Employee company reviews: How to Address Bad Employee Reviews Online

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How to Address Bad Employee Reviews Online

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Just as many people do an internet search before going on a first date with someone they just met, it’s become standard practice to research prospective employers before accepting a job offer. Unfortunately, it’s equally common for businesses to receive bad employee reviews.

The reach of bad employee reviews extends beyond job candidates. Negative company reviews can seriously hinder a business by impacting consumer perception and recruitment. It can make it hard to find new employees, even if you use a job posting platform such as ZipRecruiter, and gain access to its 3 million users.

While poor employee reviews can be disheartening, it’s important to remember they don’t necessarily reflect negatively on the company. Instead, they’re an opportunity for you to improve employee satisfaction and create a truly great place to work.

Why do bad employee reviews happen?

Bad employee reviews can happen for various reasons. Sometimes there are disgruntled employees who feel an employer has somehow slighted them. Other times, your business might operate in a stressful or chaotic work environment. It’s also common for a lack of clear communication between employees and management to lead to a serious misunderstanding. Whatever the reason may be, it’s essential you, as an employer, take steps to address this issue publicly and internally. By “walking the walk,” you can resolve this situation permanently and improve your company’s work culture in the process.

How bad employee reviews can impact your business reputation

Negative employee reviews can have a significant impact on your business’s reputation. They can damage your public image, ability to attract workers and ability to retain top talent. Checking review sites is one of the first things prospective candidates do when looking for full-time jobs in their area. Damaging posts and employee complaints can also decrease customers’ satisfaction with a business, affecting that business’s bottom line.

Addressing negative employee reviews online: 8 tips to follow

Whether an ex-employee leaves bad reviews or posts constructive criticism, everyone from customers to job seekers can see negative posts on employer review sites. The only thing worse than negative employee reviews is uncontested reviews, as they give the impression the employer doesn’t care or can’t refute the claims.

Responding to negative employee reviews in a productive manner allows you to portray another point of view. It gives you a chance to improve customer perception with a thoughtful, reasonable response. A positive company posture can even help you find great candidates for a job on websites like ZipRecruiter, which allows you to post on 100+ boards with one click.

Whenever you receive negative feedback, follow these essential steps to correct it and prevent it from happening again.

1. Be open to constructive criticism

While no one looks forward to bad reviews, it’s essential to be open to constructive employee feedback. This allows you to create an open and honest dialogue between employees and management You’ll demonstrate your willingness to take employee reviews and concerns seriously. Just as employers may look for minor advantages when choosing between two great candidates, potential employees closely examine the companies they’re considering applying to. Potential employees and members of the public will likely see a thoughtful response in a positive light.

2. Create a workplace environment where employees can express their concerns internally

One of the best ways to avoid poor company reviews is to encourage your employees to speak up internally. Creating positive workplaces is essential to fostering an atmosphere. It’s a good thing when employees feel comfortable expressing their concerns to management without fear of recrimination. One way to provide this atmosphere is to create and maintain open-door policies and procedures for airing employee grievances.

3. Investigate employee complaints to figure out what went wrong

While it’s essential to acknowledge that some bad employee reviews are fraudulent, remember this isn’t always the case. Investigate employee complaints to determine their merit. In plausible instances, learn what went wrong and how you can improve it. This not only gives you a chance to demonstrate responsiveness to employee concerns, but it also helps you identify and address any underlying issues in your organization. This can significantly boost morale and is one of the best ways to help retain employees.

4. Acknowledge the issue and express your commitment to making improvements

Even a bad online employee review can allow you to stand out among employers. Turn a bad situation good by giving customers and job seekers a more positive view of your company. Acknowledge any shortcomings or flaws, then positively express your commitment to improving issues raised in online employee reviews.

Just as creating a better career page can help attract top talent on websites like ZipRecruiter, having an online response policy is a practical approach to demonstrating your company’s openness to dialogue and effective change.

5. Encourage current employees to leave positive reviews

While you would never want to suggest employees leave dishonest or exaggerated reviews, encouraging them to share their positive experiences can effectively counteract negative reviews. In fact, this may be one of the best ways to respond to negative Glassdoor reviews as it shows another side of the story and illustrates positive aspects of your company culture.

