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Find Live In Caregivers in Cincinnati, OH

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Background Check

Patient Care, Over 20 years experience. I’m compassionate, patient , kind, dependable person. Taking care of elderly is my gift. Worked in nursing homes over 15 years . I have been private for 16years .

Background Check

I have worked with the senior population at a summer camp for individuals with various disabilities. The participants who attended camp were provided with 24 hour care, 6 days a week. I aided participants in bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, feeding, medicine reminders, and transportation (inand out of bed, into wheelchair, into pool, etc). I love working with seniors because I feel that they give me as much as I give them. Providing companionship while monitoring their health and general well being is my priority. I seek to provide just the right amount of assistance to enable them to live their lives as independently as possible.

Asha H.

Walton, KY

$10-20/hr • 10 yrs exp
Baby Sitter, Caretaker and Love for Children and Seniors ..Pets Included

Background Check

All my life I have worked with senior people and children of various ages in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Any impression is best when you meet me in person and ask the questions you need to explore, then you will have a better understanding of me and if I am who you are looking for.

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FAQs for finding live-in caregivers near you in Cincinnati, OH

How much do I pay a live-in caregiver near me in Cincinnati, OH?

The average rate for hiring a live-in caregiver near you in Cincinnati, OH is $23. 00 per hour. It’s worth noting that this is just an average, and the cost of a live-in caregiver can vary based on their qualifications, their years of experience, and the unique type of care your loved one requires.

How can I find a live-in caregiver near me in Cincinnati, OH?

To start your search for a live-in caregiver near you on, sort caregiver profiles by distance from Cincinnati, OH or zip code. If you want to increase the amount of available options, you can expand your search radius. Then you can compare candidates by reading about their experience working with seniors, the type of caregiving services they provide, and their hourly rate.

How can I safely hire a live-in caregiver near me in Cincinnati, OH?

Yes, caregivers near you in Cincinnati, OH on are asked to complete an annual background check called a CareCheck. Senior caregivers who complete this background check will have a badge on their profile displaying the date it was run. While CareCheck is a good start, we strongly recommend that you follow some additional steps for hiring a caregiver for seniors safely, which include interviewing candidates, checking references, and running your own background check. Visit our Safety Center to learn more.

What types of live-in care services are available near me in Cincinnati, OH?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to live-in caregiver services. All clients have different needs and all caregivers feel comfortable offering specific services. Generally though, you can expect a live-in caregiver to help with cooking, cleaning, tasks that are difficult for the senior to manage, and transportation. It’s important to interview a few different candidates, when hiring a live-in caregiver near you in Cincinnati, OH to see what responsibilities they feel comfortable taking on and how their service offerings line up with your needs.

What questions should I ask when interviewing a live-in caregiver near me in Cincinnati, OH?

When it’s time to interview live-in caregivers near you in Cincinnati, OH, you’ll want to be ready with a list of interview questions you can ask them. You’ll want to start by asking them to tell you more about their work experience and qualifications. Then you can ask them what types of responsibilities they can take on. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you need, the point of an interview is to find out if they’re a good fit for your family.

FCP Live-In | Live-in Caregivers In-Home Care


FCP Live-In Caregiver Keeps You Or Your Loved One In The Safety And Comfort Of Home | There’s No Place Like Home

It’s an established fact the majority of people want to remain at home as they age. After all, home is where we build our families, make precious memories, keep our most cherished possessions and our loyal pets, and visit with family and friends whenever we like. If the thought of placing mom or dad in a long-term care facility is filling you with anxiety, the staff at FCP Live-in is here to help.

We are NOT an Assisted Living Facility. We are an Affordable Alternative with Live-In caregiving.

Assisted living facilities are not always the best solution, and a part-time home health aide may not provide enough support, especially when dementia-related illnesses are involved. But, the caregivers at FCP Live-In provide the best solutions for the care and create a “safe place” in the home. They provide 1-on-1 personal assistance and care, homemaking services, companionship, and other assistance for the unique needs of each client. Our caregivers are always there to help with your loved one’s daily routine, like walking to the bathroom, taking their medication, and cooking a meal. They communicate with family members and are there to call for help when an emergency occurs.

