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Back-Up Care Service | Bright Horizons®

When school closes, a nanny cancels, or an elderly relative has an emergency, your organization can suffer. A reliable back-up plan helps ensure that disruptions on the home front don’t lead to disruptions in the workplace.

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New Parents

Retain new parents as they transition into new schedules and home demands.

Parents of Schoolagers

Solve disruptive care gaps during summer break, school closures, and throughout the year.

Employees with Senior Relatives

Address eldercare challenges with immediate help for adult dependents who live nearby and across the country.

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  • Center-Based Care

  • In-Home Care

  • Flexibility When You Need It

Center-Based CareIn-Home CareFlexibility When You Need It

More is what happens when children, families, and employers reach their potential. Realize yours with meaningful family care, education, and career advancement solutions designed to help people thrive at work and at home.

  • Nationwide coverage – care when and where employees need it
  • More than 3,500 high-quality centers
  • Exclusive access to Bright Horizons® locations and other top-rated centers
  • Consistency & quality: all operated or directly contracted with Bright Horizons

High-quality in-home care can be a meaningful benefit for employees who are torn between meeting work deadlines and caring for mom, dad, their child, or an injured spouse. Give your employees peace of mind and the support they need at critical moments, by making it easy for them to arrange care at virtually any location.

  • Nationwide coverage – care where and when employees need it
  • Exclusive access to Bright Horizons in-home caregivers and other top-rated providers
  • Hundreds of partner agencies that are all vetted, on-boarded and trained by Bright Horizons
  • Consistency & quality – all operated by or directly contracted with Bright Horizons

If there are situations when employees are best served finding care on their own, we make that experience simple, as well. We manage the reimbursement according to your policy, and provide your team with global reporting on all types of back-up care, so you can see the full reach and impact of your investment.

  • Flexibility to best meet employee needs
  • Simple employee experience
  • Turnkey administration and reporting


  • For Your Organization

  • For Your Employees

For Your OrganizationFor Your Employees

No two employees are the same, and your benefits package needs to reflect that. Use this guide to learn how to select the right benefits and create a program that meets every employee’s unique needs.

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On-Site Child Care

Solve child care issues that knock careers off track.

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College Coach

Boost loyalty with a unique and powerful benefit.

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Family Supports

Remove productivity-draining obstacles for all employees.

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Special Needs

Help 1-in-5 families navigate complex education decisions.

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On-Site Child Care

Solve child care issues that knock careers off track.

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College Coach

Boost loyalty with a unique and powerful benefit.

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Family Supports

Remove productivity-draining obstacles for all employees.

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Special Needs

Help 1-in-5 families navigate complex education decisions.

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Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.

Back-Up Child Care Solutions and Benefits | Bright Horizons

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A reliable back-up child care program can help to ensure that disruptions on the home front don’t lead to disruptions at work.

When children are sick, schools close for snow days, or an elderly relative needs immediate care, employer-sponsored back-up care enables employees to stay focused on their jobs rather than needing to scramble to find last-minute care.

Bright Horizons provides comprehensive solutions for back-up and emergency child care, relieving stress for working families and enabling employers to ensure business continuity.

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8 Common Reasons Working Parents Need Back-Up Care

  1. Children who are home sick
  2. Nanny cancellations or sick days
  3. School holidays and summer vacation
  4. Weather emergencies
  5. Schools closed for teacher development
  6. Lack of child care options while on a daycare waiting list
  7. Relocated employee without family nearby to call in a pinch
  8. Before- and after-school gaps in care time for parents with long hours

The need for back-up child care

For working professionals, caring for young children while advancing their careers can feel overwhelming at times. Workers are often forced to skip meetings, miss deadlines, or sacrifice billable hours to deal with child care emergencies.

Balancing an elementary school schedule with a professional work week is not easy, but it’s essential for parents of children who are still too young to be on their own. According to research, nearly half of all working mothers have had to dial back their careers to accommodate their child’s needs. Implementing back-up daycare programs is an effective way for employers to make their workplace more family-friendly and to recruit top talent, while enabling productive and sustained careers for employees.

Back-up care with Bright Horizons

As a premier provider of corporate daycare centers, Bright Horizons provides back-up child care that can help employees solve child care gaps and enable employers to better support their workers with families.

When employees experience a disruption in their normal care routine, they can contact our 24-hour call centers staffed with experienced consultants who can help to arrange the best care for their children. The employee’s time is limited to the phone call – Bright Horizons staff takes care of the rest, preventing the stress and distraction of child care gaps from affecting business productivity.

