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Best Daycare in South Salt Lake City, South Salt Lake

I Care Day Care LC

Daycare in
Salt Lake City, UT

(385) 406-2808

Welcome to I Care Day Care LLC! We offer children a caring and warm environment that’s just like home. At our home daycare, our goal is to h… Read More

$360 – $405 / wk

8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Happy Times Child Care

Daycare in
Salt Lake City, UT

(415) 985-0931

Happy Times Child Care is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Salt Lake City. Contact Happy Times… Read More

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Rachel E. West Child Care

Daycare in
Salt Lake City, UT

(216) 259-8440

Rachel E. West Child Care is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Salt Lake City. Contact Rachel E… Read More

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B Tanner Daycare

Daycare in
Salt Lake City, UT

(312) 598-1767

B Tanner Daycare offers safe, loving childcare in the Salt Lake City area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The … Read More

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Kingston, Sarah Kimberly Daycare

Daycare in
Salt Lake City, UT

(405) 374-4917

Kingston, Sarah Kimberly provides childcare for families living in the Salt Lake City area. Children engage in play-based, educational activ… Read More

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Jessica Mckay’s Daycare

Daycare in
Salt Lake City, UT

(786) 671-6346

Jessica Mckay’s Daycare is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Salt Lake City. Contact Jessica Mc… Read More

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Andrews, Carol Daycare

Daycare in
Salt Lake City, UT

(206) 887-9382

Andrews, Carol offers safe, loving childcare in the Salt Lake City area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The fa… Read More

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Dorathy’s Daycare

Daycare in
Taylorsville, UT

(651) 371-8786

Dorathy’s Daycare provides childcare for families living in the Taylorsville area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities to … Read More

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We teach your children how to think, not what to think

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It’s important to teach children how to think, not what to think. By encouraging critical thinking and a sense of…

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A Bright Future, Built From the Ground Up.

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Happy Kids, Confident Parents

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Our infant room is designed for babies six weeks to 18 months old. We provide a safe, loving environment for your baby to learn and grow. Our infant room is bright and colorful, with many activities to explore. Our infant teachers are outstanding with each of the babies in their…

Our toddler class provides a safe and nurturing environment where your child can explore, learn, and grow. We offer various activities and experiences to encourage your child’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. Our toddler classroom is for kids 12 to 23 months of age. The ratio of toddlers is kept…

Our preschool room is designed for children aged from 2 to 5 years old. Our preschool class is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. We are a public preschool that offers a variety of activities and experiences designed to encourage your child’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development.…

Our kindergarten school is designed for children five to six years old. We offer a variety of activities to help your child transition to elementary school. We are proud of our Kindergarten class. Our children leave Kindergarten fully prepared for first grade with small class sizes and full-day care.  First…

First Steps Childcare & Preschool Company is a licensed, full-service childcare provider that offers quality care and education for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Our highly trained and experienced staff provides a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow. We offer a variety of programs and services designed to meet the needs of each child. Our curriculum is based on the latest early childhood education research designed to promote school readiness. We also offer extracurricular activities, such as music and movement, art, and foreign language classes. First Steps Childcare & Preschool is licensed by the state of Utah and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The company is dedicated to providing quality care and education for children.…

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“First Steps has been the most comfortable, loving environment we could have asked for – from the very first day…

At First Steps Childcare & Preschool, we believe play is essential to learning. Children can explore the world through play, learn new skills, and develop confidence. We offer a wide range of play-based activities for children of all ages. Our experienced and certified staff provides a safe, nurturing environment for…

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It all starts with a strong foundation. A solid early education is the cornerstone of success later in life. When children are allowed to explore, question, and grow through their formative years, they set themselves up for a bright future. Interacting. Exploring. Questioning. Developing. These are all strong actions, imperative…

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It’s important to teach children how to think, not what to think. By encouraging critical thinking and a sense of curiosity, we can help them become innovative thinkers who are better equipped to tackle future challenges. The famous saying “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” by Margaret Mead needs…

