Kindercare forms: Update Your Child Care Enrollment Agreement

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Childcare Transportation Request Form

Childcare requests MUST be resubmitted every school year before August 12.

Choose SchoolAchievable DreamBT WashingtonCarverCharlesCrittendenDeer ParkDenbigh ECCDenbigh HSDiscovery STEM AcademyDutrowFitzgerald MSEnterprise AcademyGatewoodGeneral StanfordGildersleeve MSGreenwoodHeritage HSHidenwoodHiltonHinesHuntingtonJenkinsJohnsonKiln CreekKnollwood MeadowsMenchville HSMECCMarshallMcintoshNewsome ParkPalmerPassageRichneckRiversideSanfordSaundersSedgefieldStoney RunWarwick HSWatkinsWatkins ECCWoodside HSYates

Choose Grade010203040506070809101112PK – ECC OnlyPKA – ECC OnlyPKP – ECC OnlyKG – KindergartenPP – SPED OnlyPPA – SPED OnlyPPP – SPED Only

Student Name

Student ID Number
Student ID must be 6 characters. If you do not know the student ID number, please enter 000000.

Your Email Address
This email address will be used to communicate with you. You will only receive a response if childcare transportation is denied or if a new bus stop is created.

Comments (max 500 characters)

Verify childcare address with Zonefinder (out-of-zone requests will be denied).

Choose from these common providers (optional) OR enter the childcare name and address below.
Choose ProviderAmandas Development Amazing World Daycare Antioch Christian Center Arms of the King – 10998 Jefferson Barnes Family Childcare Beginnings Academy of Learning Boys and Girls Club (Tayler Ave) Boys and Girls Club (Tyler Ave) Boys Club Hampton Avenue Boys Club Mid-Town Boys Club Uptown Bright Heights C Waldo Scott Calvary Chapel Children of the Kingdom Children Of The Village Bellwood Rd Colonial Childcare Denbigh Christian Academy Denbigh Community Center Doris Miller Eagles Nest Learning Center (Downtown Jefferson) Eagles Nest Childcare (Morris Dr. ) EXET Center First Baptist Church Denbigh Fort Eustis Child Development Center ECC ONLY Fort Eustis Child Development Center grades KG_05 Fort Eustis Youth Center Garden of Children Gethsemane Baptist – Roanoke Girls Inc – Adams Dr Heavenly Haven Childcare – Warwick Holy Tabernacle Christian In Coretta’s Care In Touch Afterschool Joyful Horizons Daycare Kiddy City Kids Comfort Zone (Oyster Point) Kindercare Sierra Dr Midtown Community Center NWS Childcare Center Parks and Rec (Before and/or After School) – Specify Riverside Childcare Stepping Stone Childcare – Jefferson Stepping Stone Childcare – Pilot House Stepping Stone Childcare – Warwick Tots Around the Clock True Heart Child Care Warwick Kids Academy Warwick Reformation Church Daycare Warwick River Christian School We Love Kids Wee Care Daycare YMCA Warwick Blvd

Childcare Name

Childcare Address
Out-of-zone address will be denied.

Childcare Phone Number

Requested Start Date

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To and From School

To School

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Is this request for summer school?



Forms & Documents | Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Child care licensing fees are suspended until June 30, 2023; however, due to recently passed legislation, effective July 1, 2023, child care fees will be required.


You must attend orientation before submitting a licensing application.

Family Home or Child Care Center Application
  • DCYF #15-955 Family Home and Center Child Care License or Certification Application
School-Age Application
  • DCYF #15-980 School-Age Child Care License or Certification Application
Capacity Increase/Change Planning Form
  • DCYF #15-874 Capacity Increase Change Planning Guide
  • Capacity Chart Home
  • Center Mixed Ages Capacity Chart
  • Center No Mixed Ages Capacity Chart
  • School-Age Programs Capacity Chart
  • Family Home 13+ Capacity Waiver Capacity and Ratio Chart
Child Care Agreement
  • DCYF #15-943 Child Care Agreement
Child Care Health Consultant Agreement
  • DCYF #15-966 Child Care Health Consultant Agreement
Child Care Health Consultant On-Site Report
  • DCYF #15-967 Child Care Health Consultant Onsite Report
Child Care Registration Form
  • DCYF #15-879 Child Care Registration
Child Injury/Incident Report

WAC 110-300-0475 requires family home providers and child care center providers to use this DCYF form when reporting certain injuries and incidents to the department. School-age providers may use this form, but WAC 110-305 does not require the use of it.

