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Kenrick Avenue KinderCare | Daycare, Preschool & Early Education in Lakeville, MN

Our classrooms are places to thrive! 
In our safe and healthy classrooms, your child will be engaged in learning experiences that meet them where they are, both socially and academically. With fun daily activities, passionate teachers, and great friends, a lifetime of confidence starts here. Contact the center director to learn more about our child care options and schedule a tour! 

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  • Our Teachers
  • Family Stories
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We’re so proud!

Nationally only 10% of daycares are accredited – nearly 100% of our learning centers are. That’s a big difference,
and that means KinderCare kids are getting the very best. Here’s why.


What Learning Looks Like

Our talented early-childhood teachers set kids down the path toward becoming lifelong learners in a positive, safe, and nurturing environment.

Kenrick Avenue KinderCare Programs

Infant Programs (6 weeks–1 year)

Leaving your baby in someone else’s care is a big step. Everyone at our
centers—most importantly, our naturally gifted infant teachers—will work with
you to make sure the transition goes smoothly. When you step into our infant
classroom, you’ll see how much we want your infant to feel safe, loved, and
ready to explore their world.

Toddler Programs (1–2 Years)

Everything in our toddler classroom is designed for little explorers. That’s
because a lot is going on at this age. When your child is wandering all over the
place, that means they’re learning and discovering new things every day. We’ll
help them explore their interests (and find new ones!) as they play and learn.

Discovery Preschool Programs (2–3 Years)

This age is filled with so much wonder and curiosity. That’s why we offer a ton
of books and toys and bring artwork down to kids eye level. Children in
discovery preschool also begin to learn how we all work together in a
classroom. Simple math and science, pretend play, and group play help them
get used to a more structured school setting.

Preschool Programs (3–4 Years)

This age is all about expression, when kids really start to form their own ideas
about what they want to play and how they want to create. Every day in our
preschool classroom, your child will explore science experiments, create
artwork, and play pretend—all the skills needed for their big next step:

Prekindergarten Programs (4–5 Years)

When you walk into one of our pre-K classrooms, you’ll see artwork and
writing displayed around the room. Labels are everywhere to help kids connect
letters with words. You’ll also see pictures on the walls that reflect the families
in our community. Your child will also deepen their knowledge in language,
math, science, Spanish, and social skills.

Before- and After-School Programs (5–12 Years)

You can count on us to provide reliable care for your school-ager while you’re
at work, with safe transportation from our center to your child’s school and
back! Whether your child wants to start a drama club, build a volcano, or
create a comic book, they will have a place to follow their dreams. Your child
will start and end the day with a whole lot of fun!

School Break Programs (preschool, prekindergarten, and school-age)

Winter break, spring break, summer break—when school’s out (but you still need to work), you
can count on KinderCare to provide a safe and supportive learning environment that’s focused
on fun. We welcome children ages 5–12 during school break times and make sure they have a
sensational, screen-free experience they won’t forget.

Participating Child Care Aware Center

KinderCare partners with Child Care Aware® of America to offer fee assistance for
Active Duty military families and flexible support to fit their needs when care at a Child
Development Center on the installation is not available.

Learning Adventures – Enrichment Program

Cooking Academy™ (3 – 12 Years)

In Cooking Academy, kids learn new recipes from cultures around the world and
develop a healthy relationship with food. They’ll whip up everything from Southwest
rainbow lettuce wraps to pumpkin muffins, building their skills in STEM, communication,
and more along the way. And yes—little chefs get to eat their culinary creations!

Music Explorers™ (2 – 4 Years)

KinderCare families are already giving a standing ovation to our newest Learning
Adventures program: Music Explorers! Kids will learn to sing, move, listen, play
instruments, and even create their own tunes. Our original curriculum blends math,
science, social studies, literacy, and mindfulness (think yoga!) for a uniquely KinderCare
way of learning the foundations of music.

Phonics Adventures® (2 – 4 Years)

Learning how to read is a whole lot of fun at KinderCare! We help kids grow to love
books and words (and get ready for kindergarten) in our Phonics Adventures program.
From discovering the basics of vowels to practicing poetry, kids learn all about letters
and sounds in small-group lessons made just for their age group. (Bonus: Kids who
attend our phonics program are more prepared than their peers for school—and we
have the data to prove it.)

