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In-Home Daycare and Group Home Child Care in Coffeyville KS

The Coffeyville home daycare options below are dedicated to providing families
with quality home childcare in a safe and nurturing environment. Group home daycares are personable alternatives to large
centers with hundreds of children. Entrusting your family childcare to a Coffeyville home
daycare gives children the added security of being cared for in a home environment while still giving parents the peace of mind
that comes from knowing their children are under the supervision of licensed professionals. We gathered the information for home
childcare centers in Coffeyville into one place in order to help simplify your search
and make it more enjoyable. Since home daycare information can change often, please help us stay up to date by letting us know
if any of the information on our childcare providers is out of date or incorrect. We want to give you the right information
every time.

Coffeyville Child Care

202 N. Cline Rd, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 870-1858

Home group daycare in a commercial setting. We offer preschool services with full day child care. We are DCF certified. 

Homestead Child Care

2 Miles S Of Walmart, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 251-8076

Christian home. Country setting. 29 years experience in caring for multiple children. Loving. peaceful enviornment. Lots of structure including some crafts, learning activities, free play and nurturing. Big outside play area. I would be happy to answer any questions …

Corrine Powell Day Care Home

West 6th, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 251-0497

Corrine Powell Day Care Home is a Licensed Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 10 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Crystal Myers Daycare

Stark St, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 515-2043

Crystal Myers Daycare is a Licensed Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 10 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Davis Home Daycare

Edgewood Dr, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 251-4960

Davis Home Daycare is a Group Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 12 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Lindas Day Care

W 4th, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 515-3760

Lindas Day Care is a Licensed Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Little Critters Day Care Home

N Ohio, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 688-6508

Little Critters Day Care Home is a Licensed Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 10 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Maria D Hensley Day Care Home

Catalina, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 515-5707

Maria D Hensley Day Care Home is a Licensed Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 10 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Marilyn Hendrix Day Care Home

606 Elm St, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 251-1259

Marilyn Hendrix Day Care Home is a Group Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 12 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Precious Blessings

Coffeyville, KS 67337 |

Precious Blessings is a Licensed Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 10 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Ryders Little Beginnings

W 1st St, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 333-0018

Ryders Little Beginnings is a Licensed Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 10 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Stacys Daycare

Cr 4100, Coffeyville, KS 67337 | (620) 515-4900

Stacys Daycare is a Licensed Day Care Home in Coffeyville KS, with a maximum capacity of 10 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

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Pre-K | ABC – Coffeyville’s Christian Preschool & Childcare

Voted Small Business of the Year / Business Spotlight / Hottest Childcare in the Ville

Best Childcare in Coffeyville

Voted Favorite Childcare & Small Business of the Year!

Welcome to

Play. Learn. Grow. 


Toddler Room

One year olds must be walking

to enroll in this room.  

They learn so much at this age!  

Some of the things they will learn is how to sit at the table and eat independently.  Teachers read books to them and teach as they play.  They learn that God made all of the animals and He made them too!  

Teacher is:

Ms Adrianne

Two Year Olds

Two year olds learn through structured and unstructured play.  Potty training is a big priority.  They will begin learning how to share and play with their friends as well as personal skills such as how to put their shoes and socks on.  They will start learning shapes, colors and many other things.  A story from the Bible is read to the children each day.


 Teachers are:

Miss Moriah & Miss Shalina


This room has three year olds and younger four year olds that are potty trained.  

They use the A-Beka Curriculum.  

Teachers show children how to recognize and write their name and trace letters, numbers and shapes. They learn how to stay in the lines when coloring as well as having unstructured art projects.  They learn social skills needed to get along well with others.  Teachers tell children a fun Bible story each day and they learn to pray for their family and friends.  They learn to be thankful for all that God provides.

Teachers are:

Ms. Cady, Miss Kierstyn, & Ms Dena


Older four year olds and five year olds that will go to Kindergarten the next school year are in this class room.  Children are taught everything they need to know to start Kindergarten.  They learn to recognize and write letters, words, numbers, and shapes.  They play games, learn opposites, sorting, letter sounds and more.  Teachers use fun and creative methods to teach Bible stories each day.  They pray and learn to make

cards for their friends and family.

Teachers are:

Ms Heather & Miss Tabitha

Children are provided breakfast, lunch and snack.  

After lunch is nap/rest time.  

Outside play is a part of each day, weather permitting. 