Back-up child care with Bright Horizons includes:

  • Center-based care at any one of our 3,500+ child care locations, providing convenient emergency care in a location operated or directly contracted with Bright Horizons.
  • In-home care for more individualized care at critical moments, provided by experienced caregivers from Bright Horizons or other top-rated providers.

Lost productivity due to child care gaps is costing businesses billions of dollars. With back-up child care, companies can keep disruptions from impacting productivity and continuity, minimizing unplanned time off and keeping employees focused on their work.

Back-up child care has long-term advantages as well, saving employees from the burnout that comes from managing both a career and a family as well as the conflicts that arise from negotiating time off. Accommodating the needs of family schedules is a priority for many workers, and providing backup child care is one of the best ways that organizations can retain and reward employees.

Another back-up care advantage is the ability to recruit highly talented candidates who have children or are who planning to become parents. Offering back-up child care as a benefit can be a highly effective recruitment tool, attracting top talent required to move the business forward.


What is back-up care?


Back-up child care is an easily accessible, emergency care service that support employees when child care gaps occur due to unforeseen events such as school closures or sickness.

How does back-up child care help employers?


With many employees missing work or losing focus because of emergencies at home, providing back-up care options enables employers to minimize absenteeism and boost productivity in the workplace. Back-up child care is also a highly desired benefit that helps employers recruit and retain top employees and emerging leaders.

How does back-up child care aid families?


Workers with children struggle to meet the demands of home and work, but back-up child care can make it easier to balance the two. When a nanny calls in sick, when school is closed for teacher trainings, or when summer vacation comes around, back-up daycare helps parents seamlessly find high-quality care for their children without skipping a beat at work.

Does Bright Horizons offer back-up care for elderly dependents?


Yes. Bright Horizons can connect workers to caregivers who specialize in elder care when an elderly relative becomes sick or injured. Whether an elderly dependent lives around the block or across the country, Bright Horizons can swiftly connect workers with the care their family needs by simply placing a phone call.

Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.

Bright Horizons offers more than a traditional daycare. It helps parents looking for education-based Boston daycare, NYC daycare, Chicago daycare, Washington, DC daycare, Los Angeles daycare, San Francisco daycare, Seattle daycare and local daycares in other cities. It also provides back-up daycare and elder care, employer-sponsored child care, employer tuition assistance, workforce education, and student loan repayment programs. Bright Horizons Global Headquarters is located in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

Leaving for an alternate airfield: what to do? —

Sometimes it happens that a plane does not land at all where it was planned, but at an alternate airfield. The decision to go to the alternate is made exclusively by the aircraft commander – no one can force him to make a choice, although controllers, of course, can recommend certain actions depending on the situation. However, in any case, this does not happen spontaneously. When drawing up a flight plan, alternate airfields along the entire route must also be calculated. Moreover, if somewhere an alternate airfield is closed, the route can be changed right in flight so that at each stage of the flight the alternate airfield is within reach. And when flying across the ocean, you even have to specifically fly not by the shortest route, but in such a way as to be within the reach of alternate airfields capable of receiving a specific type of aircraft. What if you had to land in the wrong place?

The flight plan must indicate alternate aerodromes in the form of ICAO codes. In this example, instead of Sochi, you can end up in Anapa or Krasnodar.

The reason for leaving to an alternate airfield may be a sudden breakdown, medical indications for one of the passengers or crew members (it became ill on board), an air brawl (and all costs will then be sued from the culprit of the unrest) or, corny, non-flying weather at the destination airport . An explanation is needed here: different types of aircraft may have different weather minimums (that is why some planes land and others do not), and different crews may have different weather minimums – that is, depending on the experience of the people at the controls, even the same aircraft may not land each other. another: someone can, but someone will have to fly to the spare. Moreover, if the weather at the destination airport is already non-flying by the time of departure, then the plane will not fly anywhere, and the flight will be delayed or canceled.

Heavy fog may interfere with landing.

So, you have landed at the alternate airfield. The best option is if the landing was due to a brawl or poor health of one of the passengers: they will be dropped off to take appropriate action and you will go on, and the delay will be small. With a minor breakdown at a major airport, the problem will also be resolved quickly, and you will be sent further pretty soon, without even getting off the plane. In general, when leaving for an alternate airfield, most likely you will just sit on the plane during your entire stay there: you should not count on the fact that you will taxi up to the air bridge and go to a cozy business lounge.

It is not known what is worse – sitting for several hours in a stationary plane or in a crowded terminal.

However, do not forget about the crew’s work time: if the “shift” ends, then with all the desire to fly away will not work. You can still find a reserve crew at the home airport, which, however, will require additional time, but outside it, the pilots will simply go to the hotel to sleep.

