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Daycare Centers in 11212

Amboy Street Day Care Center 217 Amboy Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Brightside Academy 58 Belmont Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Brownsville Child Care Center 1592 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Calvary Day Care Center 474 East 96 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Camba Young Achievers at P.S./ I.S. 298 85 Watkins Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Carey’s Child Care Center 432 East 92 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Gayle Academy For Children #1 409 East 95 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Gayle Academy For Children #2 410 East 96th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Gayle Academy for Children 410 East 96th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Hands and Hearts Learning Center 564 Thomas S Boyland Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Inner Force Tots, Inc. 1181 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Kiddie Castle Christian Day Care 280 Grafton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
King-o’s Day Care Center 1097 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Kings Highway Prep School 9218 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Liberty Day Care 478 E. 95th St., Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Liberty Day Care Service 478 East 95 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Little Flower Daycare Center and Preparatory School 305 Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Little People’s Child Development Center 9414 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Medgar Evers College Head Start 60 East 93rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Miracle Academy 1141 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Morris Koppelman Early Childhood Academy 774 Saratoga Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
NYC Parks & Recreation Brownsville Center 1555 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
NYCHA Howard Houses Community Center 90 Watkins Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
NYCHA Langston Hughes Community Center 301 Sutter Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
NYCHA Samuel J. Tilden Community Center 630 Mother Gaston Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
NYCHA Seth Low Community Center 137 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
NYCHA Van Dyke Community Center 392 Blake Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Nat Azarow Day Care Center 232 Powell Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
OASIS at P.S./I.S. 332 51 Christopher Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Oasis Beacon Center at I.S. 323 210 Chester Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
P.A.L. / W.O.C.E. Head Start 280 Livonia Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Pal Brownsville Beacon JHS 275 985 Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Paradise Day Care Center 528 East 95 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
People’s Christian Day Care #1 121 Riverdale Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Precious Early Childhood Academy 9624 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Rutland Learning Center 1032 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Salvation Army Brownsville Day Care Program 280 Riverdale Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation at I. S. 252 1084 Lenox Road, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Step By Step Early Childhood Center 1163 Lenox Road, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Steps Elementary 432 East 92nd, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Steps To Success – Infant / Toddlers 11-21 New Lots Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Steps To Success 1 – Preschool 11-21 New Lots Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
Steps to Success I 11 New Lots Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Preschool
The Salvation Army 20 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
The Salvation Army 280 Riverdale Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Traditional Day Care 1112 Winthrop Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
University Settlement Society of NY PS 219 1060 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Urban Strategies Fannie Barnes 829 Saratoga Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
William F. Boyland Early Childhood Academy 382 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
YWCA – NYC After School at PS 327 111 Bristol St. Floor 1st, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Yes We Can Day Care Center 185 Hegeman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Yes We Can Day Care Center ASP After School Program 185 Hegeman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center
Young Stage Day Care Center 1072-76 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Center

Child Care Centers and Preschools in Brooklyn NY

Child development centers in Brooklyn vary in size as well as in scope. While some offer progressive curriculums and the latest advancements for preschools, others are more intimate daycare centers that take a more relaxed approach to childcare.
Whatever your priorities, finding the right daycare center for your child is important. We’ve made the seemingly overwhelming task easier by collecting basic information such as size, location, and licensing information for child development centers in Brooklyn into a single location.
Simply click on the links below to learn more about Brooklyn childcare centers that are dedicated to providing families with safe, quality childcare.
You can also read reviews about various childcare providers to learn more about which is the right choice for your family. We always welcome comments and corrections, to better the browsing experience on our site.

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Brooklyn, NY 11208 | (718) 235-3416

I Love Me Early Childhood Center Inc. (Preschool/Day Care Center) offers equitable child care, after school care and educational experiences for toddlers and preschoolers; in a safe, nurturing environment. We at I Love Me Early Childhood C …


Brooklyn, NY 11223 | (917) 672-1925

Little Scholars is not just a daycare Quentin Road center for your child development. This is the qualified and harmonious development of small explorers of different age categories who require new knowledge, discovering the world in a playful and en …

Little Scholars Learning Center III

Brooklyn, NY 11235 | (917) 672-1925

To be honest, choosing the Sheepshead Bay daycare center is not a simple task, as caregivers to whom you entrust the development of your child should be well-trained and possess an array of personal qualities and characteristics. Highly trained cla …


