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Let me guess… you’re a new parent and you’ve heard terms floating like as babysitter, nanny, au pair, nanny, daycare and you are confused.

You want the best care possible for your child and you have

no idea where to begin.

We don’t blame you! The childcare world is complex and it can be tremendously difficult to find short and sweet answers.

Let’s begin with a few simple definitions:


A babysitter is simply “someone who cares for a child or children while the parents are away.” They are primarily responsible for providing a safe, secure environment for little ones and are not typically responsible for household duties or added responsibilities. They vary greatly in their education level, amount of background experience, etc. Most importantly, babysitters typically step in on a part-time, or temporary basis.


Nannies are professional, experienced caregivers who aside from providing a safe, secure environment, are also generally in charge of light household tasks, organization, and/or maintaining a weekly schedule. Nannies are compensated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and are typically hired under the assumption that the position is long term, whether the agreement is several weeks, months or 1+ year. Professional nannies are likely certified in CPR & First Aid. They may have a college degree, whether it is in childhood development, early childhood education, or another related field. They enjoy incorporating crafts, educational activities, light meal prep, occasional organizing and are great at determining what activities are age-appropriate to encourage developmental growth. Nannies work part-time or full-time, and their hours and duties are set and best agreed upon in an employment contract. Many nannies are active members of the nanny community, i.e. attending local events, nanny trainings, networking events, etc. They often attend conferences and read articles to remain fresh in the field. Most have chosen nannying as their long term career and therefore are keen on receiving a set weekly pay with guaranteed hours, paid time off, and are often interested in legal pay (with taxes withheld).

Au Pair

An au pair is a young adult that travels from a foreign country for a defined period of time to take care of children in exchange for room and board. The au pair is there to support the family with childcare and light household duties. In addition to their own room, they are provided with a stipend, which is agreed upon between the family and au pair and depends on the amount of hours in which they are working.

If you’re seeking an experienced candidate that can be flexible with your schedule and grow with your family, you are likely thinking of going the nanny route.

The answer here is dependent on several important variables. We should take into consideration:

  • Your geographic location

  • Nanny’s level of education

  • Years that nanny spent in childcare industry

  • Number of children being cared for in the family

  • Any additional duties required on a regular basis (aside from childcare and light housework)

A general rule of thumb: Find out what your friends and neighbors are paying for babysitters, consider the factors above and tack on a few dollars to that rate for an experienced nanny.


the suburbs of Chicago, the average hourly rate for a career nanny may be between $25-30/hour, and up*.


Chicago (city limits), the average hourly rate is around $25-35/hour, and up*.

*Prices updated as of November 2022.

To get a realistic look at what a nanny costs per week, be sure to calculate the hourly rate by the hours needed on a typical week. For a nanny at $25/hour working 40 hours/week, you are to budget $1,000/week. It is also important to remember that career nannies are looking for set weekly pay, which remains consistent on a weekly basis — budget accordingly.

If you still find yourself interested in hiring a full-time nanny but are weary about the cost, please visit our post about Nanny Shares (COMING SOON!)

How much does a live-in nanny cost in NYC?

A live-in salary for a nanny takes different things into account than for a live-out nanny.  

New York is a busy market for nannies. There are full-time, long-term nannies, short-term regular nannies, babysitters, nanny/housekeepers, and more. But there’s one position that may be trickier to hire than others: the live-in nanny.

What goes into an NYC live-in nanny’s salary?

Live-in nannies in NYC typically work full-time and earn a regular salary. Their responsibilities are that of a full-time nanny, and while they do live in the family’s home, they still have a schedule and get paid for hours worked. The upside to having a live-in nanny is the flexibility it affords, but it also means someone is living in your home, with all that entails. 

  • Live-in nannies earn a salary for hours worked. When they are on the clock, they are earning money, even if they are “in their own home” and the child is napping, for instance. When they are in charge of your child, they are on the clock. 

  • Live-in nannies earn overtime (1. 5x) for any hours worked over 44 hours/week. This is slightly different than live-out nannies, who legally earn overtime for any hours worked over 40 hours/week. 

Work shifts that include your nanny’s sleeping time

You are allowed to ask your nanny to work a 24-hour shift, for instance if you are traveling. If this is part of your regular commitments, a live-in nanny may be a great solution to make this as smooth as possible for your children.