STEM Innovators (3-8 Years)

You’ve probably heard a lot about how important STEM education is for your child, but
what does that really mean? Our STEM Innovators program takes kids’ natural ability to
make sense of the world and applies it to robotics, chemistry, coding, geology, and
more. While your child experiments, they’ll discover how to use technology to do
amazing things!

Our Teachers

We’re the only company in early childhood education to select teachers based on natural talent. Being a great educator isn’t enough though.
KinderCare teachers are also amazing listeners, nurturers, boo-boo fixers, and smile-makers. Put more simply,
we love our teachers and your child will, too.

Meet just a few of our amazing KinderCare teachers!


An Artist’s Heart

“My classroom is full of art!” says Mary Annthipie-Bane, an award-winning early childhood educator at KinderCare. Art and creative expression, she says, help children discover who they really are.

We put our best-in-class teachers in a best-in-class workplace. We’re so proud to have been named one of Gallup’s 37 winners of the Great Workplace Award.
When you put great teachers in an engaging center, your children will experience
an amazing place to learn and grow.

Family Stories

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our families have to say about our amazing center!

  • My aunt and I sure appreciate all the work done by the teachers at Lakeville KinderCare! All the kids in every room are smiling and happy, as there are many activities to keep them busy. The teachers are patient, loving and knowledgeable. Communication is never an issue because everyone is on the same page! Thank you Ms. Angie, Ms. Bethany, Ms. Kari and Ms. Cindy! We would recommend that if you are in need of quality child care, Lakeville KinderCare is your only option!

    Tara B. – KinderCare Parent
  • My child started going to KinderCare when he was 4 months old. All the teachers treat every child as their own. My son loves going to daycare. When I am at work I know he is well taken care of. He is happy at school and that means a lot. He always comes home with beautiful art work and learns a lot at KinderCare.

    Foram M. – KinderCare Parent
  • We enrolled our son at KinderCare after a couple months at a different childcare center. We never felt like we connected to the first daycare and felt like we needed to make a change for our own sanity. Starting with the first day of care in the infant room, to the care we are currently receiving in the toddler room, we couldn’t be more thrilled. We love watching him grow and enjoy evenings as we talk about his “best friends” at school and all of the fun activities he participated in that day. The daily photos and art projects make us feel connected to our sons day, even when we are away at work. The teachers are great in sharing our son’s day with us at pick up. The directors have been great to work with and are always quick to answer questions as needed. It has been such a great experience being so connected to such a great place where we know our son is safe and having fun!

    Orianna F. – KinderCare Parent

Share Your Story

If you have a story about your experience at KinderCare,

please share your story with us

Who Are KinderCare Families?

They hail from hundreds of cities across the country from countless backgrounds, and proudly represent every walk in life. What our families have in common,
though, is the want to give their children the best start in life. We are so proud to be their partner in parenting.

Hear from just a few of our amazing KinderCare families.

A Globe-Trotting Family Finds A

Home in Houston

Four young children, four different passports, two languages, two full-time jobs…oh, and a few triathlons thrown in for good measure.
Meet the globe-trotting Colettas—a family on the go.


  • DHS

Frequently Asked Questions

What accreditations does KinderCare have?

We are your trusted caregiver. Our centers are state-licensed and regularly inspected to make sure everything meets or exceeds standards, including child-to-teacher ratios and safe facilities. Our centers aren’t just licensed—most are accredited, too! Find out more.

Do you offer part-time schedules at Kenrick Avenue KinderCare?

Everybody’s schedule is different. We’re happy to offer quality, affordable part-time and full-time childcare. Drop-in care may also be available. Reach out to your Center Director to learn more.

How does naptime work at Kenrick Avenue KinderCare?

Our teachers meet every child’s needs during naptime. Our teachers know how to get babies to nap. In fact, they are pros at getting children of any age to nap. Visit our article on “10 Ways We Help Kids Get a Great Daycare Nap” to learn more.

Do you support alternative diets?

We strive to be as inclusive as possible. To that point, we provide a vegetarian option at mealtime, take care to not serve common allergens and can adapt menus based on your child’s food sensitivities. If your child has additional needs, we’ll work with you to figure out a plan.

Are meals included in tuition? Can I choose to send my child with lunch?

