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Police investigating ‘hate speech’ and threats to children at Charlotte day care | WFAE 90.7

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said Monday that they’re investigating threats against children after a rock with “hate speech” was thrown through the window of a north Charlotte day care.

Police also said they have evidence that the incident, reported around 8:40 a.m. Monday, is connected to the shooting of a Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation employee last week.

A park ranger was shot and wounded Nov. 27 while closing the Friendship Sportsplex, less than half a mile from the daycare on Cindy Lane.

Late Monday, CMPD said they have a suspect in custody, and were not seeking anyone else. Police did not immediately release any further information.

Police did not say what evidence they had connecting the shooting to the rock-throwing, but they requested the public’s help. The FBI is also investigating the case, CMPD officials said.

“It is critical that we get the public’s help — if you have information on who may have committed either act, please contact (Charlotte Crime Stoppers) immediately at 704-334-1600. Tips can be made anonymously,” police said in a tweet.

On Monday, police said someone threw a rock through a window at the Marizetta Kerry Child Development Center. The area is a predominantly Black neighborhood, and the child care center is located on the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church campus.

While they didn’t say exactly what the message thrown with the rock said, police did say it contained “hate speech and various threats toward children.”

Following Monday’s attack, CMPD Major Jackie Bryley said the department is completing additional checks near the daycare.

“All of our patrol divisions are utilizing highly visible zone checks around our daycare centers,” Bryley said.

“All of our schools, obviously, with our middle school and high schools, have school resource officers already assigned to them,” said Bryley. “As far as our elementary schools, we’re using documented zone checks with our community coordinators and our first and second shift officers to spend some visible time in those locations and document those with zone check numbers.

The child care center and police have been working to inform parents. A woman who answered the phone at the center on Monday said she wasn’t authorized to provide more information.

The child care center has operated for more than 50 years, and serves children from infants through pre-K. Records show that Marizetta Kerry is authorized to care for up to 170 children. The center opens at 7:30 a.m., meaning there were children there when the rock attack occurred.

CMPD chief Johnny Jennings said he is “disheartened” by the attack. Police officers are checking on other nearby day cares.

I’m disheartened to learn that we had an incident this morning in the Metro Division involving a rock that was thrown through a daycare window containing hate speech and various threats toward children. (1/3)

— Chief Jennings (@cmpdchief) December 5, 2022

Queen Charlotte. Everything you need to know about the main character of the new “Bridgertons”



Text: Polina Sadovnikova

“Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story” is a new Netflix hit. The number of views of the sequel about the engagement, wedding, coronation and honeymoon of Queen Charlotte (India Amarteifio) and George III (Corey Milkrest) has already exceeded 307 million. What is a fairy tale in this story, and what is a true story, Polina Sadovnikova understands.

“This series is not a history lesson. This is fiction based on facts. The story of the queen of the Bridgerton universe, not Great Britain,” Lady Whistledown prudently informs the dearest viewer before presenting a six-episode drama about Queen Charlotte to his court. The dearest viewer was pleased: “Queen Charlotte” may be about to become the most popular series in the history of streaming. And he very passionately expresses his gratitude on social networks: on Tiktok alone, the hashtag #QueenCharlotte has more than four million views. We, despite the admonitions of Lady Whistledown, could not resist the urge to dissect the facts on which the new fiction of Shonda Rhimes is based. And they collected the joys and sorrows that really fell to the lot of Charlotte – the Queen of Great Britain and the Bridgerton universe, the champion of women’s education, the muse of Mozart, the first mistress of Buckingham Palace, a lover of snuff and the owner of a dozen Spitz.

“White and even teeth”, “very beautiful eyes”, “pleasant constitution” – that’s all that Lord Harcourt noticed in the future queen, who, by order of George III, accompanied Charlotte during the 22-day crossing from his native Mecklenburg-Strelitz in London. She did not seem beautiful to him – and those present at the wedding Charlotte was remembered only by her tall stature and brown hair. “She was a famous ugly girl,” writes The Guardian. – As one courtier said shortly before Charlotte’s death: “Her Majesty’s ugliness has completely faded.” Charlotte first met her future husband in the garden, as shown in the series. Or, to be more precise, at its gates. The Countess Harrington (later honorary title of First Lady of Queen Charlotte’s bedchamber) watched the royal introduction (“as simple and devoid of solemnity as possible”) from the windows: Charlotte got out of the carriage, fell at the feet of George III, he helped her up and escorted to the palace.