If your nanny is in charge of the children on a 24-hour schedule (which assumes the children will be sleeping overnight), you can deduct 8 hours from the compensation under the assumption that the nanny is able to sleep during this time. 

Lodging is not compensation for work

One important thing to note is that covering your nanny’s housing does not replace a salary. Providing housing makes it more convenient for you because your nanny is available on a completely different level than someone who lives out.

You also never have to worry about the nanny traveling to your home in inclement weather or when the subway shuts down. Additionally, some live-in nannies still have other housing where they go on their days off. 

Some families have a separate apartment entirely for their nanny. This may be an excellent arrangement where the nanny has essentially zero commute time and can still offer the flexibility of a live-in caregiver, but the family and nanny do not have to mix their personal lives and common spaces quite as much. This arrangement still does not take the place of a salary. 

Live-in nannies vs. au pairs

One group of caregivers that live in the home are au pairs. Au pairs are foreign candidates in a language exchange program, who come to stay with a family, usually for a year, and help out with the kids.

They do not work as many hours as a full-time nanny, are typically less experienced, and are also not compensated as a full-time professional. In this case, room and board are considered part of the compensation.

The host family, in return, are also responsible for letting the au pair get to know the culture and country in which they live and are a sort of intermediary parent-employer hybrid. 

Live-in nanny salaries in NYC

Live-in nanny salaries in New York are rarely lower than salaries for live-out nannies. You can expect to pay about the same per hour for a live-in nanny.

In 2023, the average hourly nanny rate is $30-35, depending on the requirements of the role and the candidate’s background and experience. As with any full-time job, the position should also include paid time off, sick days, health care benefits, etc. 

Need help hiring your family’s ideal nanny?

If you are looking to hire a nanny and want to know what will be the best solution for you — contact us. We have connected hundreds of families with their dream full-time nanny, and we know the ins and outs of nanny placement in NYC. We can help you every step of the way, so that you can easily find the setup that works for you.  

Nanny for a child in Chelyabinsk without intermediaries Find private ads

I offer babysitting services for a child, preferably from 2 to 8 years old. I’ll pick it up from kindergarten and wait for my parents. I will feed you. I’ll pick it up from school. I’ll take you to circles. I’ll sit when I need to go somewhere. Also on weekends. Experience. Higher education in economics and pedagogy. Pedagogy and psychology of preschool education (preschool teacher). Without bad habbits. Experience. Medical book. Certificate of no criminal record. Help single mothers raise their children. Incoming dad. Hygiene, dressing room

Responsibility, diligence
Physically and emotionally stable
There is work experience. I sat with children from 0 months to 10 years old

Punctuality, cleanliness, no bad habits, non-conflict. I do knitting.
4 ro children. All adults.
Care, feeding, support, developmental activities,

Hello dear parents! My name is Polina, I am 17 years old.
I am active, friendly, love children, going to 2nd year in college majoring in “cooking and confectionery”.
I have a lot of contact with children and have experience. I also went to the orphanage as a volunteer and helped teachers with children, held various events.
Quite easily I find a common language with children. Very often I sit with my brothers and sisters of different ages.
There are no bad habits.
With joy

Loving children, without personal problems and bad habits, very kind, responsible, clean, attentive, decent, accurate, executive, stress-resistant. I will help your child become happy, educated and developed.
I have over 20 years of experience working with children without interruption. Basically, she worked from birth (from the first day of life) to 2, 3, 4, 5 years in each family. That is, like a second mother for a child. Your child will not need warmth, affection, attention and care, because

Nanny – governess with extensive experience in family work (including living) with children from birth to 7 years. Knowledge of developing techniques (Gden Doman, Maria Montessori, Ekaterina, Zheleznova), home speech therapy, conducting interesting creative (non-traditional techniques) and musical (gaming solfeggio) classes. Teaching good manners and self-care skills.
I live in Chelyabinsk. Ready to move..
Active. Mobile. Single. There is an adult daughter, two grandchildren.
Extensive experience working with children from 2 to

Punctuality, responsibility, communication skills both with adults and children. I have a child, including motherhood experience. I live in the central district, Grazhdanproekt.
I have experience of working in municipal and private health centers, experience with children of the ZRR, ZPR. I also have experience with small children. I myself am the mother of a teenager of 14 years old, incl. the puberty period does not frighten)))) The experience of developing, teaching and creative activities, the skills of a psychologist and minimal speech therapy knowledge.

