however we are independent of their religious practices. 

Loving Arms Kids Care – Childcare Rooms

LAKC believes in prioritizing the child’s needs above all else. Children are transitioned between classrooms when developmentally prepared for the increased activity of the next classroom. The ages listed below are a loose guide, but placement will largely depend on uncovering the best environment for the child and their current development. 

Blue Room

Approximately 4 weeks-12 months

Activities: Sensory activities, tummy time, crafts and developmental support for that crucial first year

Teacher ratio- 1:4

Red Room

Approximately 12 m – 18 m 

Activities: baby sign language, buggy rides, outside time, art, music, sensory, baby yoga and more

Teacher Ratio- 1:4

Orange Room

Approximately 18 m – 2

Activities: early language skills, buggy rides, outside time, sensory activities, art, music, and more

Teacher Ratio- 1:4

Green Room

Approximately 2-3

Activities: Weekly age appropriate Lesson Plans promoting positive social emotional growth while focusing on Language, Art, Math, and Science skills.  

Teacher Ratio- 1:6

Yellow Room

Approximately 3-4

Activities: Weekly age appropriate Lesson Plans promoting positive social emotional growth while focusing on Language, Art, Math, and Science skills.

Teacher Ratio- 1:10

Indigo Room

Approximately 4-5 

Activities: Weekly age-appropriate Lesson Plans and themes promoting positive social emotional growth while focusing on Language, Art, Math, and Science skills while preparing your child for kindergarten. Our Pre-K class also enjoys weekly field trips to locations like the public library and other enrichment activities. 

Teacher Ratio- 1:12

Kids Care

5 – 12 years

We provide before and afterschool care as well as transportation to and from local elementary schools. Kids Care engages in several fun optional crafts and activities, as well as enjoys a lot of outdoors time. Summer Camps are available and themed with many field trips and explorations locally. Contact us for more details! 

Teacher Ratio- 1:15

Iowa City. Description of the city

General information

Description of the city

Iowa City was the second capital of Iowa Territory and the first capital of Iowa (until 1857). Before the appearance of the first European settlers, the territory belonged to Indian tribes, one of which – Iowa – gave the name to the future state. Iowa City is home to the University of Iowa, the oldest university in the state; it was founded on February 25, 1847, just 59days after the formation of the state itself. The university includes 11 colleges that train bachelors, masters and doctors.


Park “Edvencherlend” in Altoona

Attractions, Amusement parks & centers

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Adventureland is an amusement park located in Altoona, Iowa, USA.
The establishment was opened in 1974. In total, there are more than 100 types of attractions, shows, including 4 roller coasters and 4 water attractions. The park covers 180 acres.

It operates daily from Memorial Day (last Monday in May) to Labor Day (first Monday in September) and on weekends in late April, May and September. Next to the park is the Adventureland Inn, with 187 rooms, where there are 3 large …

Kinnick Stadium

sports stadiums

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Kinnick Stadium, also known as Iowa, is the home ground of the Iowa Hawkeyes football team.

The stadium was built in the distant 1929 year. The cost of construction was 500 thousand dollars. The construction of this stadium lasted a record short time – 7 months. To achieve this result, workers worked around the clock. The stadium has changed a lot since then. Its capacity has increased from 53,000 to 70,000 spectators, making it the 7th largest in the US.

Kinnick Stadium has …


Altoona Adventureland Amusement Park

Tipping is a long tradition in the US and an integral part of the American way of life. Often the service charge is not included in the restaurant bill, but waiters and bartenders expect to receive 15 to 20 percent of it, depending on the class of the establishment. When using a taxi, a tip of 10 to 15 percent of the cost is considered normal.

Reasons to visit

Iowa is interesting for its historical monuments. This state has old German and Dutch colonies with many museums and interesting architecture. There is the State Historical Museum, the Museum of Natural Science and Medicine, the Botanical Center, the Balloon Museum. The amusement park located in the city of Altoona is very popular.

How are hits created in 2017?