At nine o’clock in the evening of September 8, 1761 – six hours after arriving in London – 17-year-old Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitzskaya married 22-year-old George III in the Royal Chapel at St. James’s Palace. There were some embarrassments at the wedding: the heavy, diamond-encrusted dress turned out to be too big for Charlotte (by the third storm that hit the royal ship on the way to London, the princess was convinced that she was suffering from seasickness). The bodice nearly slipped down.

George III’s plans for life were ambitious: he intended to become nothing less than the moral tuning fork of the nation and an example for all his subjects. The beauty of the future queen, according to the author of the book “The Royal Experiment: The Personal Life of King George III” Janice Hadlow, did not care much for him (at the same time, he was directly involved in the choice of a future passion). Much more important was the “soft character” and “modesty”. These items on the checklist of the ideal royal bride were followed by “lack of interest in controversy and politics” and “deep religiousness.” The future queen was searched for in the territories of modern Germany and Scandinavia (a Protestant was needed). Some candidates were dismissed because of free-thinking and atheism, others because of relatives with mental disorders. According to the description, Princess Sophia Charlotte from the tiny duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz fit all the requirements – and as a bonus she played the glockenspiel. The choice was right: Queen Charlotte and King George III were married for 57 long and mostly happy years. They had 15 children (two of them, Prince Octavius ​​and Prince Alfred, died in childhood). But Charlotte did not remain modest and not interested in politics for long: in the surviving letters, for example, she shared her opinion with her husband about the war for the Bavarian succession and urged him to give her daughters a good education.

Whether Charlotte was the first black Queen of Great Britain is not exactly clear. The author of the 300-page volume Gender and Race: Joel Rogers thought so: in the 1940s, he made such an assumption after looking closely at portraits of the Queen (in some of them, Charlotte was depicted with “broad nostrils and full lips”). A more convincing argument in favor of this theory was made by the historian Mario de Valdes y Kokoma: he believed that the queen was a relative of Margarita de Castro, a noblewoman from the “black branch of the Portuguese royal family” (but did not provide sensible evidence). “It is incorrect to consider Queen Charlotte black because there were Moors in her family,” says Anya Lumba, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. – In Shakespeare’s time, the word blackamoor [which refers to Queen Charlotte’s relatives] referred to Muslims. Not necessarily black.”

But the “Great Experiment” (so solemnly in the series they dubbed the attempt to introduce blacks into high society, bestowing titles and lands) is, of course, an invention. Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1807, but it flourished in the British colonies until at least 1837. At the same time, Bridgerton historical consultant Polly Putnam says that in the London society of that period, blacks were not only servants and abolitionists, but also businessmen and aristocrats.

Yes, “Farmer George” is the real nickname of George III. The king spent almost all his free time in the fields and wrote entire articles on manure for London publications. He was also interested in science: George III sat for hours in his observatory and – right on the wall, as shown in the series – figured out at what moment Venus would pass across the disk of the Sun (his calculations, by the way, turned out to be correct).

The screenwriters did not lie about Queen Charlotte either: she knew a lot about botany and adored music (Mozart, who first played in front of Her Majesty at the age of eight, then dedicated six sonatas to her). And also, she really had a weakness for Pomeranians (she brought her two favorites Phoebe and Mercury to England; her great-granddaughter Queen Victoria inherited her love for this breed) and snuff. A separate room was even allocated for its storage at Windsor Castle, and the Queen’s collection had more than 90 snuff boxes adorned with amethysts and diamonds. Most of all, Charlotte, who was popularly called the Snuffy Queen, loved Violet Strasbourg – she started every morning with this mixture of tobacco with rapeseed, bitter almonds and amber. According to legend, George III tried snuff on the second day after the wedding – for the first and last time. It was one of the few passions of the Queen that he did not share.

The exact diagnosis of George III is still a mystery. Historians’ assumptions range from bipolar disorder to acute porphyria. For a long time, John Monroe, the head of the Bethlem Royal Hospital, also known as Bedlam, was engaged in the “treatment” of the king (complete chaos and obscurantism reigned within the walls of the psychiatric hospital). Bloodletting, ice baths, a straitjacket, and complete isolation from family and friends were Monroe’s most innocent “cure” for mental illness. George III, historians believe, was subjected to real torture. Queen Charlotte supported and visited her husband all her life – but from 1788 she lived separately from him (George often had sudden outbursts of anger). The king never recovered from his illness – George III died in 1820, outliving Charlotte by two years.