Brooklyn, NY 11211 | (718) 388-5600

Our philosophy is based on our understanding of ways in which young children learn best. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to guide and nurture each child’s development using materials that aide in their, Social, Physical, Emotional, Aesthetic, Creat …

Wiz Kids Center

Brooklyn, NY 11235 | (646) 580-8443

At Wiz Kids Early Learning Center your child will learn and grow through various structured activities. We offer several different programs from daycare and pre-kindergarten to before and after school care to meet your child’s age and education …

ABC Child Center, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY 11222 | (718) 389-9004

ABC Child Center, Inc. is a fully licensed private daycare/pre-school program that was established in 1993. The program accepts children between the ages of 2 – 5 years. Our program allows you to pick and choose the days your child is to attend on a …


Brooklyn, NY 11214 | (718) 265-0156

ABC Little Star Quality Learning provide a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for children; a place for children to bloom into responsible, considerate and contributing members of the society. We want all our children to have the opportu …


Brooklyn, NY 11233 | (347) 296-4980

The Early Learning Center utilizes the Creative Curriculum to develop and implement lesson plans each week that meet the learning needs of each child. Our focus areas of development are: Social Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Math …


Brooklyn, NY 11201 | (718) 488-7770

At Bright Horizons®, we’re right there with your child – providing an engaging, flexible curriculum that’s designed to inspire children at every age and stage. Built around extensive research, 21st-century technology, and developmentally- appr …

Camba Beacon @ I.S.271

Brooklyn, NY 11233 | (718) 345-5904

CAMBA’s school-based Beacon Community Center at I.S. 271 in Ocean Hill has been administered by CAMBA since 2000. The Beacon at I.S. 271 provides education, recreation, health information, youth development activities, leadership and social services …

Campus After School Program

Brooklyn, NY 11210 | (718) 421-7575

Our program is designed for working parents and will ensure that all children accurately complete his/her homework and have an opportunity to participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities. We pick up from most local public and private sc …


Brooklyn, NY 11201 | (205) 701-3333

20% off the first month of tuition! New location coming soon to 180 Livingston Street! Changing Tomorrow Academy is a Montessori-inspired curriculum developmental program for children from 3 months to 5 years. Our staff has been …


Brooklyn, NY 11215 | (347) 878-8732

Chickpeas is a parent-run cooperative preschool established in 1981. We offer a full-day program for children between the ages of two years, nine months and five years in one multi-aged group. Children may attend three, four or five days a week. The …

Elite Early Childhood Learning Center

Brooklyn , NY 11216 | (718) 773-5070

Play, Learn & Grow. Small Hands. Great Achivements. Highly Qualified, Trained and Experienced Staff. Excellent Care and Quality Education. Promote each child’s individual social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.


Brooklyn, NY 11221 | (718) 443-3917

A.C.E. Integration Head Start (in Bushwick, Brooklyn) was designed and the program was implemented in 1994 to focus on the needs of children. Our purpose as a preschool is to stimulate learning in all developmental areas, while caring for the childre …

Inner Force Tots @ East New York Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11212 | (718) 221-1246

Inner Force Tots offers an enriched extended early childhood education program. Responsive to each child’s needs, a flexible and varied curriculum. Math, Science, Language Arts, Health and Physical Education are introduced in a way that actively enga …


Brooklyn, NY 11234 | (718) 375-4700

Welcome to Itty Bitty Adventures Preschool, located in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn. You can trust that our educational childcare surpasses traditional daycare. Let our experienced faculty help your child develop learning skills at a pace tha . ..

Little Scholars Daycare Center VI

Brooklyn, NY 11226 | (917) 672-1925

Located near Ditmas Park, daycare center team of caring, sympathetic, and responsible Little Scholars professionals strive to provide age-appropriate kid care for all small students, focusing on their cognitive and social development as well as emoti …

Little Scholars Learning Center II

Brooklyn, NY 11224 | (917) 672-1925

Want your children to get all-round development while being sure that they spend their time in a calm, secure, and pleasant environment? Then welcome to the Coney Island daycare Little Scholars! Here children can have fun, communicate with peers, and …

Little Scholars Learning Center V

Brooklyn, NY 11204 | (917) 508-5693

All kids deserve their own special place where they can develop, explore, and grow — and Little Scholars is exactly what your child needs. Our caregivers will motivate children to discover the world around them. Through learning activities that cap . ..

