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Dolch Kindergarten

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© Contributed by Leanne Guenther

From 50-75% of
all words used in school books, library books, newspapers, and magazines are in
the Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary of 220 words (preschool thru Grade 3). 
The Dolch word list is made up of “service words” (pronouns,
adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs) which cannot be
learned through the use of pictures.

In this section I’ve
included a series of flashcards that can be printed and used to reinforce
learning, the complete list of preschool words (see table) and some activity
ideas for using the flashcards.


Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 4 in color

Nouns 1

Nouns 2

Nouns 1 in color

Nouns 2 in color

Bingo Cards


Complete Kindergarten List






















































Ideas for Using the Flashcards:

The flashcards can simply be held up, giving the child the opportunity to
read each one.   But if you’re looking for a more engaging activity, try
combining the Dolch flashcards with the noun picture flashcards for a variety of
activities (I’ve listed some suggestions here from simplest to hardest).  If
you’re printing the cards for one of the higher grades, you should consider
printing the ones for previous grades as well — the Dolch words are cummulative
and you’ll be able to make more complex sentences.



    • have an adult arrange the flashcards to form a sentence. 
    • Read the sentence with/to the child
    • Remove one of the dolch words from the sentence and put it back in the
      pile (you may want to make the pile smaller in the beginning to make the
      activity easier). 
    • Give the pile to the child and have them find the correct card to
      place back in the sentence.
    • Re-read the sentence.


    • have an adult arrange the flashcards to form a sentence, leaving one
      card out.
    • read the incomplete sentence with/to the child.
    • present between 2 and 5 cards to the child (one of them should make
      the sentence complete)
    • have the child chose which is the correct card
    • re-read the sentence with the card chosen.  Talk about whether it
      makes sense or not.
    • provide the child with all or part of the pile of flashcards
    • allow them to create their own sentences using the cards
    • read the sentences with them and talk about what they’ve created.
    • OPTIONAL:  Have them glue their completed sentence to the bottom
      of a piece of construction paper and draw a picture of their sentence on
      the top.  (author/illustrator of their own story).

Dolch Sight Words List

Dolch Sight Words List

Pre-primer Primer First Second Third
a look all out after let always or about laugh
and make am please again live around pull better light
away me are pretty an may because read bring long
big my at ran any of been right carry much
blue not ate ride as old before sing clean myself
can one be saw ask once best sit cut never
come play black say by open both sleep done only
down red brown she could over buy tell draw own
find run but so every put call their drink pick
for said came soon fly round cold these eight seven
funny see did that from some does those fall shall
go the do there give stop don’t upon far show
help three eat they going take fast us full six
here to four this had thank first use got small
I two get too has them five very grow start
in up good under her then found wash hold ten
is we have want him think gave which hot today
it where he was his walk goes why hurt together
jump yellow into well how were green wish if try
little you like went just when its work keep warm
    must what know   made would kind  
    new white     many write    
    no who     off your    
    now will            
    on with            
    our yes            

Graduation in kindergarten – how to organize a graduation in kindergarten and what to give

Graduation in kindergarten is one of the most important, bright, memorable events not only in the life of a child, but also of parents. In this regard, quite natural questions arise:

  • How to spend a graduation in kindergarten in order to feel and keep genuine original emotions in your memory for a long time.
  • And also why is the upcoming event so significant for adults and, first of all, for kids?

Significance of the holiday for children and parents

For a child, graduation in kindergarten is a kind of end to the first stage of socialization. The transition from a completely carefree childhood period to a longer and no less responsible schooling. Ahead of new sensations, goals and expectations, accomplishments and victories. Therefore, experts (teachers, psychologists) recommend taking the preparation of such a transition with a certain degree of seriousness and attention.

In turn, for parents, the upcoming holiday means not only emotional experiences associated with the growing up of the child, awareness of the rapidly running time, but also direct participation in the preparation of the festive event – graduation from kindergarten. In many ways, the success of the matinee: the sincerity of smiles and positive emotions that will stay with you for a long time depends on such important points:

  • Careful and high-quality planning of the holiday, thinking through the general concept and detailed details.
  • Well-coordinated interaction, first of all, within the parent team, as well as parents with the teacher and other employees of the preschool institution involved in the preparation of the holiday. It should be noted that it would be appropriate to preliminarily divide the responsibilities (i.e., decide who does what from the parents) even at the time of the initial discussion and planning of the upcoming event.
  • In addition, a photographer and video operator play an important role in the upcoming event. It is their professionalism that will determine how high-quality pictures and video frames will remain after the first your baby graduation. After all, you must admit, you want to keep dear, exciting and sincere memories forever for your descendants, carefully passing them on through generations.

