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Training | Division of Early Childhood

Approved training for the purpose of meeting licensing requirements and training and education for the Maryland Credentialing Program can be obtained from a variety of sources:

  • Accredited Community Colleges and Universities
  • MSDE approved trainers and training organizations 

The Maryland Child Care Training Calendar is a resource available to the child care community to locate training advertised by approved trainers and training organizations in a variety of subjects.…

Learn more about Careers in Early Childhood Education.

Basic Health and Safety Training

Visit the Basic Health and Safety Training page for information and registration.

Child Care & COVID-19 Training

The training is designed to equip child care providers and caregivers with the knowledge they need to stop the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in their child care facilities.  

The no-cost COVID-19 online training builds on the Basic Health and Safety Training and includes the most current and specific guidelines for child care programs from MSDE, Maryland Department of Health (MDH), and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The course educates child care providers on the essentials of the Department of Health guidances and what they need to do to ensure that their health and safety practices are aligned and in compliance with infection control and physical distancing requirements. After completing the training, providers will receive a COVID-19 Safety Certificate of Completion. (This is not a pass or fail course. Full completion is required to earn a certificate.)

Time Frame

Training must be completed prior to the course end date.  Once the course has ended, registrants will no longer be able to access the course. Most months the course runs for 6 days unless there is a holiday or special situation that requires a course extension. The course is self-paced, complete it when you want during the course time. It opens at 9:00 a.m. on the first day and closes at 9:00 a.m. on the last day. You cannot access the course before it opens or after it has ended.

Participants must print their certificate of completion prior to the course end date.  In the event of loss of a certificate, you will have to re-register for this course and complete the full course again. Copies of certificates will not be held by MSDE and will not be available once a course session has ended.


A valid email address is required to register for this course. Registration for the COVID-19 Training is open for one week or when the course reaches capacity of 3,000 registrants. Registration will close once there are 3,000 registrants in a single course. (See the course and registration schedule below.)

Participants enrolled in the course will receive an email that will contain their username and password the before the course opens (keep that email for your records). All correspondence regarding the course is sent via email. Registrants that have not received their username and password before the start of the course should check their spam/junk folders in their email accounts.

An e-mail address can only be used once or each person must have their own email address; two or more registrants cannot have the same email address. If you have used an email address for the Basic Health and Safety Training, please use that email for this registration. Do not register with an email address already used by someone else to complete a training with MSDE, a family member’s email address, another employee’s email address or business email address, you will not be registered or it may have someone else’s name on the account. ONLY SUBMIT ONE REGISTRATION. 

You will receive a copy of this registration form via email as a confirmation of submission. Misspelled or incorrect email addresses will prevent us from reaching you or cause login issues once the course begins. Also, if your email addresses do not match we may not be able to reach you or cause login issues once the course begins. If you don’t receive the confirmation email you will need to register again, your submission did not go through. In order to ensure you are able to receive your username and password, please add and as safe email accounts. Otherwise, your username and password may end up in your spam/junk folder.

This course is NOT to be completed as a group, it is an individual training and requires each individual to register. 

Complete the registration form by clicking the available course date below. Available dates are blue. 

  June 21-27     June 28-July 4     July 5-11     July 12-18     July 19-25     July 26-August 1

Top FAQs

  1. Is this training mandatory? Yes, it is. All child care staff, providers, volunteers and substitutes must complete this training.
  2. How much does the training cost? The training is free and only available on our website.
  3. How long is the training? The training is approximately 1.5 hours long and doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting. Complete the training anytime during 6 days of your course.
  4. Where is the training located? The training is located at You must be registered for the current course to access the training.
  5. I didn’t finish the course in 6 days, what should I do? Register for another session using the same email address used to register the first time. If you have used an email address for the Basic Health and Safety Training, please use that email for this registration.
  6. Can you send me a copy of my certificate? Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with a copy or access to your certificate.  All accounts created prior to the current course have expired and been removed from Instructure. Certificates and scores for expired accounts are no longer available.   MSDE does not have a copy of your certificate. To offer the course for free to providers we do not have or save certificates. Saving copies of all of the certificates created in Instructure would require MSDE to charge participants for the course. You will need to register for and complete the course again in order to receive a certificate of completion.

 View all FAQs here.