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food prices, real estate, apartment rentals, average wages, crime, population – I want to leave!




Travel time

16h 20 min


Population: 2.56 million

Time: 01:37

Currency: US dollar

Brooklyn is one of New York’s most famous outlying counties, located on the western side of Long Island. It surprisingly organically combines the old buildings of the times of the Dutch village and the newest skyscrapers with the hallmark of the city – the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn has a large number of ethnic neighborhoods with migrants from all over the world, including Russians. The coastal area of ​​Brighton Beach is even called “little Russia” because of the abundance of Russian signs and familiar speech on the streets. It is predominantly inhabited by immigrants from the Soviet Union and the CIS countries.

The climate is temperate continental with significant subtropical influence. This means that here, by Russian standards, the winter is quite warm and humid (−5°C … +6 °C), but the temperature sometimes still drops below -15°. It snows almost every winter. Summer here is hot and humid (from +20°C to +28°C), high temperatures help to transfer winds blowing from the ocean.

Now there are several ways to get here. Among them, the most convenient option is a plane with a transfer in Istanbul. Since Brooklyn is a New York area, it is served by the New York subway system.

It is believed that the cost of living here is somewhat lower than in central New York or Manhattan, and the rhythm of life is more measured. You can rent a small, well-renovated one-room apartment in Brooklyn from $1,200 per month.


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  • All cities
  • Useful links and channels
  • Emigration methods
  • Life of Russians
  • Best cities to move to
  • Crime rate
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  • Secondary and higher education
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  • Mobile communications
  • Business
  • Taxes
  • Banks
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    Standard of living

    cost of living

    37% more

    more expensive


    15% more

    more dangerous

    crime 9000 3



    quality of life

    25% better



    by 29%

    more comfortable


    by 10%


    traffic congestion

    by 27% 9 0003



    the same


    little data

    apartment rent

    71% more

    more expensive

    real estate

    59% more

    more expensive



    more profitable





    Inexpensive restaurant, lunch

    1. 35 thousand ₽

    800 ₽

    A restaurant of the middle category, for two, 3 dishes

    9Local draft beer, 0.5 l.



    Imported beer, 0.33 l., bottle glass



    Cola/Pepsi, 0.33 l. , bottle



    Water, 0.33 l, bottle



    Shops and supermarkets

    Milk, 1 l.



    Loaf of bread, 0.5 kg.



    White rice, 1 kg.



    Eggs, 12 pcs.



    Cheese, local, 1 kg.



    Chicken fillet, 1 kg.



    Beef thigh, 1 kg.

    1.08 thousand ₽


    Apples, 1 kg.



    Bananas, 1 kg.



    Oranges, 1 kg.



    Tomatoes, 1 kg.



    Potato, 1 kg.



    Onion, 1 kg. 1 bunch0003

    127 ₽

    53 ₽

    Bottle of wine (medium price level) 5 l., bottle



    Cigarettes , 1 pack, Marlbro

    1.07 thousand ₽

    200 ₽


    One way ticket (local transport)

    190 ₽

    52 ₽

    Transport card (regular price)

    8 .8 thousand ₽

    2.4 thousand ₽

    Taxi, cost of landing



    Taxi 1 km (regular tariff)

    108 RUB

    15 RUB

    Taxi 1 hour waiting (regular tariff)

    2.25 thousand RUB

    540 RUB

    900 02 Gasoline, 1 l.



    Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW new model (or equivalent)



    9 0002 Toyota Corolla sedan 1.6l 97kW comfort (or similar)

    1.65 million ₽

    2.41 mln ₽


    Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for an apartment 85m2

    9. 17 thousand ₽

    9.13 thousand rubles ₽ ​​

    Local mobile communication 1 minute (excluding discounts and promotional tariffs)

    21 RUB

    2 RUB


    Sports and leisure

    Fitness club, per month . for 1 adult

    4.29 thousand ₽

    3.29 thousand ₽

    Tennis court rental (1 hour on weekends)

    3.72 thousand ₽

    2.01 thousand ₽

    Cinema ticket

    9 0002 1.18 thousand ₽


    Child care

    Private kindergarten, full day, 1 child per month.