Starfish Icon

Our Approach

We believe children need to feel safe and loved to be able to learn and explore new ideas.  We know that learning should also be fun and exciting! We use the Abeka Curriculum and Learning Beyond Paper Curriculum.  It is important to have structured and unstructured play during the day.   We listen to children and teach respect by example. Good communication and cooperation between parents and teachers are so important for children.  Our teachers truly love and care about our ABC Kids!  They go above and beyond what is expected.


Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

What Parents Think

ABC’s directors and teachers have a

passion for education. 

They make sure our children feel

safe and loved.

 Jesus is a part of every day.

Dillon O

In the village of Novoplatnirovskaya, Krasnodar Territory, a granite slab was opened in a kindergarten in honor of Marine Roman Popov, who died in a special operation – June 10, 2023

All news

Where “over the hill” Krasnodar residents most often buy housing?

The EAEU program ended in Sirius. What agreements did the participants come to

Zelensky announced the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kadyrov will send two new regiments to Ukraine: NWO news for June 10

What are you talking about: if you heard these 5 phrases from a child, he is sorely missing your love

In Sochi, the police checks after having sex in the sea

“It’s like a brick was broken on your leg!” Children threw a bag of water on a random passer-by — the woman became disabled

“55 years old, overweight, worked at McDonald’s, never had a woman”: ex-webcam lady spoke about clients and the industry (18+)

“The most difficult quest Nowadays”. How to get a “Schengen” and go abroad in 2023: instructions

A Krasnodar resident who attacked a disabled child on a playground was sent to a pre-trial detention center

“Even Doronina’s dressing room was destroyed.” Where did the last star of the USSR disappear after she was thrown out of the Moscow Art Theater

Maybe you still have the key to the apartment where the money is? Distinguish Gaidai’s “12 chairs” from Zakharov’s “12 chairs”

“He shoots – my finger is torn off.” A Rostov citizen opened fire in a hotel in Anapa and wounded a Krasnodar citizen

Russian Country. The couple built a cottage for the old cottage – it took them 50 days

“Predators follow a trail of blood.” The expert explained who is to blame for the tragedy in Egypt, where a shark killed a Russian

In Krasnodar, a Gazelle crashed into a tram – there are victims

“It is wrong to treat people like that, it’s bestial.” How miners in the Urals defended their native mine

A granite slab was opened in a kindergarten in the Kuban in honor of a 23-year-old marine who died in a special operation

Two-thirds of cases of dementia are caused by Alzheimer’s disease. How to understand that a loved one is sick, and how to help him

A criminal case was opened in Krasnodar against a man who had beaten a disabled child on a playground

Military commissars were allowed to deprive dodgers of driving licenses. We figure out what kind of express method it is

People, ay! There are empty beaches in Abkhazia, but where is the record season? Are the Russians really invited to have a cheap vacation? In the Urals, 83 miners refused to climb out of the mine0003

It will be possible to get to Sochi by plane almost half an hour faster

Russian nuclear weapons will be deployed in Belarus in a month: NVO news for June 9 7 ways to understand how people really treat you

Putin for the first time appreciated the counteroffensive of Ukraine

The athlete shocks passers-by with his antics – he shows them office traction and potato stalks (video)

“Good man, but scared for him.” A report from SHAMAN’s hometown, who lived in Khrushchev before he became a star

With dancing and competitions. In Krasnodar, the keys were given to long-term construction investors of the Krasnodar City residential complex

A sports doctor told whether it is possible to lose weight in two weeks without harm to health

In Krasnodar, 22 people were evacuated due to a fire in a high-rise building “. We tell what is known about the Russian, who was torn apart by a shark in Egypt0003

Is this Pushkin or Nekrasov? Guess who wrote 10 works from the school curriculum

Asphalt and pedestrians were washed away: Vladivostok was submerged due to a storm — footage from flooded streets

“We were very afraid that we would not have time to sign.” The conscript’s wife told how he died near Belgorod

All news

Kindergarteners and their teachers attended the event. On this occasion, the children were dressed up in costumes


On June 9, a granite slab was opened in the Cossack kindergarten No. 33 of the village of Novoplatnirovskaya, Leningrad region, in honor of Roman Popov, who died in a special operation. The event was timed to coincide with the celebration of the Day of Russia. It was attended by relatives of the deceased, the local ataman, Cossacks, the chairman of the council of veterans, employees and pupils of the kindergarten. This was reported by the press service of the Kuban Cossack army.

A granite slab was opened on the alley of memory, which was planted on the territory of a preschool institution in honor of Roman Popov – in 2005 he became a graduate of this kindergarten.

