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US Trucking Directory

Dutch Maid Logistics has been in the transportation industry since 1974. Since opening its doors, the company has grown from a small business to a…

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US Trucking Directory

Empire Express is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and dedication to customer service. The company operates in the 48 contiguous states, Canada and Mexico. You’ll…

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US Trucking Directory

Standard Forwarding LLC is a DHL company that is known for its long-standing commitment to on-time delivery and a happy work environment. The LTL carrier…

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Interested in a career in mail transportation, postal transportation or flight extenders? Matheson Trucking may be a great option for you. As a transportation and…

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Cheeseman Transport is an LTL specialist that has a 75+ year track record of success and one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry….

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EOS (Everyone on Time Safely ) trucking has been in business since 2014 and is based in Elk Grove Village, IL. The company has a…

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Combined Transport operates out of Central Point, Oregon. The family-owned and operated business is always looking for dedicated, qualified truck drivers to join their ranks….

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Wilson Logistics pay is competitive, and they have offices in both Strafford, Montana and Dallas, Texas. The company focuses primarily on hauling goods in the…

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Cooke Trucking is a North Carolina transport company specializing in Air ride refrigerated service in the truckload and Less-Than-Truckload sectors. While the company is based…

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US Trucking Directory

Transco Lines, Inc. is one of the leading Little Rock, Arkansas trucking companies, founded in October 1984. The company’s headquarters are located in Russellville and…

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RV Transport Companies

Classic Transport is one of the leading RV transport companies in Indiana, offering hotshot drivers the option to drive on their own schedule. If you…

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US Trucking Directory

Super Ego Holding Trucking operates in all 48 contiguous states. They empower truckers to be their own bosses and maintain a 95% freight on-time rate….

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US Trucking Directory

Universal Logistics Holdings Inc. is named one of the top logistic companies in the country year after year and has positions open across North America….

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Owner Operators | US Trucking Directory

Status Transportation was founded in 2009 by a team of industry professionals. They are known for being one of the leading Orlando trucking companies for…

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US Trucking Directory

ABCO Transportation, Inc. is known for its commitment to safety and specializes in hauling non-hazardous goods. Founded in 1993, the company maintains its headquarters in…

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US Trucking Directory

JNJ Express is one of the leading Memphis trucking companies, specializing in Just-In-Time service. The family-owned and operated company was founded in 1992 and is…

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US Trucking Directory

Peninsula Truck Lines was founded in Auburn, Washington in 1951. Today, the company is the leading regional LTL carrier and serves more than 950 locations…

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Trailer Rentals

Thinking about renting a semi-trailer? In this guide, we are going to introduce you to some of the top recommended trailer rental companies so you…

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US Trucking Directory

Headquartered in Johns Creek, GA, Saia Trucking has more than 185 terminals and 12,000+ employees. The company has been in business since 1924, when Louis…

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US Trucking Directory

U.S. Xpress announced that they were combining Variant’s OTR and brokerage division into the new Highways Services group. The news led to questions about Variant…

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Colorado is home to more than 27,000 truckers, and the demand for drivers continues to grow. But with a higher cost of living, many aspiring…

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US Trucking Directory

Coastal Transport is known for hauling more petroleum products with high satisfaction than any other company in the US. The transport company has been in…

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US Trucking Directory

Shaffer has been in the industry for more than eight decades. The company specializes in hauling temperature-sensitive freight and is one of the top carriers…

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US Trucking Directory

If you love the idea of transporting RVs and travel trailers across the country, a job at Pinnacle Transport may be a good fit for…

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US Trucking Directory

Western Dairy Transport (WDT) provides bulk food transportation for the dairy industry, including farmers and processors. They also serve the food processing and soft drink…

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Owner-Operators & Independent Trucking |

Business | Owner Operators

If you are an owner-operator and you have drivers or other employees working under you, then one of your ongoing responsibilities is handling human resources…

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Owner Operators | US Trucking Directory

Status Transportation was founded in 2009 by a team of industry professionals. They are known for being one of the leading Orlando trucking companies for…

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Business | Owner Operators

Semi truck financing helps you become your own boss, and there are many lenders that will to help semi truck buyers find a means to…

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Owner Operators

Should You Hot Shot As An Owner-Operator, or Lease on With Another Company? Hot Shot trucking is a popular option for anyone who wants to…

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Owner Operators

Truck owners should be trying to maximize their earnings. You’re taking on the burden of owning, insuring and maintaining your rig, so it’s important to…

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Owner Operators

Container Port Group has been in operation since 1971 under the name of Rail Container Services. The company started in Cleveland helping the Norfolk &…

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Owner Operators

Leasing a truck and becoming your own boss is a dream that many truckers have. With a lot of big rigs costing between $80,000 and…

