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THE Top 10 Daycares in Bellefontaine, OH

Daycares in Bellefontaine, OH

Camp Wesley

653 Township Rd 37 E, Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Starting at $350/day


Camp Wesley in Bellefontaine, OH is a wonderful place for your child to experience fun outdoor adventures this summer. New and returning campers thrive during a week packed full of exciting, structuredactivities. Camp Wesley runs a variety of programs such as aquatics, ropes & challenge course, archery, gymnastics, athletics, dance and more….


The Mary McGarry Childrens Foundation is a private day care center that makes sure their center meet the licensing regulations for health and safety in the state of Ohio. Their center at 3863 County Road 1,Bellefontaine, OH provides structured activities that enable the equal development of their students’ mental, physical, and social skills….


Head Start Logan County is a licensed child care establishment at 1973 State Route 47 W, Bellefontaine, OH that provides families living in nearby areas access to quality childhood education. Their centerbelieves that children’s learning is heavily influenced by the quality of child care….


Little Learners Christian Day School in Bellefontaine, Ohio seeks to provide a nurturing, high quality, safe and fun learning environment that is fit for the child’s overall growth and development. It is aChild Care provider that can accommodate up to 94 children….

Daycare Articles

Daycare: What are the different types and options?

February 22nd, 2019 The term “daycare” sounds simple enough, but it’s actually an umbrella term that covers a range of child care options, in which parents drop off their kids,… Read more

FAQs for finding daycares near you in Bellefontaine, OH

What are the benefits of daycare near me in Bellefontaine, OH?

Daycare centers near you in Bellefontaine, OH offer a number of benefits to both children and their parents or guardians. For the kids, daycare is an opportunity to learn coping and social skills, explore the world, and form relationships with other children – all while staying active and stimulating their minds with educational activities. For parents and guardians, daycare often provides peace of mind that their children are supervised in a safe and nurturing environment with skilled professionals on board to tackle responsibilities such as discipline, problem solving strategies, and nutrition. All in all, daycare is a valuable resource for families by providing quality childcare and early childhood education services.

What services do daycare centers offer near me in Bellefontaine, OH?

Daycares near you in Bellefontaine, OH provide a range of services that allow children to grow and develop in safe, secure environments. Daycare centers are staffed by qualified professionals who create a caring atmosphere that teach kids lessons fundamental to their well-being, and typically include activities such as playtime, meals, and learning opportunities designed to prepare young minds for the world ahead.

What should I look for in a daycare center near me in Bellefontaine, OH?

Finding the right daycare center near you in Bellefontaine, OH for your child can be an overwhelming experience, but the process can be streamlined with a clear understanding of what to look for. It’s important to consider factors such as certification and accreditation, as well as any health and safety protocols that are in place. Factors such as cost, accessibility, and the quality of care provided are sure to be top of mind as well, and ultimately, selecting the best daycare center will depend on finding one that meets your expectations and your child’s specific needs.

What questions should I ask when looking for a daycare for my child near me in Bellefontaine, OH?

Some questions you might consider asking daycare centers near you in Bellefontaine, OH include: What are the teacher-to-child ratios? What types of activities do you plan as part of the daily program? Is there an outdoor play area and what safety regulations are in place regarding that space? How often is communication provided to parents regarding their child’s progress or issues that arise? Be sure to ask specifics about any policies related to enrollment fees, tuition payments, health and vaccination requirements and anything else that is important to you and your family as well.

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A child in Stavropol who came from a private kindergarten with bruises provoked a conflict between parents and caregivers

The editorial office of Notebook Stavropol was contacted by the father of a three-year-old boy who noticed bruises in the child after visiting a private kindergarten. The family later filed a complaint with the police. Journalists talked to the parties to the conflict.

Pavel, the father of a three-year-old child, said that on June 28, 2023, he came to pick up his son at the Bambini Club kindergarten.

The kid came out to me, he was swollen and crying with a huge bruise near his right eye. I asked the teacher what happened, to which they gave me an indistinct answer that my child stumbled, fell and hit the swing, and that the Rescuer gel was immediately applied to this place. I asked to see the cameras how it all happened, the teacher answered me that she did not have access to the cameras, only the manager. Later I tried to contact the manager, but she did not answer the calls. I wrote to her, she later said that she looked at the cameras – my son didn’t hit anywhere, he was cheerful all the time, next to the teacher , says the concerned father.

Further, according to the Stavropol resident, he asked for access to the cameras, but was refused.