The staff at FCP Live-In will provide live-in home care at every stage of the aging process and in coordination with your loved one’s primary care physicians, preferred home health agency, and other medical providers. This close interaction with the live-in caregiver, your loved one’s medical providers, and your family means even subtle changes in your loved one’s physical or cognitive condition won’t go undetected. Other benefits to Live-in home care include freedom from strict regimens and visiting hours typical of long-term care facilities. All of these factors mean very little change in your loved one’s life and less anxiety in yours.

Watch Our FCP Live-In Commercials!

Video Testimonial From Guy Stoye, an FCP Live-In client!

Kevin Williams, Care Coordinator with FCP Live-In Home Care explains FCP Live-In to Karen Halloran of Senior Solutions.

FCP Live-In Is A Proud Member of:


FCP Live-In Caregivers Are Affordable And Cost Effective.

FCP Live-In caregivers provide all of the services you might expect from a typical assisted living facility, but the one-on-one relationship offers so much more! Plus, our flat, daily rate covers all personal care needs and is usually more cost-effective than the rates charged by nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or hourly home care agencies.

If you’re ready to explore a better option for senior care, give FCP Live-In a call today at 1(866) 559-9492.

Having an FCP Live-In caregiver means our clients do not wait for hours to use the bathroom or receive other personal care assistance, and they can eat, sleep, and watch TV on their own schedule.

Our live-in caregivers will:

  • Ensure that all medications are taken on time
  • Ensure adequate hydration
  • Provide escorts to medical appointments, worship services, and social engagements
  • Assist with light housekeeping, laundry, and shopping

Caring for only one client gives our caregivers more time to engage in friendly conversation and assist with gardening, scrapbooking, or other hobbies. All of our care plans include “Living Well,” an exclusive calendar-based program of engaging, relationship-building daily activities designed to encourage a true sense of companionship between client and caregiver.

The Cost: Paying for Long-Term Care

No one really likes to think about growing older or the possibility of needing long-term care.

But according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there’s a 70% chance that individuals currently turning 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives.

Long-term care can be extremely expensive, ranging from an average of $68 per day for adult day care services to about $253 per day for a skilled nursing home. The actual cost will depend on the type of care required, the provider, and the area where you live.

FCP Live-In is an affordable alternative to an assisted living facility and one of the best options in senior care. Plus, the added benefit of having one-on-one interaction between the client and caregiver is not only mentally beneficial but also socially engaging. This type of care makes it easier for a caregiver to catch the little things with your loved one that might be missed by an assisted living facility staff member or part-time home health aide.

Pricing varies due to location. Call us today and we can help you explore the options of in-home care for you or your loved one.

Click here for a Price Request
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Our Caregivers: Many Say They Are Angels And Should Have Halos

At FCP Live-In we only hire the best caregivers who are Certified Nursing Assistants, (CNAs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), or Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) with 2+ years of experience. First, we run in-depth state and national background checks on applicants. We also use a personality profile to evaluate applicants. We then conduct a round of in-depth interviews and invite those who stand out for a third interview. Applicants must undergo and pass our skills assessments and attend a full-day orientation where we further evaluate their capabilities and attitude. These are just a few of the important steps we take to ensure quality care.

At FCP Live-In, we believe in a holistic approach to senior care, with every caregiver carefully selected to meet each client’s unique physical, mental, and emotional needs. Our exclusive “Harmony Match” system begins with an expert care coordinator —either a social worker or geriatric care manager —coming to the home to gain a thorough understanding of your loved one’s physical, mental, and psychological needs, along with their sleeping habits, favorite foods and TV shows, hobbies and interests, and spiritual beliefs. The FCP Live-In operations department uses the results of this extensive process to identify the best caregiver for you or your loved one.

Before everything is finalized, your care coordinator and matched caregiver will travel to your loved one’s home for a personal introduction to ensure we have found the perfect match.