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First Steps remains committed to the health and safety of our staff, families, and the community. We are taking extra precautions to ensure that our facilities are clean and safe for everyone. As we continue to model for our children what it means to be “in this together,” First Steps…

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Salt Lake City Ski Resort

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In 2002, Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, hosted the Winter Olympics. The ski slopes themselves are located outside the city, and the main center is Park City. The resort has a high level of service and comfort. Height difference – 945 m. There are several more resorts in the vicinity of Salt Lake City: Alta and Snowbird (high-class resorts, with Alta specializing in off-piste skiing, and Snowbird in snowboarding), Deer Valley (specializing in freestyle). In addition, Alta has the best ski school in the United States. In total, there are 21 lifts and 51 slopes in the area.

Three completely different resorts – Park City, Deer Valley and The Canyons. The resorts form a single ski area just 40 minutes from Salt Lake City.

As if the main Center of the region is Park City – a “voluminous city” with an innumerable number of boutiques, shops, cafes, restaurants, skating rinks and footbridges. The city arose as a result of the “silver rush”, and the first skiers climbed the mountains in mining carts. Until now, the glory of Park City as a center of silver mining overshadows its glory as a ski resort, although after 2002 the situation is seriously leveling off in favor of the expansion of the skiing popularity of Park City and its surrounding resorts. The central street of Park City – Main Street – gives the resort a recognizable “signature” gloss and creates an unforgettable festive atmosphere.

Canyons has developed into the fifth largest ski resort in the US from a very small village. In 2002, it already hosted the Olympic Games. The nearby Olympic Park has bobsleigh tracks and ski jumps. All three resorts are connected by free shuttle bus, however a rental car will add to the comfort of your stay at Park City Resorts.

Deer Valley is located 2 km from Park City. The resort is considered an unacceptably luxurious place, “has no shame or conscience” and repeatedly won the title of the most luxurious resort in North America. On local ideally prepared slopes, as in neighboring Alta, it is forbidden to appear on a snowboard. Snowboarders obviously “love” this resort too…

Deer Valley consists of 3 “sectors”: Snow Park (Snowpark), Silver Lake Village (Silver Lake), which is located 5 km from Snow Park and is characterized by intimacy and exclusivity, and Empire Pass ( Empire Pass) – for fans of passionate solitude.

Park City Resort

Ski-School and Kindergartens in Park City:

  • Children’s Ski Garden (3.5 to 5 years old: from USD 650 for 5 days for 6 hours a day c lunch).
  • Children’s ski school (from 6 to 13 years old: from 590USD for 5 days, 6 hours a day with lunch).
  • Group lessons for adults – from 170 USD for 6 hours a day, from 215 USD for 3 days for 3 hours. Individual lessons – from 120USD per hour.

More than 750 instructors work in 3 resort ski schools during the season.

Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley Ski-School and Kindergartens:

  • Kindergarten (ages 1 to 2, from USD 82 for 7 hours a day with lunch).
  • Children’s ski garden (from 3 years old: from 120 USD for 7 hours a day with lunch).
  • Children’s ski school (from 3.5 years old: from 125 USD for 7 hours a day with lunch).
  • Group lessons for adults – from 100 USD for 3 hours per day. Individual lessons – from 85USD per hour.

Slopes and lifts

The skiing area is divided into two zones of the same size, which, to everyone’s bewilderment, are not connected in any way by lifts. The ski isolation of the Deer Valley, of course, is the trademark of one of the most expensive resorts in the world, but globally, both the “rich” and the “poor” suffer from the disunity of the ski areas (if they somehow turn out to be here by some miracle). The ski area above Park City – Deer Valley’s most versatile (“for everyone”) ski area in Deer Valley, where snowboarders are not allowed – offers ideally prepared, short, tireless slides “à la Courchevel” (as in Courchevel, here there are a couple of fairly steep difficult descents). The Canyons is a more democratic and variegated region in terms of relief: it is popular both among amateur skiers and riders of different levels of training.

Easy skiing:

  • Park City: First Time and Three Kings chairs take you to the cheerful green area; all other easy tracks in one way or another intersect, flow out or merge with / with blue and black.
  • Deer Valley: The Silver Lake area offers luxurious panoramic descents from the highest points in the ski area.