  • DCYF #15-941 Child Care Injury Incident Report
Chimney, Fireplace, Woodstove Use Statement
  • DCYF #15-891 Chimney, Fireplace, Woodstove Use Statement
Daily Attendance Records
  • DCYF #15-942 Daily Child Attendance Records
Family Home/Child Care Center – Feasibility Checklist
  • DCYF #15-963 Family Home/Center Feasibility Checklist
Family Home Liability Insurance Notice
  • DCYF #15-894 Family Home Child Care Liability Insurance Form
Fire Safety
Fire Safety & Emergency Drills Form

WAC 110-300-0470(4) requires family home providers and child care center providers to use this DCYF form. School-age providers may use this form, but WAC 110-305 does not require use of this specific form.

  • DCYF #15-892 Fire, Safety, Emergency Drills Record
Annual Fire Inspection – State Fire Marshal Form

WAC 110-300-0170 requires a family home provider and a child care center provider to arrange for a fire safety inspection annually.   WAC 110-301-0170 requires a school-age provider to arrange a fire safety inspection annually. If a local government agency is not available to conduct a fire safety inspection, the provider must inspect for fire safety using the State Fire Marshal form.

  • Family Home Fire Inspection Form
  • Child Care Center/School-Age Program Fire Inspection Form
Certificate of Immunization Status Form
  • English | Spanish | Somali
Certificate of Exemption
  • English | Spanish | Somali
Individual Care Plan & Food Allergy Forms
  • DCYF #15-970 Individual Care Plan for Child in Child Care
Initial Checklists for Applicants
  • DCYF # 15-861 Initial Checklist for Child Care Center Applicant
  • DCYF # 15-862 Initial Checklist for Family Home Child Care Applicant
  • DCYF # 15-863 Initial Checklist for School-Age Program Applicant
Intent to Transfer License or Certification
  • DCYF #15-853 Intent to Transfer Child Care License or Certification
Medication Log
  • DCYF # 15-969 Child Care Medication Log
Medication Authorization Form
  • DCYF #15-968 Child Care Medication Authorization
Monitoring Checklists (Example)
  • DCYF # 15-708 Child Care Center Monitoring Checklist (Example)
  • DCYF # 15-709 Family Home Child Care Monitoring Checklist (Example)
  • DCYF # 15-707 School-Age Child Care Monitoring Checklist (Example) 
No Social Security Card Declaration Form
  • DCYF #15-956 No Social Security Card Declaration
Notification and Staffing Plan for Absence
  • DCYF #15-954 Notification of Staffing Plan Absence
Overnight Child Care Planning Form
  • DCYF #15-895 Overnight Child Care Planning Form
Parental Notification Letters
Notice of Safe Sleep Non Compliance PDF
  • DCYF #15-952 Notification to Parents and Guardian – Safe Sleep Non-Compliance
Probation Notification Letter
  • DCYF #15-896 Probation Notification Letter
Parent-Guardian Permission Form
  • DCYF #15-897 Child Care Parent Guardian Permissions         
Provider Portal Support (contact info)
  • DCYF #LIC_0005 Provider Portal Support
Sanitizer or Disinfectant Approval Request
  • DCYF #15-965 Sanitizer Disinfectant Approval Request
School-Age Program – Feasibility Checklist
  • DCYF #15-964 School-Age Feasibility Checklist
School-Based and Military Certification for Payment-Only Request Form
  • English: Word | PDF
Tribal Certification Request Letter
  • DCYF #15-945 Tribal Certification Request

Water Safety
  • Testing for Lead and Copper in Child Care Facilities
  • Safe Water Sources Tip Sheet

AVEN — improvement of courtyards and parks in Russia

How long does it take to make a playground?

The term of manufacturing a playground depends on the equipment chosen for it and can be calculated on an individual basis by contacting the company’s managers.

What are the requirements for playgrounds?

Equipment intended for playgrounds must be safe to use, made from environmentally friendly materials permitted for this purpose, comply with all standards of GOST and the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union TR EAEU 042/2017, which have the appropriate certificates.

Do you make plastic playgrounds?

We do not make plastic playgrounds, but playgrounds may include certain plastic play elements, such as spiral slides and tunnel slides. Also in the assortment of our equipment there are play complexes with elements made of monolithic polycarbonate – slopes of slides, transitional tunnels, roof elements.

How much does a rubber playground cover cost?

The cost of the rubberized coating of the playground is calculated individually, according to the size of the playground at the current prices, which you can check with our managers by calling the contact numbers of our company.

How much does a playground cover cost?