Click here to view our Caregiver Screening
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A Commitment to offering Quality Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

More than 15 million Americans are currently caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Taking care of someone with dementia is never easy. In fact, doing so requires a great deal of experience, training, and understanding on the part of the caregiver. At FCP Live-In, we understand dementia-related issues and how best to deliver person-centered dementia care. All of our direct care staff go through a habilitation therapy training curriculum created by the Alzheimer’s Association to assist providers in giving exceptional dementia care. The training enhances the skills of our caregivers who provide one-to-one dementia care with their attention focused solely on the client.

Click here to view our Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

The Care: A Commitment to Quality Care and genuine caring

FCP Live-In’s commitment to our clients, their families, and their caregivers doesn’t end with the placement process. Once we’ve found the perfect match for your loved one, we will reach out to you, your loved one or family member at least once a week to ensure everything is going well and address any concerns that might arise.

You can also expect:

  • Caregivers with the latest care training, especially in dementia and Alzheimer’s care
  • In-depth training and knowledge in a wide array of care situations
  • A professional channel of communication with all other medical providers, including home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, visiting nurses, and hospice providers
  • Pop-in home visits from field supervisors to ensure our quality standards are always being met
  • A service team that is always communicating with care staff, family and field supervisors to ensure care plans are updated promptly to accommodate your loved one’s ever-changing needs
  • A 24/7 professional support system

Click here to view a list of Care Services
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If you’re ready to learn more about an assisted living facility affordable alternative, one of the best in-home senior care, please give FCP Live-In a call today at 1(866) 559-9492.

FCP Live-In, A Leading Live-In Home Care Services Company

FCP Live-In provides the ultimate solution for assisted live-in home care since 1997. Our live-in home care agency is committed to providing a unique and customized in-home caregiver approach to senior care, providing our clients with safety and independence and families with peace of mind.

FCP Live-In specializes in meeting elderly care needs within the home. Our live-in caregiver staff provides an insurance policy of safe and supportive care, along with a 24/7 professional support system.

For more information about our live-in caregiver services, contact FCP Live-In today at 1(866) 559-9492 or please fill out the form below.

For visitors from Connecticut CT please visit FCP Live-In CT


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Novak family gr.7 09/22/2018 20:35
We express our gratitude and many thanks to the teachers and junior educator of our group. For your love, kindness and affection. For your smiles. For your work in education and development. Our daughter has grown up and runs with great pleasure in the group.

Novak family gr.12 and gr.7 22.09.2018 20:29
We express our gratitude to all teachers for the event held on the occasion of the birthday of preschool education. Everything went very interesting and positive. Separately, we thank the teachers of group 12 and group 7, as always, we appreciate your participation. Well done!

Novak family gr.12 09/22/2018 20:25
We would like to sincerely thank our wonderful teacher, our educator, Elvira Valeryanovna, you are a persistent “soldier”. Thank you for your professionalism, kindness and kindness. For your sensitive and persistent character. We really appreciate that we have you.

Natalia Vlasova 09/21/2018 00:03
Group 7. Dear Svetlana Yuryevna, Nadezhda Viktorovna, Natalya Yuryevna! I would like to sincerely thank you for the warmth, kindness and care with which you envelop our children. Thank you very much for the faith and development of each child, as well as for love, tenderness and individual approach. We wish you health, happiness, peace and kindness! Vlasov family.

Trofimova Lyudmila 09/20/2018 10:03
Hello, we want to thank the teachers of group number 7 Svetlana Yuryevna, Nadezhda Viktorovna and junior teacher Natalya Yuryevna for the warm and kind attitude towards our children, for the comfortable environment, which is so necessary during the period of adaptation in kindergarten for the baby to her, all this is due to high professionalism and sensitivity, love for children. Our teachers conduct wonderful and interesting matinees, we like everything very much, thank you.