And if it becomes clear that in the foreseeable future you will not fly anywhere, the fun begins. You will be dropped from the plane. True, not immediately, because you are an unscheduled flight for the airport, and you need to find a parking lot, ladders, buses, etc. – just like that, they usually stand idle only at unloaded airports. The airline will then decide what to do next. If you are at a major hub, just like a canceled flight, you will be directed to your destination by an alternate route. Roughly speaking, if you flew from Dusseldorf to St. Petersburg via Moscow, and landed in Minsk, then theoretically you can be sent on a flight from Minsk to St. Petersburg so that you get to your destination faster. By the way, for this you can not stand in line at the counter, but call the airline’s call center (and many foreign countries have a separate number for these cases, designated “irregular operations”). If the distance between the alternate airfield and the airport of arrival is short, and the bad weather promises to rage for a long time, it is possible to organize an alternative transfer by train or bus. By the way, you can try to return the money for the “unsuccessful” segment and fly to where you need to, on your own, but if alternative transport has been provided, this will not be easy.

Amadeus offers a complete CRM system for irregular operations.

Once in the terminal building, it is better not to go beyond the “clean zone”, because you will most likely not have a boarding pass, and it will be difficult to get through control again. In addition, if the alternate airfield is located in a country to which you do not have a visa, you will not be released anywhere. In some cases, if the delay is very long and the airport is international, passengers may be issued an emergency visa, but most often it is intended only for those who become ill on board and require immediate hospitalization. For ordinary people, most often they simply collect passports and take them to a hotel (the requirements for providing food, water and overnight when landing at an alternate airfield are the same as when a flight is delayed). And at some airports (for example, in Switzerland) bus tours around the city are available for transfer passengers – and some airlines use this opportunity to entertain those stuck in the middle of the journey; there is evidence on the Internet that passengers of Aeroflot and Rossiya were carried on them.

However, you can sit down at a military or even at an abandoned airfield in some wilderness – then there will be no entertainment, and you will all be put to sleep together in the barracks or in a village school.

Barracks is not a Hilton for you, but it’s better than sitting on a plane for 20 hours.

It is important to remember that when landing at an alternate airport, no one will unload your baggage from the aircraft: at least this is additional time and money, but it also happens that baggage was loaded into containers at the departure airport, and unloading and loading systems at the alternate there are no containers, so it is impossible even physically. Therefore, essentials – from a toothbrush to a phone charger – should always be taken with you in hand luggage.

In some cases, landing at an alternate airport can be a pleasant surprise: for example, if you are flying to St. Petersburg with a transfer in Moscow, and the commander decided to land the plane in Pulkovo. Or in Moscow itself, take a seat at Vnukovo instead of Sheremetyevo, and you live in the South-West. In this case, if the delay is long and you are let off the plane, you can immediately go home – unless, of course, you have luggage. However, you can not pick up your luggage, but come to the destination airport for it later: it will be waiting for you in the KNB (unclaimed baggage room).

Ilya Shatilin

Spare care: the resignation of the leader of Kyrgyzstan will intensify the political crisis | Articles

The departure of the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov will only worsen the situation in the republic and provoke a new round of inter-clan struggle, politicians and experts interviewed by Izvestia agreed . The fate of the country’s leader who announced his resignation will be decided at a meeting on October 16 by the parliament. At the same time, domestic political instability also affected the economic sector. Russia has suspended financial support for the republic , said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. This is partly due to the fact that after the destabilization of the political situation, Kyrgyzstan stopped transferring customs payments to partners in the EAEU , a source close to the government told Izvestia, the information was confirmed by a federal official.

When leaving, leave

The day before, the President of Kyrgyzstan denied all media reports that he would soon resign. He explained this by saying that he simply could not leave his people. But less than 24 hours have passed since Sooronbai Jeenbekov changed his mind and resigned.

I don’t hold on to power. I don’t want to remain in the history of Kyrgyzstan as a president who shed blood and shot at his own citizens,” Jeenbekov explained his decision, addressing the citizens.

The new prime minister Sadyr Japarov insisted on the resignation of the president, who was approved by the parliament for the second time only on October 14 and whom Jeenbekov did not want to see in this post, hoping to put his man at the head of the cabinet. With the departure of the leader of the state, the situation will not calm down, but, on the contrary, will flare up with renewed vigor, experts say.

The resigned President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov

Photo: REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

— Jeenbekov is the only legitimate force. He must remain in this role in order to save the country from the fight of all against all , which will immediately begin, ”political scientist, coordinator of the Greater Eurasia expert platform Sergey Masaulov told Izvestia.