N and the next day I went to the kindergarten to collect the child’s things, the teacher came to me in a state of intoxication and began to sort things out with me and tried to talk so that I would not apply anywhere. Already on June 29, 2023, I wrote a statement to the police and the investigative committee. After I wrote the application, the manager deleted our correspondence with her , Pavel summed up the appeal.

The editors of Notebook Stavropol turned to Diana Alexandrovna, the head of the Bambini Club kindergarten, for an operational comment.

At the time when the child allegedly received a bruise, she was not in the city. All the documents confirming this are in the hands of the head: both the forum brochure and tickets for arrival in the city. That’s why she was able to answer her worried father so late.

On June 30, my husband talked to the father of the injured child. He refused the offer to come and see the cameras, because “he has already written applications where ,” notes the editorial interlocutor.

The head of the kindergarten also emphasized that the information that the teacher, who allegedly appeared before the man in a state of intoxication, is a lie.

Photo provided by the head of kindergarten

As soon as my father sent an SMS: “Your teacher is in a state of intoxication,” I immediately wrote to him. Didn’t receive an answer. And then she contacted the teacher and asked to be tested at the drug dispensary, because she understood what was going on. We have a conclusion. He was sober. It is also worth noting that each of the parents has access to cameras and they can watch what is happening with their children here and now. The boy’s father did not have access to them, because he had not yet managed to conclude an agreement with the kindergarten. But, if something happened to the child, one of the mothers would report it, in any case. The only thing is that only I have access to the archive of records , the manager summed up.

Earlier, the editors published a complaint from the parents of kindergarten 1 in Stavropol. Moms reported that educators quit because of the strange attitude of the head. The journalists talked to the employees of the preschool institution, who also denied the information.

Vasilina Morozova

News on Bloknot-Stavropol

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My area. Ivanovskoye, East and North Izmailovo

My district. Ivanovskoye, Vostochnoye and Severnoye Izmailovo

Three well-established districts with a rich history, in which 285,000 Muscovites live.

Green, with good ecology – near the Izmailovsky forest park. At the same time, their infrastructure, built half a century ago, required a major upgrade.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it was from here, from Izmailov, that the practical implementation of the city’s Renovation Program began.


In February 2018, residents of a five-story building on Konstantin Fedin Street began to move into the first house built in Moscow as part of renovation at the address: 5th Parko Vaya Street, 62B.

Currently, 10 new buildings are being occupied. Among them are houses at addresses:

st. 13th Parkovaya, 16A,

st. 15th Parkovaya, 27/1,

st. 15th Parkovaya, 42, building 5 ,

st. 15th Parkovaya, 46, building 5,

st. Konstantin Fedina, 13,

Zeleny Ave, 97A ,

Zeleny Ave, 93A.

6.5 thousand residents of Ivanovo, Vostochny and Northern Izmailovo are living in or are at the stage of settling in new comfortable apartments. In total, 253 houses, in which more than 50 thousand people live, will have to be resettled.

Thus, thanks to the Renovation Program, almost one in six residents of these areas will improve their living conditions.

* *

Social infrastructure

In the east of Moscow, the material and technical base of education is being actively updated. In recent years, 8 kindergartens for 1,570 additional places for the smallest residents of the capital have been built in these areas.

Kids enjoy attending kindergartens at st. 11th Parkovaya, 44A ,

st. 1 5th Park , d.40 ,


at Schelkovskoye Highway, 90B.

Modernization of the outpatient department is underway. A comprehensive reconstruction was carried out in the branch No. 3 of the polyclinic No. 175 on the street. Molostovyh, d.7A. New facades, comfortable rooms and reception waiting areas, modern equipment, clear navigation.

Three more buildings are planned to be renovated by the end of the year. These are branches No. 1 ( Schelkovskoye sh., d. 82, k. 2) and No. 4 (Chelyabinskaya st., 16, k. 1) children’s clinic No. 122 , as well as branch No. 2 Polyclinic No. 191 (Sirenevy Boulevard, 71A).

A number of social security institutions have been overhauled. Among them Territorial center of social service “Novogireevo” branch “Ivanovsky” (Chelyabinskaya str., 5b) , where Center of the Moscow Long Anniversary “ Ivanovskoye” is open.

An interesting club space for residents of the older generation is planned to open in Vostochny Izmailovo – at st. Pervomaiskaya, 107A .