The Latyshev family 06/26/2018 14:17
We would like to express our gratitude to our dear and beloved teachers of the 5th group: Lyubov Nazarovna, Valentina Alekseevna, Natalya Nikolaevna! Dear educators! Thank you for being with our children all these years. Thank you for all these years helping us raise our children, teach them how to live and teach them how to live. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work, but so necessary for millions of people. You make life easier for many, while sacrificing a lot in your life. We will never forget you, your efforts and your concern for our children. Thank you for everything, it’s been so great with you all these years. Thank you for the well-organized graduation, which took place on May 31, 2018. The children showed themselves from all sides: they sang, danced, and participated in intellectual games. And it’s all thanks to your efforts. THANKS A LOT!!!

Ekaterina Kalmykova 06/07/2018 09:17
Your message: I express my deep gratitude to our educators of group No. 3 Victoria Viktorovna and Svetlana Gennadievna, as well as the junior educator Natalya Alekseevna for their invaluable work, for their contribution to the development of our children. Victoria Viktorovna is already raising my second child, her daughter adores her, and her son only remembers with positive emotions 🙂 I think all the parents of our group will agree with me that the children from their teachers and nanny are delighted, they go to kindergarten with pleasure and always in a good mood. Educators daily meet the children with a smile and kind words. Many thanks to Svetlana Gennadievna and Natalya Alekseevna for organizing and holding the Mister and Miss Summer costume holiday in honor of Children’s Day, children and
The parents who were present loved it. We wish our dear educators new creative ideas and strength to implement them :))) We love and respect you!

The Barichev and Lyutoev family, group 3 06/03/2018 18:22
Svetlana Gennadievna, thank you for holding an open lesson “In the country of geometric shapes”, it was very interesting and informative. We express our gratitude for the development and education of our children!

Svetlana Popovtseva 05/29/2018 12:14
On behalf of all the parents of group No. 3, I want to express my deep, huge gratitude to our beloved, dear and respected teachers Svetlana Gennadievna and Victoria Viktorovna!!! Throughout the year, they perfectly coped with their professional duty: they gave a mountain of knowledge and gave many wonderful and unforgettable events to our children! During the current month alone, interesting competitions were held: “Children draw Victory”, a competition of readers on the theme “Spring”, “In the country of geometric shapes”. Children are fruitfully preparing for the holiday for Children’s Day “Miss and Mr. Summer”, and these are only the last events of our fun life in our favorite kindergarten, and how many of them there were throughout the year! I would like such work and contribution to the development of our children to be appreciated!!! We wish you good luck in your professional activities, the highest awards and respect among the employees of nursery school No. 108!!!!!

Irina 05/28/2018 07:50
So our first “Graduation Ball” was held – this is a touching and exciting event for all of us, parents and children. Many thanks to our educators: Lyudmila Viktorovna and Evgenia Alexandrovna, for their work! Thanks to you, we could work calmly every day, and the confidence that our sons and daughters were in safe hands gave us strength. Thank you for helping to fulfill parental duty: giving children warmth and affection, playing with them, instructing them, accustoming them to discipline. In kindergarten, our children acquired very important qualities – they learned to obey the elders, protect the younger ones, and be friends. We know that you, the educators, sparing no effort and nerves, kept and protected each child as if they were your own. Thank you for your good and creative work!
We would also like to thank the assistant educators – nannies for the fact that, like the sun, they warmed the flowers of life – our girls and boys – with attention and care.
Everyone knows that a child’s nutrition is the key to his health, so we sincerely thank the kindergarten cooks who prepared tasty and healthy food for our children.
We are deeply grateful to all leaders. Thank you for developing creativity in every child, helping children to liberate themselves, and making their world of childhood even brighter.
Dear Kindergarten Workers! We thank you for the peace with which we left our children here, for the joy with which our children went to kindergarten, for all the good things they learned here. You brought up, taught, fed, put to bed and wiped away the tears of our babies. You were everything to them when we parents were at work, minding our own business.
We appreciate your work, we will never forget you. Thank you for our grown children! Thank you for everything you have done for us!

attitude towards Russians and NHR tax benefits in Portugal — Migration to

I have already talked about 15 advantages of Portugal and the experience of obtaining a D7 visa for passive income (now they give visas for active remote income) and about plans for a residence permit.


