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15 Amazing Daycare Websites 2023 [Get Ideas & Inspiration]

As the world is becoming digitalized, more and more people are using the internet to find pretty much anything, and this includes finding trustworthy daycares to take care of their children or elders.

The problem is that daycare websites need to be constructed impeccably because they need to showcase the fun and imaginative learning environment the daycare provides. In addition, the website needs to be interactive and interesting enough to capture the attention of the parents or guardians.

So, if you are planning on creating a website, you don’t need to worry! Here are 15 daycare website ideas you can take inspiration from.

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Dare 2 Dream makes sure to provide a home for your kids away from home. It’s kind of like home childcare but outside your house.

Even though this daycare website is simple, it conveys a lot of information. The whole website is incredibly colorful, which is without a doubt the best choice because it shows that the daycare is fun and interactive.

Despite the pictures having a high situation of colors, the colors on the website are much softer, which contrasts well and brings out the important text on the website.

On the homepage, you get information about the daycare itself, which is essential since you have to convince the parents to leave their child in your care.

Another important section is the review section because nowadays, no one buys a product or service without checking out reviews. The website is fairly easy to navigate because there aren’t too many sections or service pages.

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This daycare website is an incredibly interactive and very creative idea, but at the same time, it can be very confusing, especially for new visitors.

The homepage is just one animated screen that moves as you move the mouse, and except for the two icons on either side of the screen, there isn’t much on the website.

When you open the burger menu, you can see a couple of items, such as pictures and information. The other icon features an animated menu with pictures of different items cut out and placed inside a puzzle.

Even though the website is incredibly interesting, it can be confusing to navigate, especially because children are most likely not going to be using it, and adults might have a hard time grasping how to reach important information.

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Little Scholars is a daycare center where your kids can feel at home.

Their daycare website is very well constructed. The home page is jam-packed with information, but despite it being so busy, it is neither confusing nor overwhelming.

The font is easy to read, the bubbly headings go perfectly with the daycare theme in mind, and so do the bright, saturated colors used on the site.

In addition, the website features a section that tells the visitors what is different about this particular daycare, and each item is denoted with a separate heading and a vector image.

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This website is incredibly clean-looking and professional. It has a gallery-style homepage, and all the categories are set up in different text boxes and are color-coded.

You can also learn about their curriculum, virtual learning, health and safety rules, and security on the homepage.

Even though the website is full of color, it never feels out of place and overwhelming. So, if you want to learn how to correctly use color, then this daycare website idea is worth the visit.

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If you are looking for a daycare website that doesn’t use a lot of colors, then you need to visit this completely black and white website.

The homepage has a bunch of categories, and each of them is neatly divided into different sections.

The homepage also has an interesting feature since the text slides on top of the main picture. The website also seems pretty easy to navigate since it doesn’t bombard the visitors with a bunch of information.

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This daycare website is different from its counterparts because it utilizes both color and illustration to suck in the visitors. It has a very untraditional menu bar, and instead of having a full far, there are only three options which are all separate clouds.

The main illustration of the homepage becomes the background as the rest of the website rolls on top of it. The website also utilizes a lot of real-life pictures, which adds to its authenticity.

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Le Petit Bebe Daycare is like a home daycare where kids can have a great time while being taken care of.

In this list of daycare website design examples and ideas, this website is one of the best out there, and that is all because of its fusion elements.

The website mixes art with real-life pictures, which makes it interesting. Throughout the website, you find many colorful illustrated pictures that have textboxes or text placed on top of it.

All the pictures on the site are taken on normal days, which makes the website seem more realistic and trustworthy. And almost all pictures are followed by some sort of text that explains or adds to the pictures.

The website is also easy to navigate.

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Featuring a gallery-style homepage, this daycare website idea is bright and colorful, which is exactly what a daycare website should look like.

Despite how many colors are being used on the website, it isn’t overwhelming, which is a definite sign of a well-constructed website.

On the website, you can also find the benefits of choosing this particular preschool over others, and you will also learn about their mission and some quick facts about them.

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If you are looking for a daycare website that has a couple of unique elements, then you might want to take a look at this one. Instead of having harsh lines that separate the main picture from the rest of the website, this site utilizes a cloud-like scalloped edge to blend in with the website.