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Owner Operators | Business

Most owner-operator truckers will finance their trucks because the cost to outright purchase a semi-truck is extreme. The good news is that there are multiple…

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Owner Operators

If you dream of owning your own business and want work in the auto transport industry, you may want to start your own car hauling…

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Owner Operators | US Trucking Directory

Mercer Transportation is one of the top carriers in America and one of the leading owner-operator companies in the country. The irregular route carrier has…

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Owner Operators

Truckers have to make a decision: do you want to be a company driver or an owner-operator? There’s a serious difference between being an owner-operator…

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Owner Operators | Technology

When finding freight, carriers have quite a few options: load boards, dispatchers and freight brokers. Owner operators who don’t have the time to search through…

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Commercial Truck Insurance | Owner Operators

Trucking is a risky business. Owner-operators average $184,900 per year, doubling the average OTR trucker salary. While the higher salary is nice, the owner-operator has…

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Commercial Truck Insurance | Owner Operators | Trucking Industry

One of the biggest perks of becoming an owner operator is being your own boss – calling the shots. But being your own boss also…

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Business | Owner Operators

As an owner-operator, you create your own success, and you do it on your own terms. It takes a unique spirit of independence, and self-reliance…

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Commercial Truck Insurance | Owner Operators

Originally launched in 1901 as the Peerless Casualty Company, Peerless Insurance, offers consumer and commercial business lines of insurance for their clients. They also are…

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working conditions and salary of a trucker in America – Immigrant today

Greetings from Canada! My name is Alex Pavlenko.

Guys, you know that in the US, experienced truckers can earn over $10,000! per month. I learned this information during an interview with Pavel Dalnoboi. I already had an interview with a Canadian trucker on my channel: https://www. And now it’s the turn to do an interview with the American.

(This is an abbreviated version of the interview without politics. Here is the full version at 3 hours 30 minutes:

First impressions of an emigrant from America

− (Alex) Please tell us how long you’ve been in the US and how you got there.

– (Paul) It’s been 16 years since August since I arrived here. And how did I get here? Most often, I answer this question simply – on an airplane. I got on the plane, slept, looking out the window – New York. They say that he beguiled flights there. By the way, I can tell you about my very first disappointment in America.

− (Alex) Also important information.

– (Paul) I haven’t had time to get off the plane yet, I just looked out the window, we were already rolling along the runway, we were already supposed to drive up to the terminal, I look: trees; I looked closer – and there are leaves. And I was shocked, because before that I had lived in Moscow for 9 years and there was such information that you fly to America, and there bucks grow on trees, you just take them and pluck them, and then you flew in and got upset, kapets!

My first official job was as a truck driver. I have been driving since November 2003, I opened my own company, and now I have my own business. A small company, a few trucks, but I also drive.

Firstly, I don’t like a sedentary lifestyle, sitting in the office is not my thing; and secondly, I want not to depend on the drivers who work for me, that is, I earn money on my accounts myself. What they bring me there is a nice bonus. But if today all owner-operators (owners of a small business) leave, and I work only with them, then I will not depend on them.

I know people with professorial education, that is, professors who work as truckers. There are different people. A truck driver in America is not a truck driver in Ukraine, or in Russia, or somewhere else, it’s completely different, here the working conditions are different, and women work a lot, and all that.

How a truck driver’s salary is calculated in the US

The salary of an American truck driver. I will reveal a terrible military secret: I have no salary. Well, since I am already the owner of my company …

− (Alex) The owner of the business does not.

– (Paul) …Yes, I have an income. I pay my own salary, that is, everything that I have earned is all mine, my income. Alex, who arrived, got a job as a trucker, and he was at the start, that is, so that you understand, the person only got a license, learned the basics of the English language (he was not strong in it, now he has become a little more skilled already), he has no driving experience on American roads, that is, he is a beginner, a beginner, a beginner in everything – he was given 55¢ per mile to start (he drove one mile – earned 55¢).

− (Alex) How many miles can you drive?

As an alternative to moving to America, we recommend that you consider immigrating to Canada. It is a calmer country that welcomes new people.

How much do truckers in the US earn? – Zen – ATI, Center: Trucking System

Working as a truck driver in the country of highways attracts people from many countries. First, by world standards, drivers in the United States have very high salaries. Secondly, for people who are in love with road romance, this is an effective way to see all of America and still get paid for it.

Therefore, the query in Google, “How much do US truckers get now?”, Does not lose relevance from year to year.


True, labor migrants have a hard time on their way to such an “American dream” and not everyone succeeds in achieving a happy ending. You can go astray at the very beginning – at the stage of passing exams.