Course resources

To set your password and access your account, please follow the directions below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the phrase “Forgot Password?”.
  3. Enter your username – it is the email address used to register for this course. ( Check your confirmation email for the email address used to register for this course. Misspelled or incorrect email addresses will prevent us from reaching you or cause login issues once the course begins. Also, if your email addresses do not match we may not be able to reach you or cause login issues once the course begins. )
  4. Click the button that says Request Password.
  5. Within 30 minutes, you will be sent an email to your email address with directions on how to set your password. If you do not receive this email, please check your SPAM folder or complete the request password process again.
  • Logging in and accessing the course
  • Printing and saving your certificate

Have questions? Please email [email protected]


2023 Early Learning Programs: Childcare, Daycare & Neighborhood Preschools

By Sponsored Contributor . June 15, 2023

Nurturing your young child’s learning is important for their growth and development. These childcare and daycare programs offer your child excellent care and educational opportunities.

Table of Contents


Arbor Montessori School

Founded in 1970, Arbor is one of the largest and oldest Montessori schools in the Southeast, serving 300 students from ages 18 months to 14 years. Arbor is one of only two Montessori schools in Georgia accredited by AMI, SACS and SAIS.

Atlanta Montessori International School

Atlanta Montessori International School is an AMI-accredited Montessori school for children ages 8 weeks to 15 years. The campuses in Cliff Valley and Druid Hills provide a high-quality, authentic Montessori education that aims to foster independence, global awareness, creativity, and a deep love of learning.

Carlisle Montessori School

Carlisle Montessori School is more than an excellent childcare option – it’s a nurturing community where children learn real lessons for the real world. Academic programs for children 12 months-kindergarten.

Cedars Preschool

Cedars Preschool is passionate about Early Childhood Education and ensuring that your family feels at home and welcomed in the school. Cedars Preschool serves infants, toddlers, PreK, and after-school aged children, with 10 locations to serve you.

Guidepost Montessori at Deerfield

Guidepost Montessori at Deerfield fosters independence, nurtures life skills, emotional and social development, and prepares foundational knowledge. At the heart of the school is the belief that children thrive when given freedom and responsibility in Montessori environments prepared especially for them.

International Montessori Academy

International Montessori Academy has a unique community of children and families, as there are more than twenty nationalities represented among their families and staff. The Montessori environments at IMA are specifically designed to support each child’s independence and passions.

KinderCare Learning Center

KinderCare programs give children a foundation they can build on. The local daycare centers offer year-round childcare and early childhood education for kids ages 0-12.

MJCCA Preschools

At MJCCA Preschools, children build a love of learning and find friendships that last a lifetime. MJCCA Preschools offer a progressive curriculum and specialty enrichment classes for ages 6 weeks-kindergarten at three locations.

Montessori Academy at Sharon Springs

Montessori Academy at Sharon Springs is an AMS-accredited and IB World School offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). They provide educational programs for children from 8 weeks to 18 years. A holistic approach to education develops cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills.

Montessori at Vickery Academy

Montessori at Vickery is an AMS-accredited Montessori school for children ages 13 months to 9 years. Their unique educational approach produces independent, confident children who are self-sufficient and respectful of others.

Montessori School at Emory

Montessori School at Emory is a thriving, vibrant community. With over 175 students, from 15 months through 14 years, Montessori School at Emory continues to support the whole child and prepare them for life through accredited, authentic quality Montessori programs.

Montessori Unlimited

Montessori Unlimited is the largest network of authentic Montessori schools in the United States. Each school offers traditional, sensory-based Montessori materials, self-directed learning experiences, and teachers trained by MACTE-accredited organizations (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) in the primary classrooms.

O2B Kids

The right preschool can set the foundation for your child’s academic years. O2B Kids prepares your child for kindergarten success and makes sure they have fun while doing it!

Redeemer Day School

Redeemer Day School provides a strong, Christ-centered foundation for academic success, where children thrive in loving teacher-directed classrooms. Programs for ages 2-kindergarten.

Saint Anne’s Day School

Saint Anne’s Day School is a half-day morning program serving children ages 1-5 years. In an environment of love and respect, each child has the opportunity to expand their concept of the world and to grow emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically, and spiritually.

Science Akadémeia, the Atlanta Preschool of Science

Science Akadémeia is a full-day, year-round preschool for ages 2-5, where critical thinking and problem-solving skills help children discover and understand the world around them. Give your child a Jumpstart to 21st Century Learning.

Springmont School

Since 1963, Springmont has been a Montessori learning environment where diversity of thought and global perspective empower students to be inquisitive, knowledgeable, independent, compassionate and effective. Students are collaborative and celebrate the success of their peers with as much enthusiasm as they do their own.