In the year that hip hop became the dominant genre in the music business, one of its key hits was released almost by mistake. We are translating a large text about rap and streaming, which turned the US music industry upside down.

Boring shit Leela Uzi

opening tour for The Weeknd. While stage diving at a Geneva concert, he suddenly realized that he had lost his phone. “He actually lost two phones, ,” says Layton “Lake” Morrison, co-director of Generation Now, Uzi’s label. – And broke the third “. Before the European tour, the rapper was working on his first official album, which was to be released on Generation Now with the support of Atlantic Records. All the finished material was on one of the lost phones.

“Yeah, I was upset, ,” Morisson says. – We just spent a month and a half recording, and I had to account for the money that Atlantic gave us and which we just pissed off” . Uzi had lost his phone before, which had new tracks recorded with trendy mumble rapper Young Thug. They were then quickly leaked to the network. “I didn’t want to go through this again” .

In the new, digital age of music consumption, born of services such as Spotify and Apple Music, many hip-hop artists are moving away from the traditional music publishing model: an expensive, multi-month marketing campaign with several radio singles created specifically to draw attention to a studio album. – the main means of earning money for the studio. The streaming model is built on the economy of individual songs. It’s perfect for temperamental young MCs who don’t know how to play by the old rules and shoot tracks according to the mood. And their fans are consuming content like Netflix fans are consuming a new series of Black Mirror. “Hip-hop artists have been freed from the shackles of album releases, ,” says Lior Cohen, co-founder of early rap label Def Jam and now YouTube’s head of music. An album is nowhere near as important as just posting music.”

That night in Geneva, Uzi did not plan to disrupt traditional distribution formats. In the three years since he posted his first tracks on SoundCloud, he’s collaborated with everyone from Gucci Mane to Pharrell Williams, built a 4 million Instagram following, and broke into #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with his Migos hit on the track. Bad and Boujee. “Streaming really made me money, ,” Uzi admits. – It’s a completely different way to get your music across.” . Back at the hotel, he logged into his SoundCloud and a few minutes later texted Morrison in Atlanta: “I leaked everything we recorded” . There was not even a cover for the tracks, and Lil Uzi came up with the names from the bulldozer right on the spot. One of the songs, for example, he called “Boring Shit” and another hastily titled in honor of their tour with The Weekend.

“Many hip-hop artists are moving away from the traditional music publishing model: an expensive, multi-month, multi-radio single marketing campaign”

“XO Tour Llif3” is a gothic, gunslinger saga about the rapper’s relationship with his then-girlfriend and drugs, with the poignant chorus “All my friends are dead / Push me to the edge” » became an instant rap sensation -nerds on SoundCloud. A month later, after Generation Now sorted out all the production fees, the album was rolled out on Spotify and Apple Music. There, too, he met with a crazy response. Tuma Basa, curator of Spotify’s most influential playlist RapCaviar with 7.6 million followers, praised the album’s title track: “When I listen to XO Tour Llif3, I can literally hear Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love arguing. Uzi tells a story with his track and makes me believe this shit” .

But even then, few could have predicted that the soap opera Uzi would be the song of the summer of 2017 according to the MTV Video Music Awards. The track also became one of the five hip-hop songs included in the top 10 of the largest US Billboard Hot 100 hit parade. In addition to it, Kendrick Lamar with “Humble” and “DNA”, Future with “Mask Off ‘ and Kyle with ‘iSpy’. Surprisingly, these songs received little or no radio airplay, which, together with sales, is one of the most important figures for the top Billboard Hot 100. “But let’s be honest, none of the cool kids listen to top 40 radio hits, ,” says Atlantic CEO Julie Greenwald. – These guys are stuck on streaming services” .

The New Rock and Roll

Spotify launched in the US in 2011 and has become the most efficient music promotion and monetization platform since MTV in the early 80s -x. Adding a million listeners a month, the service now has a base of 60 million subscribers and 140 million users in total. Spotify and Apple Music (with 27 million subscribers), along with YouTube, Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, SoundCloud and Jay-Z-led Tidal, have doubled the music industry’s profits for the first time since 1998 years. In 2016, streaming revenue grew 69% to $3. 9 billion. For the first time, streaming revenue accounted for more than half of the entire music industry.