Not only does this show potential employees that your current staff is satisfied with their work environment, but it can also help repair your business’s reputation. However, if your employees are hesitant to leave positive feedback in their reviews, you may have more severe issues to address, such as spotting employee burnout.

6. Develop an online review response strategy

If you’re in business long enough, you’ll run into the issue of disgruntled employees leaving bad reviews. It’s inevitable. An essential step to counteract this is to develop an online review response strategy before it happens. Doing so will allow you to effectively address and handle poor employee reviews when they happen

Just as researching the best recruiting software can help you find qualified job applicants more quickly, a little bit of preparation goes a long way toward helping you respond to negative reviews promptly and respectfully.

7. Monitor review sites for employee feedback

It’s important to stay current on employee feedback by monitoring review sites. A great way to guard against lingering problems is to have an online employee review system that regularly checks for new company reviews. This kind of dynamic approach is helpful for responding to negative Glassdoor reviews or complaints left on ZipRecruiter and other best job posting sites for employers. It can also help you quickly identify and address negative reviews on other professional or social media platforms.

8. Respond to bad reviews promptly and respectfully

The worst thing you can do is to compound a bad review by responding in an argumentative or dismissive tone, responding late or failing to respond at all. You should view company reviews by employees, both positive and negative, as an opportunity to demonstrate effective, responsive leadership and a commitment to a positive work environment. Always respond promptly and respectfully to show potential employees that you take employee feedback seriously.

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Bad employee review examples

Bad employee reviews can take many forms and cite many different problems. Some examples include commentary about unprofessional behavior from management, unsatisfactory working conditions, unfair treatment of employees or other concerns ranging from the trivial to the potentially severe.

It’s important to note that some complaints — such as failing to keep promises, having unreasonable or unrealistic deadlines, or communicating unclear job responsibilities — can have a more significant impact than comments about personality conflicts or dissatisfaction with pay. [https://www.glassdoor.com/employers/resources/hr-and-recruiting-stats/]

Why respond to bad employee reviews?

It’s an unwritten rule that people tend to complain more often than praise. Finding positive employer feedback can be challenging. Every negative comment is an opportunity to impress, and responding to lousy employee reviews is critical to maintaining a positive business reputation. Here are a few benefits of responding to bad reviews.

Showing prospective employees that you take your employees’ concerns seriously

Responding to company reviews by employees shows prospective job candidates the company takes employee concerns seriously. It also indicates its commitment to creating an effective, pleasant, professional work environment. This will help create a positive reputation and make the company more attractive to potential hires. It’s also one of the best ways to solve workplace morale problems.

Building a positive company culture

No one gets it right all the time. Responding to bad reviews and admitting when you missed the mark is a great way to build a positive company culture and foster a solid reputation as a good employer. Publicly acknowledging issues and taking steps to address them is a great way to become a better manager. It shows your employees you care about their well-being and their concerns are important to you.

Providing insight from the company perspective

There are two sides to every story, and responding to bad reviews is an opportunity to provide insight into company policy and give an employer’s perspective on any raised issues. This provides much-needed context to a tough situation. It also demonstrates thoughtfulness and a willingness to receive feedback on the part of your management team.

When to and not to respond to negative reviews from employees

Not every workplace conflict requires a response. It’s essential to determine when to respond to negative reviews on a case-by-case basis — and when to let a review go without commentary.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to respond to every review containing factual inaccuracies. You should also respond to those with language or allegations that may particularly damage your company’s reputation.

On the other hand, reviews that seem unreasonable, unduly negative, hostile or based on little more than ill will and personal feelings are best left alone. You don’t want to pick a fight with anyone who may be beyond reasonable discourse.

Summary of Money’s how to address bad employee reviews online

Though negative employee reviews can significantly impact a business’s reputation, they also provide an opportunity to show effective leadership, demonstrate a willingness to take constructive criticism to heart and allow it to create positive change.