In honor of the deceased graduate, an alley of memory was planted in the kindergarten

wrote the portal 93.RU, in December last year, a memorial plaque was opened in his honor at the school where Popov studied. On this occasion, a rally was held in the village, and the event was attended by relatives of the deceased, schoolchildren, representatives of the Cossacks and local residents.

In 2014, after graduating from school, the guy entered the Leningrad Social and Pedagogical College. According to the press service of the KKV, in September 2018, Popov signed his “first contract” for two years, he served as a marine in Sevastopol.

news from the story

Subscribe to important news about the special operation in Ukraine

On March 24, a month after the start of the special operation, junior sergeant Roman Popov died in Berdyansk. He was 23 years old. Later, the head of the Leningrad region, Yuri Shuliko, gave the guy’s parents the Order of Courage, which he was awarded posthumously.


  • December 14, 2022, 12:03

    Memorial plaque in honor of a Marine who died in Ukraine was opened in a Kuban school district opened a plaque in memory of a Cossack who died in a special operation and district police officer

  • December 16, 2022, 11:30

    A school desk was opened in Novotitarovskaya in honor of a special forces soldier who died in Ukraine

  • April 22, 2023, 16:50

    Two residents of the Korenovsky district died in a special operation. Desks of Heroes were opened in their honor

  • May 12, 2023, 18:05

    In Anapa, a mural was opened at the substation in honor of the paratrooper who died in a special operation

Anastasia Pirozhnikova


districtKilled in a special operationMemorial plaque

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    What you need to pay for in kindergarten

    Alexandra Koryakina

    calculated expenses for kindergarten

    When the eldest child went to kindergarten, I only took into account the cost of parental fees in advance.

    I got used to buying clothes and toys for my child, which I buy rationally: I take clothes when I need them, toys when the child really wants something. In fact, the expenses turned out to be much more, although my child goes to a regular municipal kindergarten.

    I’ll tell you what expenses are in kindergarten, what you can save on and what you pay for at your own request.

    Parental fee

    Amount: about 3500 ₽ per month, depending on the region and number of visits

    Parental fee is the daily cost of public kindergarten services.

    Art. 65 of the Federal Law “On Education”

    When parents enter into an agreement with a kindergarten, the cost of one day is prescribed there. It is determined by the administration of the institution and regulated by regional legislation, which establishes the maximum amount of the fee.

    The monthly amount depends on how many days the child went to kindergarten. If he falls ill or you want to miss the day for family reasons, you need to write to the teacher so that the child is taken off the diet. Then the days that he did not go to the garden will not have to be paid.

    In 2023, one day costs 166.57 rubles. If the child walks for a whole month, in which there are 22 working days, then the fee for this time is 3665.54 ₽. Usually, once a year, the cost increases, and parents are given an additional agreement, which spells out the new cost for one day.

    How to save money. The parental fee can be reduced. To do this, you need to write an application for compensation for its part. We are given such a statement in January of each year by the teacher of the group. The amount of compensation is set by the regional authorities, but according to the law there are minimum coefficients:

    1. For the first child – from 20% of the parental fee.
    2. For the second child — from 50%.
    3. For the third child and subsequent ones – from 70%.

    Part 5 Art. 65 Federal Law “On Education”

    In some regions, compensation is provided only to large or low-income families, for example, in the Yaroslavl region. In others, compensation may be increased for individual cases – as in the Sakhalin Region, where the compensation for the third child and subsequent ones is 100%.

    Part 3 Art. 71<1> of the Law of the Yaroslavl Region dated December 19, 2008 No. 65-z

    clause 1. 2 of the Regulation, approved. Decree of the Government of the Sakhalin Region dated February 22, 2019 No. 78

    We have no restrictions in Nizhny Novgorod. I receive a 20% compensation, since the first child goes to kindergarten. The money comes back to the card with which I pay the receipt for the parental fee.

    p. 4 of the Order, approved. By Decree of the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod Region dated December 31, 2013 No. 1033

    Since September 2022, I have been paying for kindergarten with maternity capital, I talked about this in detail in another article. Since I have a parental fee compensation, there are nuances. Only 80% of the payment is transferred from the mother’s capital, and I pay the remaining 20%. But the same 20% is returned to my card as compensation.


    Amount: from 5000 ₽ per year

    When my son went to kindergarten, he had a separate category of purchases – I call it “kindergarten clothes”. I heard a story from a friend how her friend spent 15,000 rubles to dress her child in kindergarten. Each parent decides for himself what clothes to buy and how much. I try to spend money rationally, and my amount came out much less – 5658 ₽.