Moderate skiing:

  • Park City – in general, almost everywhere, but it is especially worth recommending the ski areas to which the Thaynes Lift chairs (Jupitus Access slope), King Con (11 different-sized blue slopes) and Silver Lodge (Steep cute slopes Single Jack and Sunside).
  • Deer Valley – Mt. Bald is home to some nice, polished blue runs.

Difficult skating:

  • Jupiter Bowl is probably the best place. The rest of the tracks, marked with one black diamond, are more or less predictable and non-catastrophic. The best expert skiing here, of course, is on the virgin lands.


  • The Canyons offers unique freeride opportunities in herringbones. The most popular day route from Park City to Alta is the Ski Utah Interconnect Tour.


  • Not in Deer Valley. Park City and the Canyons offer beautiful terrain parks and luxurious off-piste.

Apres-Ski and Nightlife

Mountain Restaurants – 5 mountain huts in Park City + several amazing restaurants in the Canyons and Deer Valley offer not only special menus but also outdoor barbecues .

City restaurants – 106 restaurants. Seafood, Italian pasta with truffles, huge American steaks, exquisite French delicacies – all this is Park City. A particularly recommended restaurant is Robert Redford’s “Zoom” offering neo-fusion cuisine. Budget options are also more than enough.

Entertainment – 6 discos, 86 cafes and bars.

December 20, 2016

Useful information

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Salt Lake City – Getting there and where to stay

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Salt Lake City



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140410, Kolomna, st. Frunze, 46, 3rd floor, office 273


LLC Mediaholding Yat

140410 Frunze, 46, 3rd floor, office 273


As early as April, distribution of children to kindergartens for the new academic year will begin in Kolomna. There are always many questions on this issue, and not enough answers. The KS journalist talked about the nuances of enrolling in preschool institutions of the municipality with the head of the education department of the Kolomna urban district Larisa Lunkova.

– Larisa Nikolaevna, we all remember the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, according to which children from the age of three must be provided with a place in a kindergarten. Is this requirement fulfilled in Kolomna? Do all kids who have reached the age of three go to kindergarten?

– Yes, we try to provide a place in preschool for all children from the age of three. Today, in the Kolomna City District, more than three thousand children aged 1.5 to 7 years old are in an electronic queue to receive tickets to kindergartens. The electronic queue makes the process of enrolling a child in a preschool institution as transparent as possible, since parents get the opportunity to track its progress at any time. But you need to understand that the total number of children in the queue is constantly changing, for example, due to applications from beneficiaries or registration of newborns. And not all of the three thousand standing in it will need a place in the garden this particular year. In the acquisition process, the electronic system takes into account the age of the children and puts forward those who are about to turn three years old.

Although you can get to the kindergarten earlier. This is possible in those institutions where there are early age groups – for children one and a half to two years old. Currently, there are 56 kindergartens in the Kolomna City District, in which 26 early age groups work. But the number of such groups changes annually and directly depends on the number of kindergarten graduates, the number of applications, and the need for such groups. Therefore, it also happens that when applying for admission to a kindergarten, parents indicate the desired age of enrollment – two years, but they do not get into the kindergarten – precisely because groups for young children were not formed there. In such cases, you have to wait for an additional set.

– Many parents tend to put their child in day care immediately after birth. Does it help you get into kindergarten earlier?

– Of course, the earlier you get on the waiting list, the more likely it is that by the date indicated in the application there will be a place for the child in the institution. It is not necessary to wait until the baby is two months old. You can enroll a newborn in the kindergarten immediately after the parents have all the necessary documents in their hands. Currently, enrollment in a kindergarten is carried out through the MFC as part of the comprehensive service “birth of a child” through the portal of public services of the Moscow Region (RPGU).

– In the application, parents have the right to indicate the three desired kindergartens. How does the electronic queue take into account their wishes? What other factors can influence a child’s place in the queue?