In order to fully enjoy the graduation party in kindergarten, the atmosphere of joy and ease, the light but pleasant excitement that prevails on this day, as well as touching and sweet sadness, you must:

  • Prepare in advance for the organization of a children’s event (as a rule, the choice of scenario, distribution of roles, discussion of issues of festive decoration for the room and other preparations begin a few months before the event itself).
  • For parents to think over the appearance of the child in advance (dresses, costumes, hairstyles)
  • Take care of memorable souvenirs/gifts for the kids, as well as presents for the staff of the teaching staff (teacher, assistant teacher, music worker, administration).
  • Consider thank you speeches.
  • Take care of the entertainment program for children after the official part.
  • It is obligatory to book the services of a professional photographer and video operator. After all, as practice shows, all interesting offers will be exhausted closer to the celebration, and you risk being left without high-quality photos from the graduation ball, which will be replenished with the graduation photo album and video later.

When ordering the services of a photographer, it is worth remembering that the photo album itself, as well as the video from the festive event, are not a gift for the child on the day of the matinee. Rather, it is a memorable souvenir for the baby, parents and relatives about the graduation itself. Therefore, professionals recommend making out an album, including beautiful pictures from this event. And it is most logical to pick up the finished version of the photo album after the prom.

In detail about the main thing: action plan for parents of young graduates

How to organize a graduation in kindergarten so that it turns out to be a really interesting and memorable children’s holiday that adults (parents, relatives, relatives) will like, and, most importantly, the heroes of the occasion themselves?

Discussion of the general concept of the matinee

And so, the first on the list of items is the planning of the event, which includes a discussion of the general thematic concept with details and details.

As a rule, the ready-made version of the upcoming matinee is offered by the educator together with the musical worker of the garden. It traditionally includes:

  • Five-minute introduction by the headmaster of the preschool
  • The beginning of the matinee: the solemn entry of the kids to the beautifully decorated hall accompanied by musical accompaniment
  • Presentation of the guys as the main characters of the festive event
  • Smooth transition to the beginning of the main part of the prom
  • Completion of the solemn event with a speech of thanks to the teacher and administration of the kindergarten, delivery of flowers and gifts to the kids.

But parents, if desired, can make adjustments or supplement the proposed scenario. It is important that it is not too long in time and is understandable for children’s perception, includes game and competitive moments, for example, simple but interesting competitions, musical numbers: dances and songs, so as not to overwork the kids.

Just right to remind you that the choice of a festive outfit should also be treated with special trepidation. Clothing should correspond to the event, the given theme and the general concept of the matinee, but at the same time be convenient and comfortable.

Decoration of the room for a festive ball

After the guys get the “roles” and the text to learn (usually a few months before the upcoming event), it’s time to think about the elegant design of the group’s room and the assembly hall in which the event will take place. Parents are advised to purchase the necessary paraphernalia (multi-colored balloons, flags, festive garlands, etc.) about a couple of months before the event itself. It is best to decorate the hall on the eve of the celebration, but not on the day of the festive event.

It is worth noting that it will not be superfluous to have a preliminary discussion of the upcoming purchase with the group teacher, clarifying some of the nuances (for example, the number of items purchased, etc. ).

What to give for graduation in kindergarten

Parents of babies need to decide in advance on the options for gifts for children and memorable gifts for the teaching staff of the preschool educational institution, including the administration of the preschool institution. This also includes the purchase of flower bouquets for the teacher and other employees of the kindergarten (assistant teacher, music worker, methodologist, head).

A suitable gift for children on this day will be sets of office supplies, school supplies (pencil cases, globes, encyclopedias, textbook stands, etc.), which may come in handy in the future and become a kind of symbol of preparation and transition to school life.

Also, personal certificates, medals, ribbons for graduates with inscriptions, which are ordered in advance, because they require additional time for their manufacture, are also pleasant memorable trifles.

And an excellent addition to the piggy bank of holiday memories will be an originally designed photo album or photo book, which parents can get after the graduation party itself.

Presents for adults (teacher, administration representatives) are individual for each group and depend mainly on the budget that the parents of young graduates rely on.

Thank you speech

No less responsible attitude requires the preparation of a thank-you speech to the staff of the teaching staff. After all, for several years these people gave love and warmth of their hearts to your dear children, taught them not only some everyday trifles, basic literacy, but also the ability to make friends and communicate within a group of peers.

The main condition: words of gratitude should not take much time, but at the same time, be sincere, touching, kind and sound to all members of the teaching staff who are directly or indirectly involved in the educational process of your children.

Festive buffet and entertainment program after the official part

The item related to the festive treat and entertainment for kids at graduation in kindergarten deserves special attention. As a rule, this section of the holiday follows the solemn part of the event, includes the services of animators and is transferred outside the preschool institution to a pre-rented cafe or entertainment center (at the choice of parents). It is important to understand here that the upcoming event is dedicated to children and their joys, so the wishes and needs of the heroes of the occasion should be a priority.

Order of commemorative photo albums and video shooting

What is needed for graduation in kindergarten so that the festive event remains in the memory of the kids and their parents, as one of the very first significant and vivid memories in life?