According to the law, the powers of the head of state will be transferred to the speaker of parliament, that is, Kanatbek Isaev, the expert explained. However, yesterday at the prime minister’s rally, his supporters shouted slogans against Isaev. The protesters hope for the transfer of powers to Sadyr Japarov.

Kyrgyzstan’s problem is that it is a parliamentary republic, and a lot for the president will depend on what political forces gather in parliament. However, whether the head of state will really resign remains in question. According to the press service of the parliament, they will consider the resignation of the country’s leader on October 16.

Perhaps the resignation is an attempt to gain time and take control over the situation in the country and over the security forces, Andrey Grozin, head of the Central Asia and Kazakhstan department at the Institute of CIS Countries, and political scientist Vladimir Evseev told Izvestia.

Now the former president is also threatened with criminal prosecution – such a course of events is typical not only for Kyrgyzstan, but also for the post-Soviet space as a whole, says Vasily Korchmar, former chief adviser of the CIS countries department at the Foreign Ministry, retired envoy extraordinary and plenipotentiary II class.

Participants of the rally on Staraya Square in Bishkek in support of Sadyr Zhaparov and demanding the resignation of the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov, October 14, 2020

Photo: RIA Novosti/Aleksey Maishev

The arrest of the former president is possible. Everything will depend on the emotions that are present in the protesters . As an example, we can recall the situation when Nikol Pashinyan came to power in Armenia and the former president was arrested. There was a story with Mikheil Saakashvili, who was forced to leave because a criminal case was opened against him. In Kyrgyzstan there is a struggle of clans. All trials take place at the top of the government,” said Vasily Korchmar.

Reversal of terms

Russia has stopped transferring money to the republic and generally suspended its financial support, Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

“Now, of course, since there is no government as such, and since we are seeing such a moment of crisis, therefore, of course, before the departments, all organizations, of course, there is a certain pause,” he said.

This is due to the fact that after the destabilization of the political situation in the country, Kyrgyzstan stopped transferring customs payments to partners in the EAEU, a source close to the government told Izvestia, the information was confirmed by a federal official.

Now the countries of the union distribute the received import customs duties within the EAEU according to certain standards. Partners must transfer 85.3% of funds to the budget of the Russian Federation, 1.9% to the Kyrgyz Republic. Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia receive respectively 7.1%, 4.6% and 1.2% of import duties.

The trend towards the isolation of countries within economic unions is quite clearly visible throughout the year – first, the EU countries remembered that they have their own sovereign borders during the pandemic, a similar situation occurred in the EAEU, said Vladimir Klimanov, director of the RANEPA Center for Regional Policy. According to him, The potential new Kyrgyz leadership is not satisfied with any conditions within the union, the refusal to transfer customs payments is a way to demonstrate their position and exert some political and economic pressure.

White House, Kyrgyzstan

Photo: RIA Novosti/Aleksey Maishev

Against the backdrop of the aggravation of the situation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had a telephone conversation with his newly appointed Kyrgyz counterpart Ruslan Kazakbaev . Both sides expressed their concern about the internal political conflict, while reaffirming their intentions to maintain cooperation.

Strategic relations between Kyrgyzstan and Russia with the change of leadership, according to Sergei Masaulov, are unlikely to change for the worse . The political scientist recalled that Moscow had written off Kyrgyzstan’s debt of $700 million and provided a grant of $250 million. The bulk of the active population of Kyrgyzstan works in Russia, and annually migrants bring $2 billion to their country, on which the rest of the population lives.

It is still difficult to predict how relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan will develop after the change of power, because the persistent efforts of the new prime minister raise many questions in Russia, Leonid Kalashnikov, head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, told Izvestia.

We believe that Dastan Bekeshev, Speaker of the Kyrgyz Parliament, is a politician ready to cooperate with Moscow. But the information about the prime minister remains unclear,” the politician believes.

What is happening in Kyrgyzstan, according to Andrei Grozin, is bad not for the neighbors, but for the country itself. At the same time, Russia will not interfere in the internal political process in the republic, because the local elite is now keen on sharing money and portfolios.

— There is an anarchic situation and anarchy in Kyrgyzstan, and each of the leaders of the October rebellion sees himself in this place. You can immediately name 20 people who will make efforts to take this post, ”the expert told Izvestia.

Protesters attempt to break into a government building during a rally against the results of parliamentary elections in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, October 5, 2020

Photo: REUTERS/Vladimir Pirogov

The political crisis has been going on in Kyrgyzstan for almost two weeks. It all started on October 4, when, after the parliamentary elections, the failed parties staged riots.