The previous article on got 60 thousand views, and now I answer questions about Portugal in TG every day. I decided to write another article about the experience of life here: prices, real estate, medicine, people, services, work, taxes, nature and travel.

I’ll start with the cons. They do not cover the pluses for us.

1. Cold in the apartment in winter. Humidity

On the street at night in winter it can be + 7-10, in the daytime + 12-15, and in the apartment can be +18 .

Solved problem, although it may be unusual after heating in winter in Russia. You can heat the fireplace with wood (romantic and cheap – 3.5 euros for firewood, which is enough for 3 kindling in the evenings), you can heat it with gas heating (it’s more expensive, but without smell and time-consuming). Not all apartments have fireplaces and heating. You can also use an air conditioner or heater. Warm slippers, jacket or sweatshirt.

Humidity approx. 80-85%. In winter, this adds to the feeling of coldness. There may also be mold in the bathroom and near the windows. We immediately bought a dehumidifier (200 euros) upon arrival, used it, it helps. Then it became lazy and now we rarely turn it on in the bathroom, we are used to it. When it gets warmer it’s not a problem.

2. Expensive real estate and high cost of living compared to Russia

The reason is largely due to the depreciation of the ruble. We rent an apartment of 80-90 square meters with 2 bedrooms and a living room and a good repair for 1500 euros – in a good area of ​​Monte Estoril. We spend about 120-150 euros per month on a communal apartment with rare heating of the apartment through gas heating. Should be cheaper in summer.

In Lisbon, Cascais (near us) and neighboring good areas, the price for renting a good T2 property (two bedrooms) starts from 1000-1500 euros per month (perhaps good studios or T1 can be rented for 800-1000 euros). In the towns further – 30-50 km from Lisbon or further can be found for 500+ euros. At the same time, a foreigner will most likely need to pay for several months at once (we paid 2 months of rent + 4 months of a deposit).

Purchase value of property , which we rent for 1500 euros, is around 400 thousand euros. In our area, up to 500 thousand euros for a purchase, it is difficult to find a property that would suit all parameters – such offers are rare to match: beautiful view, good repair / layout, sufficient area.

In Lisbon, Cascais, Estoril and the surrounding area, prices generally start at 200 thousand euros, there are very few offers cheaper and they have strong drawbacks. But these are some of the most expensive areas in Portugal, and there are other areas further from Lisbon where you can buy good real estate and up to 100 thousand euros. Also, when buying, there is a tax that depends on the price of real estate – from 0% (if the apartment costs up to 115 thousand euros) to 8% (if the price of real estate is from 359thousand to 719 thousand euros).

Promenade in Monte Estoril

For the life of a family of 3 people , in addition to housing and rare expensive purchases such as a car or medical insurance, we spend 2000-2500 euros , this is food, gasoline, clothes, a garden and some little things. Most likely, the first months of expenses are higher, because. for example, you have to buy sunglasses with diopters for 300 euros, a robot vacuum cleaner for 200 euros, an MFP for 60 euros, etc.

Budget. I heard that a family can live on 700 euros without taking into account the cost of housing, but you have to save on everything. There are opportunities for this.

In our area of ​​Cascais you can get a free card and use the buses for free. There are also many state cultural institutions, holidays and programs with minimal or no cost. By the way, along with this Cascais map, you can consult a doctor online for free.

We really liked the Christmas program in Cascais with Santa Claus, musicians and artists in the city center, as well as the free museum of ecology with modern installations, exhibits and kind staff who invited us with the child to touch sea urchins, shrimps and algae-like animals in the aquarium 🙂

Private kindergartens cost from 300 to 1000 euros per month, public ones are almost free, but you can wait a long time in line and you need to collect documents that are not always quick and easy to do (for example, NISS is a social security number that you can get either by getting an official job in Portugal, or by opening an individual entrepreneur). We found a private kindergarten with good reviews, where children from 3 years old will be taught English (the British Council mark on the garden website), where there is a teacher and two assistants for a group of 12-14 people – for 400 euros. But there were also more expensive private kindergartens that did not like or did not accept children under 3 years old or until September.