Without a doubt, the color of the prom, all the charm of children’s smiles, touching experiences, slight sadness and, of course, the joy of what is happening can only be captured and captured by professional masters of photo and video shooting. If necessary, even suggest an interesting and original plot solution that fits perfectly into the concept of a holiday in kindergarten and a graduation party in general.

That is why the choice of the best photographer and cameraman is one of the priorities for the parents of young graduates, requiring special attention and responsibility on their part.

A few months before the start of the event, you need to view the possible options for the work of photo and video filming of the best, in your opinion, masters. Read the reviews, ask about the experience of working with children’s groups and make the final decision by ordering services from professionals in their field in advance.

It would not be out of place to note that caring parents are most wise to initially pay attention to photo printing studios with impressive experience in the market for relevant services, for example, RHINODESIGN. It is in the staff of our company that professionals work who value their reputation. Photo printing is carried out exclusively on the equipment of Japanese and German manufacturers, and the result obtained is of high quality standards and will be a source of pride for you, your children and even grandchildren.

In addition, the employees of our company offer as a mandatory condition the signing of an agreement on the provision of relevant services, assigning a specialist to your project who will supervise the work of the photographer and cameraman, coordinate each stage with the parents responsible for the event and answer all your questions.

With these simple rules, the prom in the garden will definitely go flawlessly. What will happen to you and your kids?
remember at your leisure, watching a perfectly captured video from a gala event or flipping through
colorful and unique graduation photo album pages from kindergarten.

What to do if you enrolled your child in kindergarten and then moved?

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To join the queue for kindergarten, you applied on the public services portal or in person. It contained information about the baby, as well as priority kindergartens for you.

If you are registered in Moscow and submitted an application through the personal account of the portal of state and municipal services in Moscow (address:, then before February 1 of the year in which it is planned to send the child for enrollment in kindergarten, you can change certain data in the application: year of admission, registration address, information and availability of benefits, priority kindergartens. This can be done through your personal account on the public services portal or by contacting the district information support service.

Accordingly, if you move to another area, you can move the queue. To do this, you need to write an application to the district education authority with a request to reschedule the queue indicating the reason, then the place for the child in the queue will remain and next year he will go to kindergarten without any problems. But keep in mind that in this case, your offspring will most likely end up not in the garden you have chosen, but in the one in which there will be places.


The transfer of a child to a new kindergarten consists of two stages: deductions from one kindergarten and admission to another. Moreover, you must first obtain a ticket (referral) for enrollment in a new kindergarten. To do this, you need to apply with an application to the district education authority at the new place of residence.

A voucher (referral) is issued only if there are free places in the kindergarten.

Having received a voucher (referral), the parents (legal representatives) of the child write to the head of the kindergarten, where the child is now attending, a statement with a request for his expulsion. It indicates the last name, first name, patronymic of the child, date of birth, group of study, as well as the name and address of the kindergarten to which it is planned to transfer the child, indicating the reason for the transfer. A copy of the voucher-direction is attached to the application, which confirms the acceptance of the child in another kindergarten. If there is a debt to pay for the maintenance of a child in kindergarten, you will need to pay it off.

Next, an application for admission is written in the name of the head of the kindergarten to which the child is transferred. The application shall indicate the surname, name, patronymic of the child, the date of his birth, as well as the surname, name, patronymic of the parents (legal representatives) of the child.

Already in the new kindergarten, an application and admission of the child, a voucher, the original document proving the identity of the applicant, the child’s medical card and other documents, if any, are submitted.

The head of the kindergarten issues an order to enroll the child and concludes an agreement with the parents (legal representatives) of the child.


#FOOTNOTE#According to the law1, you can be refused on the basis of the child’s age: if he is under 2 months old or older than 7 years old, or because there are no free places in kindergarten. There are no other legal grounds for refusing admission.

If there are no free places in the kindergarten, the child’s parents must contact the district education authority at the place of registration to resolve the issue of placing the child in another kindergarten2.

According to the legal position of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, expressed in Resolution No. 5-P dated May 15, 2006, the state and municipalities, based on the constitutional requirement that preschool education is generally accessible, regardless of place of residence, are obliged to maintain a sufficient number of existing preschool educational institutions and the need to expand their network.

If you have been refused admission to your child, get the refusal in writing: you can file a complaint with the local authorities or the court. As a rule, the courts are on the side of the plaintiffs: Ruling of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of August 13, 2014 No. 35-KG14-2; Determination of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of February 17, 2015 No. 50-KG14-12; Appeal ruling of the Perm Regional Court dated March 25, 2015 in case No. 33-2748; Appeal ruling of the Omsk Regional Court dated 05.09.2012 in case No. 33-5207/2012; Appeal ruling of the Khabarovsk Regional Court dated 08/01/2012 in case No. 33-4953/2012.

But, of course, we wish you not to face problems when enrolling your child in kindergarten, even if after submitting the application you have moved to another area of ​​the city!

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Editorial contacts: +7 (495) 784-73-75, [email protected]

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