Sunshine House Early Learning Academy

Bright futures start here! For nearly 50 years, Sunshine House has been helping children build a solid educational and social foundation – with all the fun of childhood mixed in. They’d love to do the same for your child.

Baby, Child Care Centers, Childcare

Portal of the education system of the city of Nizhnevartovsk

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The game is one of the main types of developmental activities for preschool children. It combines education, upbringing and development, gives children the opportunity to learn new information in interesting and understandable formats.

What can be learned and learned by playing? What games are popular with today’s preschoolers? Are digital games useful for young children? How to make animation an effective resource for training, development and education? And what should be considered when creating a play space? This will be discussed in the new edition of the online program “Educational Environment”, which will be aired by on March 1 at 15:00 Moscow time .

Live guests:

  • Tatyana Avdulova , Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Developmental Psychology, Faculty of Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology, Moscow State Pedagogical University, specialist in the field of psychology of play
  • Mariyam Baretskaya , musical director of the municipal budgetary preschool educational institution “Kindergarten No. 9 of a combined type” (Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan), laureate of the All-Russian professional competition “Educator of the Year of Russia – 2022”
  • Ekaterina Kazarova , Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, teacher of preschool department No. 44 “Druzhok” of the Podosinkovskaya secondary school (Moscow region), leading analyst of the laboratory for the development of preschool education of the Center for the Development of Education of the Russian Academy of Education, winner of the All-Russian professional competition “Educator of the Year of Russia – 2022 »
  • Tatyana Kalinina , Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Preschool Pedagogy of the Faculty of Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education of the Moscow Pedagogical State University, specialist in the field of gamification of learning and information security of children
  • Irina Lykova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Chief Researcher of the Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Scientific Research of the Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Education of the Russian Academy of Education, laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of education

Hosted by Alexander Milkus, Head of the Laboratory for Media Communications in Education, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

The broadcast of the online program will be available in the official group of the Russian Ministry of Education in the VKontakte social network and on the site of the Russian Education federal portal.

Educational Environment is a weekly online discussion program about the development of Russian education. It airs every Wednesday. This is an online platform for discussing the most pressing issues in the field of education, upbringing and science, which brings together a wide range of experts: school directors and teachers, heads and teachers of pedagogical universities, colleges and technical schools, institutions of additional education, representatives of regional education authorities.



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ERUDITH club kindergarten education program

Education program

“Kindergarten”. What associations does this phrase evoke in you? Good ones? Then let’s move on. Well, if they are bad, then … it’s more difficult. Although, let me invite you on a short journey through Preschool Childhood.
Are you surprised by the word “journey”? Doesn’t fit with the “kindergarten”? Do you want something serious, permanent, fundamental, solid, “within the framework” of preparing for school, so to speak? And then they offer some kind of frivolous trip? And here I am ready to argue with you. It may seem surprising, but the purpose of the kindergarten is not the banal development of knowledge, skills and abilities of its pupils and not the enhanced preparation for school. It’s too boring and uninteresting. It would be wasteful to spend the most fabulous period of life only on this.
Kindergarten is designed to organize and captivate the child on an unforgettable journey through the Magical World of Childhood.
So, our fabulous ship “ERUDIT” is ready to sail. We invite everyone who wants to go on this unforgettable journey to our ship. Come in, please, make yourself comfortable. You are right, it really feels like home here. And the ship itself is extraordinarily beautiful, graceful and durable. Well, it’s time to go!
The first job is done. Well, now let’s move on to the second one. To make the voyage successful and interesting, we will determine the course of our journey.
The program that we have chosen from many others will help us with this. It is she who will help us make an unforgettable journey through the expanses of the Oceania of Childhood.
The main program according to which the kindergarten operates “The program of education and training in kindergarten” edited by M.A. Vasilyeva. This is a modern variable program, which comprehensively presents all the main content lines of upbringing, development and education of a child from birth to 7 years.

Main objective of the program
creation of favorable conditions for a full-fledged life of a child of preschool childhood.

It is important for us adults to understand that childhood is not a preparation for adulthood. Childhood is life itself.

Program objectives:

  • care for the health, emotional well-being and timely comprehensive development of each child;
  • creation of an atmosphere of humane and benevolent attitude, which will allow raising children to be sociable, kind, inquisitive, proactive, striving for independence and creativity;
  • creativity (creative organization) of the process of education and training.

The program is modern, interesting and rich in content, defines the whole range of general educational tasks in all main areas of educational work, which gives it the right to be called complex (and count such programs on the fingers). Well, what is very important – the program has passed an examination at the federal level and is recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (there are not many such programs either).