It’s important to address negative reviews promptly, respectfully and productively. Show potential employees and customers alike your company takes employee sentiment seriously. It’s an excellent way to prove you’re concerned for your employees’ well-being and aim to provide a great workplace.

Being open to constructive criticism can also help foster a positive workplace environment. Employees want to feel comfortable expressing their concerns internally rather than taking their complaints to a public forum. It’s also vital to investigate employee complaints to determine if they’re legitimate. If they are. you can issue any necessary apologies and identify areas with room for improvement in your organization.

Encourage your current employees to leave positive reviews about their experiences working for your company. Then take the time to respond to those, thanking your team members for their feedback and expressing your gratitude that they’re part of your company. It’s also a good idea to develop an online response strategy and regularly monitor employer review sites for any employee feedback, good or bad.

If you get the occasional bad review, respond to it promptly and respectfully. Indicate you’re open to further conversation on any legitimate issues raised.

Though following these tips can give you a real advantage in dealing with negative PR, it’s essential to acknowledge that a real commitment to creating a positive, pleasant work environment is necessary for addressing bad employee reviews. You can’t just hide or ignore real problems, as they’ll persist and continue to be the source of bad press. By “walking the walk,” you can create a positive atmosphere where few people will want to leave negative online reviews in the first place.

how to manage employee review sites


Today’s candidate is super savvy, meaning that by the time they apply for a position with your company, they’ve already done their research. According to the most recent Candidate Experience Report by the Talent Board, the average candidate spends 1-2 hours researching jobs and a company and 46 percent said they needed to do more research and learn additional information about the company before they would apply. This research includes reading online reviews and social media mentions about your company from employees impacted by layoffs or downsizing. It is also important to note that the value in review sites like Glassdoor have increased over the past four years from 20 to 29 percent.

Your employer brand exists whether you tend to it or not. It’s always better to be proactive and manage your brand, whether on your own careers page, in the media, on social media, and especially on employer review sites. Monitoring your brand on review sites is especially important if your company has recently had (or is about to have) a round of layoffs. In a case like layoffs due to restructuring, your chances that an employee will leave a negative review are lessened if you give them the support they need upon leaving your organization. However, whether you provide career transition services or not, it’s best to have a plan ready for response.

Your employer brand exists whether you tend to it or not. It’s always better to be proactive and manage your brand, whether on your own careers page, in the media, on social media, and especially on employer review sites. @jmillermerrell #SmartTalkHR https://bit.ly/2J972C6

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According to Staffing Advisors, 88% of people claim they have been influenced by an online review (for anything, not just employers). By not taking charge of your negative reviews where you can, you clearly communicate to job-seekers how true the allegations are. 

Monitoring Your Employer Brand

Companies need to keep track of the 17+ employee review sites including some non-traditional ones like Google Places, Yelp and Facebook Page reviews. Monitor your employer scores and work with your team to develop a strategy and or plan of action to address comments and reviews.

Glassdoor and a number of employee review sites are a popular way for candidates to research and learn more about your organization beyond your social profiles and company career site. While anonymous, these sites provide candidates a more transparent look into what’s really happening at your organization. Because of this, it’s very important to monitor and evaluate what is being shared on all social media sites.

Review sites are becoming a more important and trusted part of the job offer and interview process as well as the entire candidate engagement process that starts the moment the prospective candidate begins to consider your company as an option for employment. Above all, it’s important to be consistent in your process regarding your responses to employee reviews — negative and positive.

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Claiming Your Company Profiles

In addition to ensuring employer review sites are updated and maintained, profiles on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor should be claimed, which means you can verify the profile as an employer and add things like updated photos, descriptions, relevant links, and other information.

There are 20+ million monthly unique users to Glassdoor, the majority in the US, college educated, and 18 – 44. Companies pay a fee to Glassdoor to “own” their company profile on the site, but you can claim yours and post updates, awards, and photos at no cost.

Companies can help positively build their brands on these sites with an internal strategy. Start by requesting that all members of the HR team and marketing to write reviews before you ask your employees to leave a Glassdoor (or other employer site) rating, then encourage your current employees to leave reviews.