Let’s talk about everything in order and, perhaps, we will discover America for someone.

Truck driver salary in the USA

One of the main components of the United States economy is the land transportation of goods. More than 70% of transportation in the country is done in this way, so the work of a trucker is especially appreciated in the States. And not only standard cargo is transported here, but also a huge amount of “oversized”, including entire cottages!

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, a truck driver in the US earns between $30,000 and $90,000 a year, while a truck driver earns more than $50,000 a year, according to the American Trucking Associations.

The salary of truck drivers depends largely on their experience, accident-free driving history, age, characteristics of the cargo being transported, the level of the company with which they cooperate, the specific states where the route usually runs, the characteristics of local routes, etc. Working on highways, truck drivers get more.

The main indicator by which an American truck driver is paid is the number of miles traveled, but they are also paid money for downtime (up to $100 per day).

Photo: media-exp1.

Companies can also raise rates depending on the situation on the labor market, for example, when there are not enough truckers in the country. There is a shortage of drivers in the United States today.

As for the earnings of private truckers working for themselves, it can reach $200,000. lie on the entrepreneur himself, and are not covered by the company.

For comparison, today a good annual income is $100,000 for a family of up to 3 people, that is, a truck driver who receives an above-average salary can provide for his family alone.

Drivers of refrigerated trucks, carriers of dangerous goods (for example, chemicals), oversized cargo, and drivers of the category Dry Van Drivers (closed trucks without a refrigerator) receive the highest salaries here.

They don’t take on truckers like that

Quite high requirements are imposed on truckers in America. People who do not have the appropriate physical fitness and stamina will have problems, since even before obtaining the rights they will need to undergo a medical examination.

Candidates younger than 25 and older than 30 may also have difficulty; Moreover, according to the law, you can drive a truck here from the age of 21, and now they are trying to lower this bar to 18 years.


Those who do not have a license to drive a car cannot be allowed to apply for a truck license.

Foreigners have to apply for a US driver’s license, which takes between two weeks and nine months to obtain. And if a foreigner does not speak English at least at an average level, he will definitely fail the exams.

The history of traffic violations by the driver is stored in the database for 3 years. The driver, who often neglected the rules of the road, during this period will be refused not only by potential employers, but also by insurance companies, or, at best, they will simply inflate the price in front of the “easy rider”.

The future truck driver will have to stock up on money, as he will spend more than $ 2,000 on the procedure for obtaining a license.

But there is enough work for everyone 80% of them are small companies with a fleet of 4-6 trucks. In total, all these firms account for 15,000,000 heavy vehicles.

In the USA, the profession of a truck driver is also popular among women, every 20th truck driver is a representative of the fair sex.

Oversized cargo transportation by road is very developed in America. River routes, which are traditionally used here for the transportation of coal, sand, grain, oil, etc., are often inconvenient for the delivery of non-standard cargo. This is especially true for situations where the cargo must arrive at the place in a short time, since the regulated speed of cargo river vessels is up to 20 km/h. At the same time, already loaded trucks are transported to the United States with the help of river navigation.


A significant counterbalance to decent salaries, comfortable working conditions and the almost complete absence of crime on the road is the high load on the body (you can turn the steering wheel without a break for up to 11 hours) and the lack of career growth. Therefore, many truckers, having worked hard for several years in companies with large salaries, buy trucks themselves and start earning by renting them out.

On average, you need to have about $200,000 to enter this business.

How do I get a truck license in the USA?

How to get a truck driver’s license, truck driver’s code of practice and other important information is included in the commercial driver’s license – CDL.

First, the would-be truck driver goes to the regional Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and receives the State Commercial Driver’s Manual, which includes the CDL.

He then takes a computerized test of the “Manual” and CDL in order to be issued a CDL Permit – a license to drive a truck for commercial purposes.

Each state has its own rules about retaking. Conventionally, you can retake the exam the next day after a failed attempt, but in fact, the main guideline for setting a retake date is the schedule of testing centers. In some states, the number of possible retakes is limited to three attempts.

However, the story does not end with the CDL Permit. After that, its owner must go for a medical examination, pass the practical part of the CDL exam, be trained at the Truck Driving School course or with a qualified driver with at least 3 years of experience.


At the medical examination, the heart, eyesight, pressure, etc. are checked, and upon its successful outcome, a Medical Examiner’s certificate is issued. With a medical examination certificate, you can start taking practice at the examination center, accompanied by a driver who has a CDL certificate.

Further training continues within the School of Truck Drivers. Different schools have their own procedures, rules and terms of study (from one month to a year). It is usually much cheaper to train with a qualified driver instead of school.

Many companies require their drivers to pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR) exam, a comprehensive oral and written test.