Over the past decade, much has been done in Moscow to ensure that citizens can receive various public services easily and simply. Today “ My Documents ” is more than offices. These are the centers of social life of the districts, places for spending useful leisure time. A special atmosphere where people are happy and willing to help them. Where the person comes first.

There are also such addresses in the east. In particular, at the end of 2022, after a major overhaul, the regional center of public services “Ivanovskoye” was opened at the address: st. Molostovyh, d.1G.

In the Schelkovsky shopping and entertainment center, next to the metro, there is a flagship center My Documents ” VAO . There are even more services that people need here.

The sports infrastructure was replenished with the new Sports Complex Uchi Olympic reserve officers No. 1 It includes two swimming pools, a gym, choreography and rhythmic gymnastics halls.

Sports Palace is open to everyone, including fans of swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, aqua aerobics.

The gyms of this school on the street. 16th Parkovaya, 11.

Completed a comprehensive overhaul of the FOK school at the address: st. 16th Parkovaya, 11, building 4.

The premises of the Izmailovo sports complex were repaired to accommodate athletes ( 11th Parkovaya St., 49, building 1) .

Works are underway to place a sports complex made of lightweight structures with indoor football fields on the street. Rental, ow. 2-4.

Good results for the system of creative education of young Muscovites are brought by the project “ Art for Children “.

Comprehensive repair completed Children’s Art School No. 7 at the address: st. Lower Pervomaiskaya, 48/9.

Buildings renovated I.E. Repina – on Zeleny prospect, 99 and highway Enthusiasts, 53.

Refurbished Library No. 83 (St. Konstantin Fedin, 2, building 1) .

Multifunctional 9 became new points of attraction for residents0003 community centers Sofia , which houses a multiplex cinema, entertainment areas, shops, a supermarket, restaurants and photo zones.

and Sayans “.

Another meeting point under the program for the reconstruction of former cinemas will appear at st. Pervomayskaya, 93 .

* *


Izmaylovsky forest park – green sea in the east of Moscow. A favorite place for walks and recreation of residents.

We preserve the natural area in its original form and at the same time try to make it convenient for citizens to visit.

In addition to the Izmailovsky forest park, there are other picturesque places that are amazing and attractive in every season. But at the same time they require attention and care.

We put in order Ivanovo forest park . The paths were re-arranged, new benches and waste bins were placed along the paths. We made a zone for a relaxing holiday with a swing.

You can walk deep into the park along the eco-trail – a special wooden flooring.

Children’s playgrounds were equipped for children of different ages. The lovers of physical culture and sports in the open air did not ignore – there are several sites at their service.

We expanded and equipped with exercise equipment the area for walking dogs.

Another point of interest is Terletsky Forest Park , in which there is a recreation area “Terletskaya Oakwood” around the ponds. Here the road and path network was updated, pergolas were installed and various pavilions were equipped. There are more sports – there are playgrounds for playing beach volleyball, football, basketball, tennis. Yes, there are places for kids to play.

Lilac Boulevard sparkled with new colors. Swings, pergolas, pump track, lots of greenery. In summer, in the coolness of the boulevard, you can hide from the heat.

Garden of Veterans has become more comfortable.

This year we will improve the road and footpath network near the Moscow Ring Road in Ivanovskoye . Part of the project will be the creation of two new and the renovation of two existing pet areas.

* * * *


Several major projects have been implemented in the field of road transport infrastructure development.

A great help for motorists, including those living in the east of the capital, was the opening of the main section of the Moscow High-Speed ​​Diameter .

Thanks to the new highway, travel time in some directions has decreased by 25-50%.

Now MSD takes the fifth place among all highways of the capital in terms of the number of cars. When the southern direction is opened, the new route will enter the TOP-3 of the most popular highways in Moscow.

Reconstruction of two outbound highways – highway Entuzi astov and Schelkovskoe highway . This made it possible to increase the bandwidth, which had a positive effect on traffic.

In particular, thanks to the 600-meter flyover, fewer cars began to accumulate at intersection of 9th Parkovaya Street and Shchel kovskoe highway .

The opening of a new car station “Central” , unloading the adjacent road network. Now intercity buses depart from the roof of the complex, where passenger platforms are equipped.

Passengers have access to comfortable lounges, cafes and snack machines, a left-luggage office, a mother-and-child room, and free Wi-Fi. The bus station is fully adapted for passengers with limited mobility – ramps, elevators, low-lying ticket offices, as well as Braille signs are equipped.

13 new land transport routes have been organized in the regions. It has become faster and easier to get by bus to clinics, schools, social service centers and other public places.