Public schools from the age of 5 are free of charge and take everyone at once with almost no documents. Private foreign schools are about 1000 euros (for sure, there are cheaper ones).

Auto. Gasoline costs about 2 euros per litre. A hybrid car Toyota Yaris, consuming about 4 liters per 100 km on flat roads, and about 4.5 liters in mountainous areas, was made in 2017 with a mileage of 17 thousand km and under warranty cost 15 thousand euros. The tax will be about 170 euros per year. Insurance about 180 euros per year.

3. Employment in Portugal is more difficult and less money

It is difficult to find a job locally and salaries are lower compared to Germany, Great Britain, USA, France, Spain (sort of), especially if you don’t know English and don’t have a high level of professionalism. The minimum wages are from 800-1000 euros, but given the price of real estate, this may not have been enough.

Ditigal- and IT-specialists who speak English find it easier to find a job and it is well paid. I heard that good beauty specialists will also be able to earn good money, because. It’s rare to find a good hairdresser. If there is a business or income remote, then this should not be a problem.

We did not take into account the labor market when we chose Portugal, because income removed.

4. Long-term family reunification and the process of obtaining a residence permit

Depending on the obtained visa and the grounds for a residence permit, obtaining documents for family reunification may be delayed for six months or a year. It is difficult to get through to the immigration service and the appointment can be months in advance. There is a risk that due to sanctions against Russia, the issuance of visas or residence permits may be suspended, but so far they are giving.

There was information that work on golden visas (as a rule, investments from 350-500 thousand euros are needed) was stopped, but work on others continues. You can apply from the country of citizenship or from another country where there is a residence permit. For example, if you get a residence permit in Turkey, you can apply through the consulate of Portugal in Turkey. One of the good options is the D7 visa, which allows people with passive income, as well as people working remotely (with a minimum verified income of about 700-800 euros per month) to get a D7 visa, and then a residence permit for 2 years with a subsequent extension for 3 years.

There are also options for filing from Portugal (perhaps, to open a business, an individual entrepreneur – you need to find out more from consultants, I have not had to deal with).

Many people used to come on Schengen visas and look for work here, staying in Portugal from six months to 2-3 years without the opportunity to leave until they are legalized. Now this option is more risky and it is better to come legally, getting a reliable basis for a residence permit (we hope that the next sanctions will bypass the rules of residence permit and visas for Russians).


5. Services and services. In the “14th century”?

Lower quality of service and range of services/goods compared to usual in Moscow. When we first shared the news about moving from Moscow to Portugal, one person on Facebook wrote “Welcome from the 21st century to the 14th century”, hinting that there is no such service, technology, Internet banking and fast delivery within a few hours as in Moscow. There is no car sharing (we used it in Moscow).

Nevertheless, there is a delivery of groceries and food, goods from online stores too, an analogue of the Yandex market, cyan and other services. Delivery is sometimes fast – in 1-2 days, sometimes you can wait a week (if you order something from another city or country). This minus is a stretch – the wife does not agree about the 14th century.

I think that after February 2022 the difference with Moscow will decrease a little and it is difficult to say where it will be more comfortable to live in late 2022 or early 2023 in terms of the range of services, goods and services. MasterCard, Visa, bank cards for any foreign online services work here (I’ll tell you more about this below), Instagram, Facebook, Medusa and everything else works without a VPN. But I still bought a VPN… for Russian government services that didn’t work from abroad or were unstable – Gosuslugi, or the tax website 🙂

Buckwheat in Portugal is a rarity


I can’t turn my hand to call it a minus, because life expectancy in Portugal is 81 years compared to Russia at 71 years. There is a state medicine. The child was treated to a state clinic when he was ill for a long time – they accepted it for free, but I had to wait in line for an hour. They didn’t even ask for any documents, although we made them for visits to state clinics. I have already mentioned free online consultations for residents of the Cascais region.