    In August, I inspect garden clothes and buy what I need. Here are the main items of expenditure.

    Casual wear. Now the set of everyday clothes for my son looks like this: two pairs of pants, four T-shirts, sandals. There are also spare pants and a T-shirt in the kindergarten, they were left over from last year.

    Pants cost 768 ₽ — bought in Detsky Mir. Relatives gave two T-shirts to my son, I took the other two to Wildberry for 380 ₽ – after six months they are still in good condition. I bought sandals in Detsky Mir for 1000 ₽.

    Even in the garden they ask to bring pajamas, but my son does not stay for an afternoon nap. Yes, and children still sleep in shorts and T-shirts, because it is warm in the kindergarten.

    This is what my son’s entire garden wardrobe looks like

    Sportswear. Kindergarten PE classes usually require black shorts and a plain white T-shirt. I bought them in “Daughters⁠-⁠sons”, I paid 350 ₽ for everything. It is better to buy two such sets for a shift, you can get by with one, but you will have to wash it on the weekend. I bought only one, because we got the replacement one from our nephew. I need Czech shoes for my feet, I bought them at Sportmaster for 280 ₽.

    Clothes for holidays. The son likes to dress “like a gentleman”, for this he has black trousers, a white shirt, a vest and a bow tie. This whole set would cost about 2500 ₽, but the son has been wearing trousers and a bow tie for the third year. Pants were the most expensive – 1500 ₽, bought at Acoola. This academic year, I only took a shirt and a vest from Detsky Mir for 700 ₽.

    It is not necessary to dress the child in classic. Sometimes the son just wears jeans and a shirt. We don’t need to buy festive shoes – children put on Czech shoes for the holidays.

    There are themed matinees when a child has a role, which means they need a costume. In this regard, we were lucky: the music director provided costumes for New Year’s matinees. My only waste was the purchase of drawing paper and gouache for a fly agaric hat for the autumn holiday.

    My son’s favorite holiday outfit

    I made this fly agaric costume for the autumn holiday with my own hands

    Parent fees

    Amount: about 2000 ₽ per year 900 03

    Many parents have a bad attitude towards fees in kindergartens and schools. There are those who do not participate in them. And if we are talking about mandatory fees for repairs, then this is completely illegal – the kindergarten is obliged to ensure the maintenance of its buildings.

    Art. 9 of the Federal Law “On Education”

    In our garden, this is really a parental initiative, which is organized voluntarily. Basically, these are birthday and New Year gifts for children, gifts for staff for holidays, educational materials, workbooks, small expenses for office supplies and a first aid kit. In general, everything that will help the child in development and leave him and his parents with pleasant impressions of going to kindergarten.

    Usually we donate 2,000 ₽, but this academic year we rented an additional 1,000 ₽ for a kindergarten access card system – it was installed at the request of the parents.

    Children received such sweet gifts this New Year thanks to the parental fee

    Paid classes

    Amount: about 120 ₽ per lesson, additional 500 ₽ for workbooks

    90 155 This academic year, paid pre-school classes and a theater studio. In the theater studio, children put on small performances. For example, in winter they performed in front of other children and their parents with the fairy tale “The Wolf and the Seven Kids”. But my son does not go there, as these classes overlap with his judo training.

    But I signed him up for preschool classes. Lessons are held twice a week for 30 minutes. On them, children learn numbers, counting, reading. In March, an open lesson was held for parents, at which they showed how children learn letters and sounds in a playful way. The child likes to go to “Doshkolenok”, and I notice the result from these classes.

    This is convenient when classes are held in a kindergarten and you don’t have to take your child anywhere, besides, it comes out on a budget. Both in the theater studio and in Doshkolenka, one lesson costs 126.46 ₽, you only need to pay for those classes that the child attended.

    Workbooks had to be purchased for preparation. Two notebooks for work in the kindergarten “From A to Z” – 162 ₽ and “Counting to 10” – 75.6 ₽, one for homework “ABC. My first textbook” — 260 ₽. Notebooks were ordered for everyone by the parent committee, but they were thrown off for them separately, since not all children go to Preschool. Back in January, we bought a fan with vowels – 100 ₽.

    In the notebook “ABC. My first textbook ”we consolidate at home with our son what we learned in class

    Total: from 150 ₽ for one photo

    Several times a year a photographer comes to the kindergarten and arranges a thematic photo session with children. Children are photographed with props, and then the photographer superimposes the appropriate background on the photo. Themes can be festive, such as New Year and May 9, or related to your favorite characters from cartoons and video games.