This scalloped edge detail also works to pull the site together since a lot of the illustrations are surrounded by similar sort of shapes. You can also look at the daycare’s two different packages, look at their age groups, and meet their team.

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This daycare website is probably one of the best ones on this list, especially if you are looking for a more professional-looking website.

At first glance, you might not be able to point out what exactly makes it special, but it is probably a bunch of things that coincide to make the website seem more credible.

The homepage is simple, and everything is neatly separated into different categories, and all of them have their separate illustration.

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Building blocks’ is like a home daycare. It’s website is incredibly simple in a sense because there are no interactive elements or striking color combinations.

But at the same time, the website is incredibly effective because of how easy it is to navigate and how mature it looks.

The site still uses fun pops of color to add interest to the website, and a lot of colors are even a permanent part of its logo.

However, the best part of the site is that they get right to business and describe what they do and how they plan to keep your children safe, especially regarding Covid.

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This is another daycare website that also functions as a school, and it is constructed much better than our last website. The homepage opens with a gallery that flashes photos of different kids interacting with each other and their teacher.

The website uses a bunch of colors that don’t really go along with each other and can be quite jarring. So, this is something you can keep in mind and improve. But, aside from that, the website is smooth and fairly well constructed.

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If you are looking for a daycare website that is incredibly simple and doesn’t utilize a lot of overwhelming colors, then this might be the best site to visit.

The homepage is almost empty and only features one main illustration followed by a bunch of open house dates.

And at the bottom of the homepage, two buttons take you to pages explaining more about the website. The website uses simple black and white colors with an occasional pop of color.

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If you are looking for a daycare website that utilizes high-quality pictures, unique shapes, and a bunch of colors, then this is a site you must visit. On the site, you can see different sections dedicated to different aspects, but despite there being a clear distinction, the website doesn’t seem disjointed or broken.

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Destiny star is a daycare website that is very simple in its construction. It uses a main picture on the homepage, and below are different pictures that are accompanied by complementary text.

You can also read about their camp and before and after school activities on the homepage.

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Best Childcare Websites

Need a babysitter or nanny? Whether you’re looking for help with a newborn (even overnights!), full-time childcare services or someone to give grandma some time off, searching online is a great way to find care. There are many websites that make it easy for you to connect with caregivers and streamline the hiring process.

You can quickly review candidates’ experience before you interview them over the phone, meet them in person or introduce them to your child. Most sites don’t automatically perform background checks on providers, although many offer to do it for an additional fee. Whether you’re looking for an occasional babysitter, a regular nanny or caregiver or you’re vetting daycare centers, here are the best childcare websites: has an enormous pool of caregivers which makes it more likely you’ll find good candidates near you. also offers providers for senior care, pet care and housekeeping. You can browse their database of sitters, sorting by your preference for a babysitter, nanny, childcare center, family daycare or after-school care or, post a job and see who responds. Full caregiver profiles include star ratings and reviews as well as what a caregiver is willing to help out with. Background checks are available for an extra fee.

Pros: The search function on lets you filter through potential sitters and childcare centers with specific search terms. For example, you could exclude teens from your search or look specifically for caregivers willing to look after sick kids.

Cons: Sifting through the number of responses you get to job postings can be overwhelming. Also, you’ll need to be diligent about canceling your subscription before it auto-renews, otherwise it could be tricky getting a refund.

Pricing: Premium membership is $38.95 per month, $78 for three months or $156 for a year.


Winnie is another site that offers a huge selection of daycare and preschool providers. You can search for all kinds of care for infants to school-aged children. When searching for childcare providers in your area you can also sign up for a weekly recommendations email that let you know which daycare centers or schools have openings in your area. There is also a parent community on the website. Once you make an account, you’ll see a feed on the homepage where providers and other parents can post to share openings and ask for advice.

Pros: There are tons of different search filters, so you can find the specific type of provider you’re looking for.

Cons: There are so many options, it can feel overwhelming to sift through them.

Pricing: Winnie is free to use.