In addition, we made a family health insurance for 1000 euros for a year for three. For the first 3 months, insurance does not give big discounts, and we were surprised when we paid 75 euros for an appointment with a therapist and an X-ray in a private clinic under insurance, without insurance it would have been more than 100 euros. But when 3 months pass, appointments should be much cheaper and a significant part of the tests and examinations will be covered by insurance. In a private clinic, I also had to wait in line for about an hour.


Perhaps in the summer one more minus will be added – the heat. But they say that the ocean is not as hot as in Lisbon and that you can even live comfortably without air conditioners (there are none in our apartment), because. the wind blows from the ocean. If you are looking for a cooler place near Lisbon, you can choose Sintra – it is colder there in winter and summer, because. located on a hill and well blown by the winds.

In 3 months I will share the news how hot it is in Cascais, Monte Estoril and Lisbon 🙂

Pros of living in Portugal

Let me remind you about some of the advantages of Portugal, which I already mentioned in the previous article, with a reference to our experience, where possible:

EU citizenship (+ support for dual citizenship), which can be applied after 5 years from the date of obtaining the first residence permit. You will need to learn Portuguese at the A2 level (in a few months you can). We wait, we hope. It seems that the laws and courts work here as they should, and this makes it calmer – there is a feeling that we are in a civilized society where people’s rights are protected;

English is felt by about 30-40% of people, which is more than in Spain and many other European countries. Whenever we call some services, companies, we manage to find an English-speaking person (if suddenly the one who answered the phone does not speak English) and resolve the issue;

ecology , we live by the ocean (20 km from Lisbon near Cascais), the air is very clean here. Periodically smells of flowers or other plants. And in front of us in January, the whole tree was in oranges, until they were collected.

Still low crime, the popularity of the Portuguese language in the world, travel in the EU and around the world, the unhurried pace of life.

Separately, I will dwell on three bold pluses:

1. Friendly people and good attitude towards foreigners

There are 10% of foreigners in Portugal, and they feel good here. Russia and Portugal in terms of human relations are a big difference, and this makes us very happy here. In the parks, in the neighborhood in our area, people greet and smile. The people are friendly and ready to help.

We have not yet run into rudeness in Portugal, which we often met in Russia – sometimes from cashiers, postal employees, employees of government agencies, security guards – there was a feeling that you were worthless, and the employee felt as if he was in control of people’s destinies. On the roads, the difference is also noticeable – they give way more, they rush less, honk less and get nervous.

Of course, we feel embarrassed now, saying “we are from Russia”, if possible, I try to add that I was born in Ukraine (this is true) and I have relatives there. But rudeness or dissatisfaction due to the fact that we Russians did not feel on ourselves – people either behave as if nothing had happened – as always respectful, or they also empathize. Maybe we’re lucky.

Separately, about the attitude of people towards children – in Russia, we sometimes felt discomfort from the fact that people around could grumble or be dissatisfied when we came to a cafe with a child, or in general if a child ran somewhere, made noise or cried on an airplane. Children are welcome here, everyone wants to cuddle and hug them.

The child is almost 3 years old, he also likes Portugal – parks, nature, ocean, sand, interesting cars and convertibles, which are many here. For 1.5 months of kindergarten, he already speaks some words in Portuguese and simple expressions and most likely understands a lot in kindergarten. Educators say that our son is very happy, he rejoices a lot and smiles. We are waiting for when they will teach us Portuguese 🙂

Father’s Day in Portugal. Children and fathers from all kindergartens of the town

gathered in a large park

2. Ocean, greenery, lots of sun

Big waves, greenery in winter, lots of sun (300 days a year), unrealistically beautiful landscapes, mountains, parks, fields where you can meet sheep, goats, cows or horses. Nature and the sun charge and improve mood.

I am writing this article, sitting outside in a park overlooking the ocean, where the birds are singing, looking at two lizards crawling three meters away from me. Sometimes you can come or come to the ocean, sit on a bench and work with a laptop.