    164.47 thousand ₽

    38.6 thousand ₽

    Cost of an international primary school (per 1 child per year)

    1.93 million ₽

    722.06 ₽

    Clothing and footwear

    Jeans (Levis 501 or similar)

    4.01 thousand rubles

    7.42 thousand rubles

    Summer dress in a chain store (Zara, H&M, etc.)

    2.77 thousand rubles ₽ ​​


    Nike sneakers (mid price range)


    $8. 54k

    Men’s business boots

    9.5 2 thousand ₽

    9.52 thousand ₽

    Rental housing

    1 room. apartment in the city center

    195.53 thousand ₽

    70.04 thousand ₽

    1 room apartment not in the central area

    141.97 thousand ₽

    40.37 thousand ₽

    Apartment 3 rooms. in the city center

    311.63 thousand ₽

    135.58 thousand ₽

    Apartment 3 rooms. not in the central area

    215.18 thousand rubles

    72.74 thousand rubles

    Real estate prices

    Price per sq.m. in the central area

    868.57 thousand ₽

    519.39 thousand ₽

    Price 1 sq.m. not in the central area

    662.68 thousand ₽

    269.87 thousand ₽

    Salary and finance

    Average salary (net)

    354.74 thousand ₽ 90 003

    88.91 thousand ₽

    Average mortgage rate for 20 years




    Crime and security



    Crime rate

    900 02 49. 05


    Increase in crime rate over the last 3 years



    Fear of house breaking and robbery



    Fear of robbery

    4 7.45


    Car theft



    Stealing things from a car



    Aggression level of attackers

    45.42 08

    Fear of being offended


    37, 67

    Fear of being physically attacked due to skin color, ethnicity, gender, or religion.



    Drug use and trafficking



    Vandalism and theft (property crimes)

    90 002 48.77


    Armed assaults and violent crimes



    Corruption and bribery



    Safety of a day walk alone



    Safety of a night walk alone


    55.2 2

    Quality of life

    Purchasing power index

    109, 48

    57. 23

    Safety index



    Health index






    Cost of Living Index



    Property Value Value

    Brooklyn Modern Townhouse | AD Magazine

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    White Arrow created a color scheme for a Brooklyn townhouse based on the intricate palette of a painting by artist Raymond Saunders.

    The history of this interior began with a dark mood painting by American artist Raymond Saunders, which the owners of a townhouse in Brooklyn inherited. Designer Keren Richter from White Arrow connected the project’s palette with the color scheme of the canvas and created a warm modernist interior with bright accents.

    Richter tried to create a neutral backdrop, with white walls and ceilings, light wood floors, a graphic black staircase, and a kitchen with expressive honey-colored wood fronts. The painting, a key element of the interior, was placed by the designer in the dining room, thoughtfully matched with an abstract carpet with a mix of dark and light blocks. There is a lot of deep black in the work, which is repeated not only in the design of the carpet, but also in the matte upholstery of chairs with wicker backs.

    Richter also used many wicker elements in other rooms of the house: together with houseplants and light rice paper lamps, they create a sunny, resort atmosphere. Airiness is also emphasized by thin lines: the legs of armchairs, chairs and floor lamps, the abstract pattern of the carpet in the living room. The bright inclusions here are a navy blue sofa and a tapestry in nuanced blues and greens, exactly matching the color fragments in the Saunders painting. The carmine-red touches did not go unnoticed either: in the pastel interior of the dressing room, they appeared with the help of a red velvet armchair.


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    French designer Charles Zana launches Charles Zana Mobilier brand

    Charles Zana Mobilier will debut on February 17th in a new showroom in Paris.


    Virtual exhibition of a private collection of works by Alvar and Aino Aalto

    Alvar Aalto Museum’s Diverse Design – 30 Years of Passionate Collecting exhibition first opened in spring 2021 in Jyväskylä and became a real hit. Now everyone can see it: more than 200 objects are presented online.


    Ovsyanki Kindergarten and Club, 300 m²

    Oatmeal, birds from the order of passerines, have become a symbol of a new type of kindergarten, with a Reggio approach to the development of children and non-standard space.