Tiktokers, as usual, have their own theory about the Queen’s wardrobe: fans of the series are sure that Charlotte wore dresses of the same cut all her life, because it was in them that the king remembered her while he was in his right mind. In fact, everything is much less sentimental: in fashion matters, Queen Charlotte has always been quite conservative. She insisted that women at court wear skirts with crinolines and karako – jackets with three-quarter sleeves. Her most daring outfit is captured in a ceremonial portrait of 1776 – a dress with a V-, rather than a U-shaped stoma, a decorative insert for the bodice. But Charlotte often experimented with hairstyles: she wore, for example, puffy wigs in the shape of a heart (in 1789In 1999, the queen turned completely gray, worried about her husband’s illness).

The dresses of the main character of the series bear little resemblance to what the real queen wore. Costume designers Lin Paolo and Laura Frecon gave free rein. “We wanted Queen Charlotte to look more modern,” says Laura Frecon. “For me, her dresses are something between outfits at the Met Gala and filming some video with a lush royal dress code.” However, the artist took some of the historical royal outfits as a reference: Charlotte’s wedding dress resembles the coronation outfit of Elizabeth II, and the jewelry is a copy of those worn by Marie Antoinette. “From a strange girl trying to figure out how to behave in a new role and a new country, Charlotte becomes strong, proud, self-confident,” adds Lin Paolo. – This series is about a sometimes difficult, but very beautiful and touching love story. That’s why everyone loves the Bridgertons, right?”

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new character’s appearance, elements and weapons

Charlotte in Genshin Impact is a new character from Fontaine who, according to insiders, will become a playable character in the future. What can you learn about a girl now? This article has collected all the available information about Charlotte, known at the time of patch 3.6.


  • Who is Charlotte in Genshin Impact
  • When is Charlotte coming out
  • What does Charlotte look like
  • Charlotte’s Weapon and Eye of God

Who is Charlotte in Genshin Impact

According to early statements posted by insider Mero , Charlotte is a journalist from Fontaine, supposedly representing the Steam Bird newspaper. Players may have come across a mention of the publishing house in the remarks of Mona, who leads an astrological column in it. Charlotte’s Profession Has Been Confirmed is official.

The same informant reports that the new character, although representing the Hydro region, will come from Mondstadt.

When Charlotte will be released

Insiders Mero and GIntel shared with the community the estimated time of the appearance of Charlotte in the game – update 3. 7, in which she will visit all regions as part of the main event of the version associated with the TCG Sacred call of the seven. In the June patch, the girl will be only NPS, but its in-game announcement should be expected no earlier than version 4.0, that is, after the release of the kingdom of water and justice. So Charlotte’s exit will be on August 16, 2023 or later.

What Charlotte looks like

The 3.7 stream showed Charlotte’s appearance and even her chibi version.

Based on leaked leaks, it can be concluded that Charlotte has an average game model, pink hair and clothes in burgundy shades in the style of the classic Fontaine attire. In the leaked concept, she is wearing a cropped dress with long sleeves, under which, perhaps, there are shorts, mid-calf boots. On her head is a beret with a feather decoration, probably a reference to her work as a journalist.

Insider Mero posted a complete image of Charlotte from all angles.

Charlotte’s Weapon and God’s Eye

Dataminer Mero reported that Charlotte owns Cryo God’s Eye and Catalyst .

Unfortunately, on the stream of the developers, it was not possible to capture her Eye of God close enough. Opinions are divided – a girl can have Anemo or Cryo elements.

In the picture from the advertising company, the Eye of God is seen a little better.

Previously, insiders claimed that the leaked concept shows Anemo the Eye of God with a frame from Mondstadt, which seems not surprising, because the girl may be from the city of winds and freedom.

Early Honkai Impact 3rd image of Charlotte

Uses a catalyst in combat. Previously, it was assumed that Charlotte would wield a bow, based on the old concept of Charlotte – an archer character with the same name, but from another HoYoverse project, Honkai Impact 3rd.

Share your opinion about Charlotte in comments.