Every weekday we pick up the child from the kindergarten at 16:30-17:00, we go to the park in Cascais, where two peacocks and dozens of geese, ducks, hens walk, gulls and other birds arrive. We spend about an hour in the park and then we drive along the ocean with waves that, hitting the rocky shore, can rise 5-10 meters up, we watch the sunset. There are a lot of beautiful places here, and for 3 months it has not become boring yet.

And on the weekends we go to some place further away – there are a lot of parks. Only once we traveled relatively far – in Nazare, it is 120 km from Lisbon, where there are the biggest waves in the world. And so here, 15 minutes from our home, Sintra with endless parks, castles, and it seems that only Sintra can be studied for a whole year.

In short – Portugal is small on the map, but there are a lot of places to travel here. We have not yet been to Madeira and the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Tax credits, tax treatment NHR

NHR (non habitual resident) tax regime that allows professionals and people with passive incomes to pay much less or no taxes in Portugal for the first 10 years.

Portugal has a progressive income tax rate that goes up to about 50%. And it’s scary and weird. But for professionals who work in Portugal, there is a flat 20% NHR rate.

I found out about taxes for my case (business abroad) and realized that the NHR regime fits well if the business structure is properly organized. If you receive income as a business owner through dividends, then in Portugal you will not need to pay tax for 10 years. After 10 years, it will be necessary to pay a 28% tax on dividends (or pay the difference up to this rate if a part has already been paid in the country of source of income).

There are double tax treaties (DTTs) between Portugal and other countries. In the case of Russia-Portugal, in Russia, 15% tax will have to be paid on dividends. If Russia decides to increase the tax on dividends, then Russia will not be able to take more than 15% under the DTT. The remaining 13% will be paid in Portugal (after 10 years). In the case of Portugal-Hong Kong, no tax on dividends is paid in Hong Kong, and if it is introduced, then Hong Kong will not be able to take more than 10% under the DTT. In total, in the case of Portugal-Hong Kong, the first 10 years do not need to pay tax on dividends at all due to the special NHR regime in Portugal. I am considering this option for opening a business outside of Russia.

The situation is more complicated if you have not an LLC in Russia, but an individual entrepreneur on the simplified tax system or be self-employed. In case of verification, it will be considered that the activity is carried out in Portugal and local taxation should be applied. And also the simplified tax system and the self-employed regime do not replace personal income tax, for which the DTT applies, so there may be risks. I consulted with a good accountant who understands all the subtleties of tax documents and the practice of tax authorities.

I can share the contacts of a specialist in the PM if you plan to understand the taxes of Portugal and plan them effectively. If possible, we will make a training course with these specialists on taxation in Portugal and tax literacy.

How to open a bank account and transfer money to Portugal?

In the previous article, I wrote about options for opening a NIF tax number remotely, as well as a bank account. I opened an account with Novobanco remotely for 300 euros. The downside is that the Internet bank is tricky there, the service costs 8 euros per month; pluses – a warm relationship with the manager at the bank, who helped with all questions, and also got cheap car insurance through Novobanco.

About the possibility now for Russians to open bank accounts remotely, you need to check directly with these companies involved in the remote opening of bank accounts.

Bank accounts can be opened locally. We have opened in ActivoBank a free service and a convenient application. It was necessary to come to the bank, stand in line with a coupon for 1 hour, indicate NIF, confirm the sources of income, and in a week they opened an account and issued a bank card.

They also sent me a Revolut card (ref. link with bonuses) from Latvia. Revolut is somewhat similar to Tinkoff services, remotely without offices, a convenient application. It was necessary to show a Portuguese visa and confirm the address of residence.

Since February 28, within 10 days, payments have reached ActivoBank via SWIFT transfer from Tinkoff. They hung for a long time in the check of the local bank, although they reached February within one day. On March 17, I managed to send 4,500 euros (no more than 5,000 dollars from my account) via SWIFT transfer to my wife’s account. I’ll be waiting for the receipt. Those. possible option for husband-wife, wife-husband by SWIFT no more than $ 5,000 per month from the account.