Bambino is an app that makes it super simple to find local, trusted babysitters. What’s really cool is that the app pulls in your contact list and shows you sitters your friends have used. Everything is done in the app—from booking your sitter to paying them once the job is done. All sitters’ identities are verified, and Bambino even performs a sex offender background check so you can be sure your baby is with someone safe. In order for sitters to even sign up for and use the app, they have to be recommended by another member of the community. They also have an Elite Sitter designation for, those who have passed a full background check and a strict qualification process (in addition to the standard screening).

Pros: Booking a sitter on the app is seamless and you can read reviews and see how many times a particular sitter has been booked.

Cons: Each time you use the app to book a sitter, you’ll have to pay a small booking fee in addition to the sitter’s rate.

Pricing: The app is free to download and there’s a $4.95 booking fee each time you hire a sitter. You will also need to add your credit card information to your account in order to book and pay your sitter’s fee.


UrbanSitter lets you read reviews to see how people in your community feel about nearby sitters and nannies. You can search among local parent groups, churches, schools and other local organizations—as well as people you know on Facebook—to see which caregivers are most popular among parents in that group. All sitters are vetted and their profiles are manually reviewed by a member of the UrbanSitter team. Some sitters have already completed background checks and a badge will indicate this on their profile page. But you can always request a background check on other sitters for an additional fee.

Pros: You can see how many families have used a caregiver more than once and you can see when parents you might know have used sitters you’re considering. And, you can pay the sitter through the app for an added convenience factor.

Cons: Although it’s free to search for a caregiver, you’ll have to sign up for a membership in order to actually book one.

Pricing: $34.95 for one month access to site/app; $19.95 for a monthly membership; $99.95 for an annual membership.


Sittercity is another website where you can post jobs and that babysitting candidates can reply to. However, if you’re browsing potential sitters and come across one you’re interested in, you do need to have a premium membership. There is an option to run background checks on potential caregivers and families can leave reviews, which are helpful to look over when searching for someone. Sittercity also has something called Adventures which are fun at-home activities you can add to your babysitting job. There are seven different themes to choose from ranging from arts and crafts to STEM projects.

Pros: Profile pages are easy -to skim and caregiver badges quickly indicate credentials like first aid, CPR and other certifications. Their super-clean website design also makes sifting through candidates a breeze and also walks you through all the steps.

Cons: You’ll need to pay for a premium membership in order to use features like messaging caregivers. There’s no option to pay for childcare services online like there is with UrbanSitter so you’ll have to use cash or services like Venmo or Zelle.

Pricing: $39 for one month, $87 for three months, $180 for a year.


If live-in childcare sounds ideal, check out AuPairCare. It’s an agency that matches American families with international nannies, or au pairs. Au pairs speak conversational English, work up to 45 hours a week (up to 10 hours a day) and live with you for a year. Through AuPairCare, all au pairs received training in CPR, first aid and child development upon arrival in the U.S. Some even have specialized training in infant care (think: infant massage, baby sign language and infant CPR).

Pros: Besides getting flexible, in-home childcare, an au pair also introduces your little one to a different language and culture.

Cons: Although hiring an au pair is typically less expensive than sending your child to daycare or having a full-time nanny, it may not be feasible for every family since the au pair will have to live in your home.

Pricing: $20,960 for a year.

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MBDOU kindergarten “Skazka”: Main page


We are pleased to welcome you to the official website of our kindergarten. The site is addressed to everyone who is interested in knowing how our educational organization lives. It is created for you, dear Parents, as well as just Guests of the site.


Official page in the social network VKontakte

Official page in the social network VKontakte

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Official page in the social network Odnoklassniki

Official page in the social network Odnoklassniki

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Free consultations of psychologists, speech therapists and other specialists. Format of consultations: face-to-face, skype, telephone.Our center is open on weekdays from 8:30 to 18:00. The project is being implemented until the end of 2021.

Internship site

Kindergarten Skazka” – an internship site of the Center for scientific and methodological support of local history education for preschool children in the preschool educational institution of the Novosibirsk region

Navigator of additional education for children in the Novosibirsk region

By clicking on the link you will learn how a single information space is formed and used in the field of additional education for children in the Novosibirsk region.

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