Consider the potential candidate researching your company on a review site. They’re reading horror stories and snarky comments. How likely do you think they are to apply to a job at your company? Consider the same candidate reading the same reviews, except with your thoughtful, unbiased, and kind responses. This changes the game; the candidate sees that your company genuinely listens and is, therefore, more inclined to apply.

Consider the potential candidate researching your company on a review site. They’re reading horror stories and snarky comments. How likely do you think they are to apply to a job at your company? @jmillermerrell #SmartTalkHR @RiseSmart https://bit.ly/2J972C6

Any positive policy change within your company, such as adding perks like additional PTO or fully paid health insurance, is an opportunity to return to review sites and respond to reviews that mention “restrictive PTO” or “terrible health coverage” and let the reviewer (and readers) know that you heard their feedback and tell them about the new policy or perk.

Should You Respond to Negative Reviews?

This is a question that many companies ask HR and communications leaders, and ultimately executives have varying philosophies when it comes to responding. It’s easy to dismiss negative reviews on employer review sites as sour grapes from disgruntled former or current employees or candidates who didn’t land the job (especially those anonymous reviews). However, dismissing employee reviews is the last thing you want to do if a positive candidate experience is important to your brand. And it absolutely is.

My recommendation on whether or not to respond is a definitive YES—to both positive and negative reviews. The important point here is communication and improvement, not to discount the negative reviews with a snarky response (big “no-no”). You want to show employees and candidates that your company is listening, acting on, and addressing the reviews. You don’t have to change an entire process based on one negative review, but you can talk about changes you have made.

Reviews like these should be seen as welcome opportunities for feedback to learn, grow, and change. Not everyone feels this way, however, it’s important to educate executives on the whys behind choosing to respond to reviews. The biggest why? A better candidate experience.

According to Talent Tech Labs’ trends report on candidate engagement, 80-90% of candidates say that a positive or negative interview experience can change their mind about a role or a company. Nearly 60% have had a poor candidate experience. These are the people reviewing your company.

If you work for a larger company (and being that there are 17+ career review sites to monitor), you might consider only responding to anonymous reviews directly that have less than three stars, allowing people viewing the page to see you hear them and are working to address their comments and suggestions. Follow the same process when addressing reviews and feedback on Indeed’s (and other review sites) review sections.

Some sample employee review responses:
  • An existing employee leaves a negative, anonymous review: “Thank you for sharing your concerns.  Please know our management team is doing its best to help all employees work through these evolving and interesting times. Your feedback will be shared with our leadership team. In the meantime, feel free to discuss your concerns with our dedicated HR associates.”
  • An existing or former employee leaves a negative review regarding layoffs or restructuring: “Thank you for sharing your concerns. We understand that employee communication is important to reducing rumors and maintaining transparency during these changing and interesting times. Your feedback will be shared with our leadership team.”
  • A former employee leaves a negative review about your company: “Thank you for sharing your feedback on [reference specific complaint and/or department and company]. as it concerns us a great deal that this was your experience in our XXX location. Your feedback will be shared with our local and global leadership teams.”

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Responding to Positive Employee Reviews

So, what about positive reviews? They’re just as important. According to the same Talent Tech Labs trends report mentioned above, 78% of job seekers report never having been asked for feedback on their candidate experience. Yet 46% of employers report making regular improvements to the recruitment processes that affect the candidate experience. Therefore, when a candidate has interviewed at your company and takes the time to leave a positive review about your recruitment process, do take the time to thank them. Thanks = engagement. And other potential candidates will not only see the positive review, but they’ll also see that you’re engaged and listening, which in turn encourages more feedback, learning (on your part), and engagement.

Employer Review Sites to Monitor

We’ve put together a top-level list of review sites your company should consider listening and monitoring on an ongoing basis.