My name is Larisa. Married, has an adult son, studies at the university in the 3rd year. Calm, sociable, non-confrontational. Without bad habbits. I love children very much, I love to cook and grow flowers. I worked as a nanny in a wonderful family with a boy, sometimes an older sister of 6 years old stayed with us. We had a wonderful time with him, walked, played games and toys. learned to walk, potty train. everything that is necessary for the normal development of the child. Read books, studied rice

I am 59 years old. Divorced. Son is 25 years old. Daughter 19 years old. I live in Chelyabinsk, Leninsky district. Children live separately. I like to engage in educational games with children, to do lessons with them. I have a large children’s library.
I can fulfill the responsibilities for the care and development of the child: feed, walk, maintain hygiene, play.

Kind, positive, without bad habits, I love animals, nature, hobby painting. Two children 19 and 16.
Personal experience in raising children, two children aged 19 and 16.
Experience in childcare as a nanny and caregiver.

I love children because I am a mother myself!) I have a friendly family and a loving and attentive husband.
Age of children: daughter 12 years old, son 7 years old.
I take a great interest in painting and I am engaged in music, constantly I develop I pass courses of improvement of qualification.
Hello, my name is Olesya! I am a teacher and mother of two children. I work with preschoolers and younger students.

responsible, calm, reasonable and attentive.
I love children very much, I love helping them and teaching them everything new. I am also studying to be an educator in college.
I have experience working with both ordinary and special children. I love and respect everyone.

More than 15 years of experience working with children. Educator of the first category. There are certificates of advanced training during the entire length of service. Health book available.
Experience working with children in kindergarten and families.
Secondary special.

Worked in this field for 3 years. Education – Teacher-psychologist Ra There are recommendations. I love kids very much. And they me. Citizenship of the Russian Federation. She studied according to the method of Virakse, Maria Montessori.
2 years 3 months

My main specialty is a teacher-psychologist (Chelyabinsk Humanitarian Institute). I have over 18 years of experience in education with children. She took numerous professional courses, the knowledge that she received, she tried to apply in her work with children. As evidenced by repeated positive marks, certificates received at the state level. Programs and projects developed personally: * Project “The influence of the puppet theater on the development of the emotional and volitional sphere of children of senior preschool age

  • Passport
  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Med. book

Join the site and feel all the benefits of the search. After registration, you will have access to all applicant profiles, you will be able to place private ads for a child care assistant and receive information about newly registered applicants. On our website you can find absolutely any nanny – for a shift, a governess, for escort. And you can do all this at any time convenient for you and without intermediaries. We make sure that the application forms are carefully completed, so you will find complete information about the candidate in them, and if you have any questions, you can contact him directly for further details. We have made our site as convenient as possible for you and now you do not need to spend a lot of time looking for a nanny in Chelyabinsk. Just use our new search engine, select the parameters you need – place of residence, search radius, work schedule and the system will select suitable profiles for you.

Household nanny. Your baby and household are always in order.

Unlike an ordinary nanny, who spends almost all of her working time caring for a child, a nanny-housekeeper is mainly engaged in helping you around the house. She does laundry, irons, cleans, cooks. And all this is not only for the child, but for your entire family. And in your absence or when you are busy, he will take a walk with the child, work with him, play.

Thus, a nanny-housekeeper is, as it were, the “second hand” of the child’s mother.

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Nanny salary calculator

Larisa Viktorovna

50 years

m. Zyuzino

Elena Nikolaevna

49 years old

m. Teply Stan

Rifina Rafisovna

39 years


Maya Grigorievna

54 years old


Angela Valentinovna

43 years

m. Babushkinskaya

Diana Maksimovna

18 years

m. Kuznetsky most

Ekaterina Vadimovna



Angela Yurievna

52 years old

m. Solntsevo

Oksana Gennadievna

58 years old


Karina Yurievna

52 years old

m. Prospekt Mira

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Not all of our staff is represented on the site.
Please contact the agency and we will send you a resume that strictly meets your requirements.

Nanny’s resume will contain detailed information about age, work experience, skills
candidate. In addition, many resumes contain video presentations (“video business cards”) of applicants for the position.

An example of a video business card in a nanny’s resume

(resume of nanny Marina Vladimirovna)

Nanny-assistant in Moscow is a demanded vacancy that our agency “Good Angel” will quickly fill, because it is easy for us to find a nanny-assistant using our database.