According to measuring company Nielsen, people stream hip-hop and R&B tracks almost twice as often as rock, the next most popular genre. In fact, in June 2017, R&B/Hip-Hop became the most popular genre in music for the first time since such data began to be collected. Of course, there are still classic superstars in the world with an army of fans and familiar pop songs – Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Adele, Taylor Swift, and once every couple of years a rock star like Twenty One Pilots appears. And the bulk of all-star revenue, from Josh Tillman and The Chainsmokers to Bruce Springsteen, comes from concert ticket sales, merchandise and brand sponsorship deals.

But in the youth-obsessed music business, relevance is the main fetish and yardstick. And now there are no performers more alive and in demand (judging by streaming) than a galaxy of young rappers – Drake, Kendrick, Migos, 21 Savage, Chance the Rapper, XXXTentacion, Rae Sremmurd, Future, Travis Scott, Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert. They all took off thanks to RapCaviar and A-List: Hip-Hop playlists (on Apple Music). Apple Music is leaning on the hip-hop hype even more. 9 out of 10 and 18 out of 20 top lines are occupied by hip-hop tracks. And not a hint of LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, Lorde, Haim and even Miley Cyrus, expensive rock and pop stars with bright new albums.

“Hip-hop has always been overshadowed by other genres”

“Hip-hop has finally become the key music for young people, ,” says Peter Edge, director of RCA Records, to which Bryson Tiller, A$AP Rocky and alt-R&B breakthrough SZA are signed. – This is the new rock and roll” .

“Playlists help keep you up to date with hip-hop. Just like the newspaper was your father’s way of keeping up with the sport.”

Zimbabwe trendsetter

The world’s most influential music playlist on Spotify, RapCaviar, turns a mixtape rapper into a megastar in an instant. And one person does it. Tuma Basa is the head of programming for the hip-hop section at Spotify. He handpicks the top 50 hip-hop tracks every week.

“RapCaviar now reminds me of Hot 97 in the early nineties, ,” says Joey Manda, executive vice president of Interscope Geffen A&M Records. – When Hot 97 played the Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Ya Neck”, it flew all over the country in the same minute. Now the song gets into RapCaviar and meets the same success. Luckily for us, Tuma is an expert. He knows what the youth want.” .

42-year-old Basa is as friendly and humble as a trendsetter can be. Born in the former Zaire and raised between Iowa City and Zimbabwe, Basa was a fan of Boyz II Men as a teenager and was first exposed to the music that changed his life. “It was never possible to find new albums in Zimbabwe, so I took my VHS with Rap City and Yo! MTV Raps sent to me by a friend in Iowa and traded for cassettes with friends in Swaziland. I was returning to Zimbabwe with the only records in the whole country of Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” and Tupac’s “2Pacalypse Now” , Basa recalls.

Basa is responsible for about 30 hip-hop playlists: from artist-centric (This Is: Lil Uzi Vert; 49,000 subscribers) and yet-not-ready-for-primetime compilations (Most Necessary; 1.3 million followers) to playlists under mood (Get Turnt; 2.9 million subscribers). “Playlists keep you up to date with hip-hop, ,” says Basa. – Just like the newspaper was your father’s way of keeping up with the sport. Hip-hop moves fast. Although I earn a living from this, but even for me it’s that match ” .

Basa composes his lists, guided by intuition: “Smell, feeling and once again feeling. When the content is smelly, I will find it right away” . In Spotify, he also has access to data that allows him to evaluate the performance of a track on the platform: how many times the song was searched, how many percent of people skip the track in the list (preferably no more than 40%), how many percent save the track to their user playlist, how many users listened to 90 seconds of the track. And when instinct is silent, numbers work. Half analyst, half romantic, tinkering with mixtapes, Basa sees himself as part of the hip-hop tradition. “Curators have always been important in hip-hop: DJs, mix show hosts, radio DJs. It’s just now happening in the digital world.” . Officially, the RapCaviar playlist is updated weekly, but when Tuma hears a new hit or accidentally sees that the percentage of skipping a track has skyrocketed, he immediately makes the necessary permutations.