  • Glassdoor – Offers an anonymous review site as well as a job search resource for job seekers and web visitors.
  • FairyGodBoss – Employer review site for women. Lots of great opportunities for employers to engage women in the workplace.
  • Google Reviews – Google managed most often consumer reviews. These reviews are powered by the most popular search engine and are worth monitoring.
  • Indeed – Offers an anonymous review section of their website in addition to a forum, job postings and the ability for job seekers to upload their resume.
  • Yelp – This site is most known for customer reviews.  However, it is important for employers to monitor for reviews and feedback.
  • JobCase – Very active hourly work community, forum and employee reviews by location.
  • RateMyEmployer – Canada employer review site that has over 45,000 candidate and employee reviews.
  • Kununu.com – This international review site has its roots in Germany and has recently launched in the United States.
  • Facebook Page Reviews — Your Facebook Fan Page has the ability to have reviews whether you are selling a product service or on your company career page.
  • TheJobCrowd – Employer reviews for recent college graduates. Includes salary information, graduate career information and employer lists and resources.
  • Vault.com – Company ranking and review site. Includes rankings for colleges, internships and schools too.
  • Comparably – Free for employers to set up pages. Includes compensation, company review and culture.
  • InHerSight – Employer review site for women. Scorecards for employers on how female friendly their organization is.
  • CareerBliss – Review site for compensation, job search and company review information.
  • Xing.com – Company review site that offers job search information. Focused primarily in Germany and European markets.
  • LinkedIn – Currently in beta. LinkedIn will soon begin offering every employer a review and ratings page as part of their company LinkedIn page.

Review sites like these are important because they are becoming a more important and trusted part of not just the job offer and interview process but the entire candidate engagement process that extends beyond the traditional application transaction and begins from the moment the prospective candidate begins to consider your company as an option for employment.

Your employer brand is quite often in the hands of the candidates you interview and employees you hire. Being proactive doesn’t mean you have to dictate or enforce an employee policy with regards to reviews (while technically not illegal, there are compliance issues involved in a policy like that, not to mention the lack of trust it will create among your staff). It means that you get ahead of what will likely be out there and ensure that you present your brand positively and proactively. 

Employee review sites and your employer brand are incredibly important as business and the employment process shifts more online. Employment brand is essential throughout the employee life cycle whether it’s recruiting, retention, or in engaging with your alumni workforce. Most important is the planning, strategy, and monitoring that happens to help organize and plan your branding and digital engagement efforts.


Jessica Miller-Merrell is a workplace change agent and author focused on human resources and talent acquisition. She lives in Austin, TX and is recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer. She’s the founder of Workology. 

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5 employee review sites about employers you need to know

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You are communicating with a candidate. The conversation looks quite adequate. And it seems to you that the interlocutors parted, pleased with each other. But the appointment did not take place: the candidate for some reason refused. Didn’t say the reason. However, he wrote a negative review about the company on one of the Internet resources.

This should be treated calmly. The easiest way to throw out the negative of a disgruntled person is to turn to the keyboard and the Internet. At the same time, the writer is sure that in this way he will take revenge on the offender, “dishonoring him to the whole world.” Often it’s unfair.

Check out these sites with reviews about employers more often. There you can read a lot of interesting things about the company, and not only from applicants for open positions, but also from retired employees. This sometimes gives valuable information and stimulates development.

Potok experts offer to get acquainted with 5 such sites. Remember that published reviews about the company are often unfair and subjective. But all of them, to one degree or another, provide information for reflection.

Contains two sections: Job Seekers and Employers. The interface is clear and convenient. The list contains more than 30 thousand companies and 330 thousand responses. There is a rating of “Best Employers”. In the rubrication, you can look at reviews about the work of competitors, and this is always interesting.

Reviews are given on five indicators that form the rating of companies. Points are affixed from 1 to 5:
– salary,
– boss,
– team,
– workplace,
– career.

Many sensible and detailed comments on various aspects of the work. For example, you can see the level of salaries in different companies.

The Dream Job widget with ratings and reviews about companies is placed on the largest Russian resource HH.ru, including on job pages, and contains:
– rating of the company on a scale from 1 to 5 points;
– percentage of employees who recommend this employer;
– employee reviews.

Information available only to authorized users.