We provide nutritious meals and snacks developed by a registered dietician to meet the needs of rapidly growing bodies and minds. If your child has special dietary requirements and you would prefer to bring in their lunch, please make arrangements with the center director.

Does my child need to be potty-trained?

Every child begins toilet learning at a different age. Until your child shows an interest in toilet learning, we’ll provide diaper changes on an as-needed basis. When your child shows an interest, we’ll discuss how to work together to encourage toilet learning.

Daycares & Child Care Centers in Lakeville, MN


We welcome you and your little one to our Lakeville daycares.

KinderCare partners with families in Lakeville, MN to provide high-quality daycare at an affordable cost. Our approach is designed to inspire a love of learning in your child, creating a safe and supportive environment where they can build Confidence for Life. KinderCare teachers give children the freedom to be themselves, explore, and make friends.

Find one of our child care centers at a location near you!

Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time child care, KinderCare offers an affordable option with plenty of fun and learning. Currently we have 15 daycares & child care centers in or nearby Lakeville which can be found just below.

15 Daycares & Child Care Centers in

  1. 1. Lakeville KinderCare

    1.1 miles Away:
    19881 Idealic Ave,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (952) 683-9801

  2. 2. Dodd Blvd Lakeville KinderCare

    3. 5 miles Away:
    17420 Dodd Blvd,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (952) 469-6005

  3. 3. Kenrick Avenue KinderCare

    3.8 miles Away:
    17455 Kenrick Ave,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (952) 898-1200

  4. 4.

    Apple Valley KinderCare

    6.3 miles Away:
    7691 145th St W,
    Apple Valley,
    6 weeks to 10 years


    (952) 431-3511

  5. 5. Shannon Park KinderCare

    7.3 miles Away:
    15080 Shannon Pkwy,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (651) 322-1998

  6. 6.

    Burnsville KinderCare

    7.8 miles Away:
    1888 E 134th St,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (952) 891-3800

  7. 7. Prior Lake KinderCare

    9.1 miles Away:
    5565 Credit River Rd SE,
    Prior Lake,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (952) 226-1405

  8. 8.

    Eagan Cliff Road KinderCare

    9.9 miles Away:
    1865 Plaza Dr,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (651) 452-1616

  9. 9. Eagan Knowledge Beginnings

    11.8 miles Away:
    4155 Lexington Ave S,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (651) 994-4588

  10. 10.

    Shakopee KinderCare

    12.1 miles Away:
    8245 Crossings Blvd,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (952) 445-3778

  11. 11. Eagan Krestwood KinderCare

    12.8 miles Away:
    3620 Krestwood Ln,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (651) 681-1968

  12. 12.

    Rhode Island KinderCare

    12.9 miles Away:
    10801 Rhode Island Ave S,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (952) 941-7817

  13. 13. Eagan North KinderCare

    13.4 miles Away:
    1101 Town Centre Dr,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (651) 452-7884

  14. 14.

    Cedar KinderCare

    13.5 miles Away:
    8800 Old Cedar Ave S,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (952) 854-5905

  15. 15. Bloomington KinderCare

    14.0 miles Away:
    8950 France Ave S,
    6 weeks to 12 years


    (952) 835-4955

Search Centers by Zip Code

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Chat with us


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Frequently Asked Questions about Daycare

How many KinderCare daycares are there in Lakeville

There are 15 KinderCare daycare centers within 15 miles of Lakeville.

What types of daycare programs are offered in Lakeville?

We have a wide range of programs available in Lakeville, including full-time and part time daycare for infants and toddlers.

How do I select the right daycare for my child?

When it comes to selecting the best daycare center that will promote your child’s growth and the well-being of your family, the process may appear daunting. We are here to offer guidance and simplify the decision-making process for you. To see our list of the top 6 factors to keep in mind as you look for the perfect daycare center, please click here.

What is accreditation and are Lakeville KinderCare centers accredited?

Accreditation is an official review process performed by a nationally-recognized outside agency. Our centers pursue national accreditation from one of three national child care accreditation agencies:

  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC)
  • National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA)
  • To find out which accreditations the KinderCare daycare centers in Lakeville have, please visit the individual center pages.

What are your health and safety measures at your child care centers?

Other Early Education & Child Care Programs in Lakeville

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