To be fair

“Indisputably, hip-hop has been at the center of American popular music, if not all of pop culture, for decades. But hip-hop has always been overshadowed by other genres , says Tony Sal, manager of The Weeknd and French Montana. – Streaming just made it more accessible” . In the past, hip hop artists had to find resources to promote their music in the face of a predominantly white music industry. “Hip-hop culture has always been about how you can hustle. Musicians would just give away their mixtapes for free or sell them for 5 bucks so they could be heard somehow,” , he says.

Hip-hop producers and MCs historically have always earned less than rock bands, but spent days and nights in the studio, honing their sound and mixing the last hit that everyone missed. Rock and pop stars released an album every few years and then toured with it. But look how Lil Wayne took off, how Gucci Mane, Drake took off. They were constantly posting stuff. And the more you post, the more people you hook.

“Now that streaming has overcome piracy, we’re back in the black, ,” says Tom Corson, RCA label president. – But this requires a different approach and investment” . This year, RCA signed young R&B star SZA for seven figures, beating many in the talent race, just one of the label’s multi-million deal deals with streaming hip-hop artists this year.

Digital Curators

Atlantic became the market share leader for the first time in its history under the leadership of Julie Greenwald and Craig Kallman. Kallman worked as a DJ in New York in the 80s, after which he opened his Big Beat Records label, Greenwald came through Def Jam Records. Their label has a varied roster of artists signed to them—Ed Sheeran, Twenty One Pilots, Kelly Clarkson and Sia—but it was Cullman and Greenwald’s talents and belief in hip-hop that contributed most to Atlantic’s rise. Greenwald was the first to realize that accurate streaming numbers could eliminate guesswork and guesswork in choosing an artist for a label:0083 “I used to produce on a whim. I went to barbershops and nail salons to understand what people are listening to. Now I know exactly who our fans are, where they live and how old they are” . She and Kallman hired dedicated people to work with curated Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Later, many other labels did the same. Universal Music Group bought former Genius editor Andre Torres to simply browse the entire catalog of urban music. “Hip-hop used to be thought to have no shelf life, that songs quickly become irrelevant – says Torres. – It has now become clear that not only does it have a shelf life, but it is even longer than that of rock and pop music” .

And now Atlantic executives are sitting in a meeting with signs and graphs that illustrate how each of their performers performed. This meeting focused on Atlantic’s big summer breakouts, Cardi B and Lil Uzi Vert. Cardi B noticed Carl Sheri of Apple Music and added her to the A-List: Hip-Hop playlist, where she racked up 15 million streams. With no top 40, no radio airplay, the song peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

As for Lil Uzi Vert, Greenwald puts his hands together and calls out to all the rap gods so that the planned release of his album “Luv Is Rage 2” will finally go smoothly. It’s been six months since “XO Tour Llif3” hit the internet and has since been streamed 1.3 billion times. Industry sources predict that the label will make $4.5 million from these auditions, with Uzi taking in over $900,000. When the album comes out, Tuma Basa will upload 6 tracks from it to RapCaviar. And “XO” still doesn’t leave the playlist, it’s still a monster.

“I used to produce on a whim. I went to barbershops and nail salons to understand what people were listening to”


Goldmann Sacks, the largest investment bank, predicts global music streaming revenue will increase to $28 billion by 2030. This automatically means that Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group, which fell into depression during the Napster era, are now grossly undervalued.

Questions about the sustainability of streaming services as independent businesses remain. SoundCloud nearly went bankrupt this summer, and digital radio pioneer Pandora was forced to sell 19% of its holdings to SiriusXM to stay afloat. Both companies were too late to implement paid subscriptions, which almost cost them their existence. Meanwhile, Spotify is planning its first public sale of its shares in order to raise money for a further race with two global giants Apple and Amazon.