The site was launched in 2015. More than 800 thousand visitors per month. Simple search interface, no registration. On the first page, you will see reviews of frequently discussed companies in the form of a bulletin board. Be prepared: you will be met with a flurry of negativity: about the dishonesty of employers, about cheating in paying salaries, about the “terrible treatment” of employees.

Reviews of organizations are grouped by industry: construction, medicine, transport, etc. You can search by city. Opinion about the company is proposed to be filled in two windows: pluses and minuses. The geography of participants is wide: Russia, the Near Abroad, China, the United Arab Emirates.

There is a “Rating of companies that can cheat.” True, the authors of the site admit that positive reviews can be boosted with the help of hired agencies. However, if you find your company among the hundreds of scammers, it’s worth seeing if there is any truth in it.

Contains information on more than 100 thousand companies and has more than half a million reviews. The site is distinguished by a convenient search form in which you select a country and also indicate the name of the company.

Interesting headings, which include 25 “outstanding employers”:
– companies that are most written about,
– companies that are viewed the most,
– the lowest and highest ratings.

The authors of the site consider their project to be a “bright representative of freedom of speech”, not subject to outside influence. I am glad that profanity is not indexed by search engines. Each review can be commented on.

Contains a black list of employers, and more. Portal vc.ru calls this site a virtual trade union. The authors position themselves as “a place for propaganda of ‘direct action’” in resolving labor conflicts – as opposed to the judicial and bureaucratic system”, and also claim that “thanks to antijob.net, more than a dozen workers received a salary after publishing a review on the site, because many employers are afraid to get on our site.”

The number of visitors per year is about 2.5 million. The site receives 6,000 responses. Only half of them are moderated and published. To stop the filling of the portal with purchased responses, the administration introduced categories: certified, trusted and anonymous.

Considered an authoritative international resource. Created in 2008. Glassdoor operates as part of Recruit Holdings’ growing HR technology business segment. Registration is required to access data.

Contains reviews of 600,000 companies. There are more than 1000 reviews per employer. The rating consists of ratings:

– values ​​and corporate culture;
– work-life balance;
– top management;
– wages + bonuses;
– career growth.

Key characteristics of the site: 54 million visitors per month, 110 million reviews, 2.1 million employers. Designed for those who are looking for work abroad. It’s also of interest to those looking for employee experience information based on millions of company ratings and reviews, payroll reports, benefits reviews, and more.

Hundreds of thousands of comments about companies are collected here. Bad and good. You will find out what former applicants think about how the interview goes, about salary, about privileges, about the pros and cons of the job.

Ratings and comments add up to a specific company rating with a maximum of 5 stars. True, almost no company has such an assessment here. The more reviews, the more reliable the image of the company appears.

How to deal with negative feedback?

You can’t avoid them, no matter how hard you try. But something can be done.

  1. Strengthen alternative company information. Write about yourself as often as possible so that negative resource pages move down in the search results.
  2. Work with negative feedback to neutralize it. Do it promptly. A professional and persuasive answer will benefit more than the negativity itself. If you are not ready to work with reviews, you can outsource reputation management.
  3. Remember that there are sites with a lot of fakes that the authors of the resource offer the employer to remove for a certain amount of money. Whether it is worth paying – decide for yourself. You create the image of the company yourself. And the reputation depends on how you work with employees. Mistakes lower your reputation. Correcting a negative opinion is much more difficult than building a positive image of the company.
  4. Don’t forget that no one has canceled work with staff satisfaction. To get started, find out how many of your employees are satisfied with the company and start improving performance.

To do this, research the opinions of employees and candidates, and it is better to start doing this at the stage of hiring. Potok Recruitment is a universal recruitment automation platform that allows you to integrate surveys into the process of working with candidates.

When can the survey be launched:

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– for the candidate and the hiring manager after a period of time after being hired.

Get feedback from everyone involved in the recruitment process, speed up hiring and improve quality.

Depending on the configured rules, the survey starts automatically: you do not need to connect additional services. Each survey is related to a specific job, recruiter, or candidate, so you don’t have to ask about it separately. The results are accumulated in Potok: just download an Excel spreadsheet with data to easily organize and analyze it.

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