– Yes, parents have the right to indicate the three kindergartens they want, but someone also indicates one. In the latter case, one must understand that it will take a little longer to wait for a place in a preschool institution. In addition, the registration of the child plays an important role. Each garden is assigned certain streets and houses. Therefore, when a parent submits documents, including information about the registration of the child, the electronic system automatically determines which kindergarten this or that house belongs to. Therefore, the baby is more likely to get into the kindergarten at the place of registration than in any other. I’ll give you an example. Imagine that a family living in Kolychev really wants to send their child to the Dolphin kindergarten, located in the central part of the city. Of course, there are chances to get there, but they are much less than for children living in the center. Parents should be prepared for the fact that their child will be the last to be enrolled in this kindergarten. Therefore, we recommend that you still do not refuse the ticket, even if it did not come from the kindergarten to which you would like to take your baby. There is always an opportunity to transfer to the desired garden a little later, when there are free places. In disputable cases, specialists of the Department of Education work directly with parents, together looking for solutions to problems. For example, if a mother needs to go to work urgently or ahead of schedule, but there are still no places in the kindergartens indicated in the application, we can look for places in other institutions, including kindergartens in the former Kolomensky district.

– After the introduction of the electronic queue in kindergartens, parents have a lot of questions. Why, for example, do children who were in 100th place on the list “jump” to 150th?

– One of the main points that affects the order of children in the electronic queue is inclusion in the existing list of beneficiaries. The list of privileged categories of citizens whose children are entitled to extraordinary or priority enrollment in kindergarten is quite large. First of all, children from large families, from families with a disabled child, children of police officers, military officers, judges, investigators and other law enforcement officers will go to kindergarten. Thus, when submitting documents to a preschool institution, a child who has a benefit automatically becomes higher on the list than other children who do not have it. For example, a military man’s family came to Kolomna with two children who needed a place in the garden. In this case, the baby with the status of “waiting without benefits” from the tenth position can immediately move to the twelfth. Currently, out of three thousand children waiting for a place in the kindergarten, about a thousand are beneficiaries.

– A few years ago, Kolomna, as well as the entire region, was faced with the problem of lack of places in kindergartens. What is the situation today? How high is the need for gardens?

– Due to the use of internal resources of kindergartens, the construction of new preschool institutions, the situation was changed for the better and the tension caused by the lack of places in kindergartens was relieved. But the problem has not been completely solved. There are still kindergartens where we cannot accept everyone. The situation is especially difficult in pre-school institutions in the city center. Nevertheless, we try to fulfill the task of accepting children who have reached the age of three.
There is no talk of new construction of preschool institutions yet. However, we are actively involved in the overhaul of kindergartens built before 1963 years old. Large funds are allocated for these purposes from both local and regional budgets. Since 2017, No. 2 Teremok, No. 43 Ryabinka, No. 7 Ladushki, as well as kindergartens of former military units No. 29 in Sosnovy Bor and No. 44 on Chernaya Rechka, have been renovated. The plan for this year is to renovate two more preschool institutions.

– Not so long ago, a survey was conducted in Kolomna kindergartens about the need to create round-the-clock stay groups. What are the monitoring results?

– Yes, we are considering the possibility of creating groups with children around the clock. This is a complex issue that requires detailed study. First you need to understand how high the need for children in such groups is. The monitoring showed that out of the total number of respondents, about 400 families are ready to take their children to groups with round-the-clock stay. We also received information in which districts of the district this need is the highest. These include, for example, the central part of Kolomna, Kolychevo. It is clear that it is irrational to create a round-the-clock group for the sake of three people, but where 10-15 children are ready to attend a group, its creation is possible. Therefore, we will work in this direction pointwise: to create groups in those kindergartens where there is the greatest need. Since rural kindergartens do not fully realize their capacity, it is logical to create several similar groups there as well.

– There is another problem. A few years ago, the work schedule of kindergartens changed, so many parents do not have time to pick up their children on time. Not all of us work until 17:00… If the issue of creating groups with round-the-clock stay is being decided, is it possible to extend the stay of children in kindergartens?

– We are thinking about it, but here it is important to understand that caregivers cannot stay after the working day and work for free. Therefore, we are considering the option of creating extended day groups on a commercial basis.