The cost of covering the playground is calculated individually, according to the size of the playground at the current prices, which you can check with our managers by calling our company’s contact numbers.

I need the largest playground

If you need the largest playground, contact our managers and regional representatives by contact numbers and you will be selected the necessary equipment that meets your wishes, the size of the playground and any price category.

I need the cheapest playground.

If you need the cheapest playground, contact our managers and regional representatives by contact numbers and they will select the necessary equipment that meets your wishes, the size of the playground and any price category.

Where is the right place for a playground on the territory?

A playground can only be installed on a territory allocated for this purpose and approved by the relevant state authorities, as well as on a personal plot of land. The territory intended for the playground must comply with currently accepted standards, the surface of the playground must be prepared in advance for the installation of equipment.

Where can I buy a playground?

You can buy a playground by contacting our managers and regional representatives at the contact numbers listed on our website or on the last page of our catalog, as well as by e-mail.

For what age is AVEN playground equipment intended?

AVEN playground equipment is designed for children of almost all ages from 2 to 14 years old. The marking of the children’s age group for which this or that equipment is intended is indicated in the catalog after the item number of the equipment, as well as on the website page dedicated to this equipment.

What materials do you use for playground equipment?

For the manufacture of children’s play equipment, moisture-resistant plywood, glued laminated timber, boards, metal pipes and profiles, laminated plywood with anti-slip coating, stainless steel pipes and stainless steel sheet, combined polypropylene ropes, plastic, monolithic polycarbonate sheet are used. For decorative and protective finishing, powder coating of metal parts, painting of plywood and wood with water-dispersion acrylic paints and primers, protective varnishes and antibacterial impregnations are used. Artistic images are applied by direct large-format UV printing.

Where can I find prices for playground equipment?

You can find out the prices for all equipment by making a request by e-mail, or by calling our managers and regional representatives at the contact numbers listed on our website and on the last page of the current catalog.

Small architectural forms for playgrounds (MAF) from Leber

Comfortable and safe children’s small architectural forms

In the play areas for children, many elements are used. In addition to complexes for games and sports activities, climbing blocks, children’s small architectural forms will also be required for a comfortable pastime. They perform a functional and decorative purpose, provide convenience, and are worthy design decorations. In the assortment of the manufacturing company “Leber Group” such designs are presented in full. You can choose everything you need to equip a beautiful and safe play area in a kindergarten, near a multi-storey building.

MAF functions in playgrounds

It may seem that in organizing good conditions for fun educational games, exciting entertainment, it is quite enough to install equipment, simulators, and game complexes. But even small architectural forms have important functions that should not be ignored. With the inclusion of the MAF, playgrounds for children receive several advantages. These designs:

  • increase the comfort of the zone;

  • improve the conditions for organizing interesting exciting games;

  • provide aesthetic appeal.

Children and their parents spend a lot of time on the playgrounds. It is necessary to create conditions for a relaxing holiday for adults and comfortable movement of kids. Beautiful, stylish MAF, floral decorations provide the play area with an attractive look that allows children to develop good taste. These products also have designs that allow you to maintain cleanliness on the site.

When creating products for playgrounds, decor is an important point. Stylish design allows the designs to fit perfectly into the overall picture, to become an advantageous addition to the central gaming complex. Designs are made in different styles, when choosing, you can take into account the design features of the territory, its purpose.

Assortment of children’s small architectural forms

Functional and decorative MAFs for playgrounds are produced by Leber Group in a wide range, including a number of different designs. This category includes:

Benches and sofas create excellent conditions for parents and children to relax. The entrance arch adorns the overall design. Flower girls are a great addition to the design. Small architectural forms also include information boards that allow visitors to familiarize themselves with safety rules and current announcements.

Containers, trash cans help keep the area clean. Durable bike racks provide an opportunity to leave the vehicle for the time of entertainment with the child, not to worry about its safety.

In our catalog, you can also choose a shade canopy for exercise equipment, which provides good conditions for training in any weather.

MAF for playgrounds in our company

The production of LAF for playgrounds is one of the important activities of the company. The presence of a large arsenal of materials, reliable suppliers, modern material and technical base allows us to offer these products in a wide range. The catalog on our website will help you choose any small architectural forms, equip a park area or a playground in the local area, in a kindergarten.

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of such structures. In production, technologies and current standards are strictly observed. MAF produced in our company:

  • have high quality, reliability, long service life;

  • are environmentally friendly, have ergonomic designs;

  • have an attractive, original design.

All small architectural forms for outdoor playgrounds, presented in the assortment, have the appropriate certificates confirming the quality and safety.