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7 Park Slope Schools Among Best For Grades K-8: U.S. News

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Park Slope elementary and middle schools were included in the inaugural list ranking more than 80,000 U.S. schools.

Gabby DeBenedictis, Patch Staff



PARK SLOPE, BROOKLYN — Several elementary and middle schools in Park Slope have been ranked among the best in New York, according to a brand-new ranking released Tuesday by U. S. News & World Report.

For the inaugural list, U.S. News published rankings and data on more than 80,000 public elementary and middle schools across the United States.

Schools are ranked at the state and district levels. The best charter schools and best magnet schools ranked as stand-alone categories.

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U.S. News ranked M.S. 51 William Alexander as the highest in the state among schools in Park Slope, according to the new list. M.S. 51 William Alexander was ranked No. 25 statewide.

Here’s a look at how other schools in Park Slope ranked compared with others in the state:

Find out what’s happening in Park Slopewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

No. 32: The Math & Science Exploratory School
No. 42: New Voices School of Academic and Creative Arts
No. 334: MS 88 Peter Rouget
No. 595: PS 282 Park Slope
No. 715: Park Slope Collegiate
No. 750: Park Place Community Middle School

To determine the rankings, U.S. News used data from the U.S. Department of Education to analyze two areas at each school:

  • Math and reading proficiency — or how well students perform on state assessments.
  • Math and reading performance — or how well they perform compared with expectations.

The state assessment data used in the rankings is from the 2018-19 school year and, therefore, predates any effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on test-taking.

Schools were also ranked by district. Here’s how elementary and middle schools in New York City Public Schools measured up:

1. PS 122 Mamie Fay
2. IS 187 Christa Mcauliffe School
3. Baccalaureate School for Global Education
4. East Side Middle School
5. New Explorations Into Sciencetech and Math High School

Nationally, California has 5,534 ranked elementary schools — the most of any state — followed by Texas at 4,446; New York at 2,211; Florida at 2,128; and Illinois at 2,038 schools.

California also has the most ranked middle schools with 2,319, followed by Texas at 1,942; Illinois at 1,243; New York at 1,219; and Florida at 997.

See the complete list of 2021’s Best K-8 Schools.

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Neighborhoods with the best schools in Brooklyn

Written by Alejandro Bermudez
May 12 2022

Moving with a family can be overwhelming, considering finding the right neighborhood, and hunting for a suitable apartment. If you are moving to Brooklyn, looking for a safe, family-friendly neighborhood with the best schools is the most important thing you should do. With approximately 66 neighborhoods, Brooklyn is three times larger than Manhattan, and there are plenty of top-rated both public and private schools located here. Here’s a list of some neighborhoods with the best schools in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is an exclusive residential area, bounded by Old Fulton Street near the Brooklyn Bridge on the north, Atlantic Avenue on the south, Cadman Plaza West on the east, and the East River on the west. This is a quiet neighborhood that features a few streets with “slow zones” where the speed is limited to 20 mph, making them safer for pedestrians.

The majority of Brooklyn’s elite private schools are located here, like the famous St. Ann and the co-ed Packer Collegiate Institute. Many families from other boroughs of the NY send their children to those schools. The public elementary schools are also highly rated and in demand. Brooklyn Heights also has museums, historic buildings, Brooklyn Bridge Park and other parks, and family-friendly events, for keeping young learners occupied.

Park Slope

It’s located in northern Brooklyn, close to Manhattan, and most of its population are young families. There are a lot of great apartments in Park Slope, but the rent is more expensive here than in other neighborhoods. But it’s worth every penny to live here. It’s a family-friendly neighborhood with beautiful brownstone houses, tree-lined streets with wide sidewalks ideal for long strolls, and access to Prospect Park, where you can go birdwatching or host a picnic. To most people, this is the best place to live in Brooklyn, because it’s safe and has an excellent school system. There are several great playgrounds in the area, and the annual parades for Halloween and St. Patric’s Day are simply amazing.

Park Slope has some of the best public and private schools in New York City, highly rated for student performance.

In William Penn Elementary School, which serves grades K-5, children learn to think thoroughly and learn independently and responsibly. The school does a great job of challenging top students and giving additional support to students who need extra help. Children with special needs are integrated into the regular classroom with full-time support.

Local favorite public schools are P.S. 321, which has been rated as one of the best elementary schools in NY, Millenium Brooklyn High School, P.S. 107, P.S. 39, and P.S. 118. The most favorable private schools are Berkeley Carrol School and Poly Prep Country Day School.


This is another family-friendly neighborhood that is considered a good place for moving with your family. It borders Greenpoint to the north, Bedford-Stuyvesant to the south, Bushwick to the east, and East River to the west. In recent years, it has changed from a regular hipster area to an area more appealing to families, with a lot of options for Williamsburg apartment rentals. It’s populated with diverse ethnicities and offers an interesting mix of old and new buildings. The residents are peaceful and friendly people.

The food is legendary here, from restaurants that offer different cuisines, to popular and inexpensive street food. A variety of parks and green places provide plenty of outdoor activities for children and adults. One of the largest Brooklyn libraries is located here, the Williamsburg Library, and it offers lots of events and online programs.

Some of the best schools are located in this neighborhood, like Williamsburg Northside Elementary School, New Explorations into Science, Technology & Math School, and Success Academy Williamsburg.

Cobble Hill / Boerum Hill / Carrol Gardens

These small neighborhoods are next to each other and share similar vibes and features. Cobble Hill is located next to Boerum Hill and Brooklyn Heights, with Carroll Gardens to the south.

Cobble Hill is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Located just south of the Brooklyn downtown, it’s very close to all attractions that downtown has to offer but away enough from the noise and the city hustle. Some of the highest-performing public schools are located in this area: P. S. 29, P.S. 261, and P.S. 38.

P.S. 29 John M. Harrigan is located in Cobble Hill, and offers education for pre-K and K-5 students. It’s a public school, but it’s progressive enough to compete with any private school in the area. The students connect studies with real-life and participate in discussions and decisions in the classroom. The school promotes writing, so there’s a journalism club where the students can write articles for “P.S. 29 Post”. Parents also take participation in school clubs and programs.

Popular Charter school Success Academy has 45 schools in New York City, and one of them is located in Cobble Hill.

Boerum Hill

The Boerum Hill School for International Studies has a dynamic and supportive learning community and stands in opposition to racism, classism, discrimination, and any other forms of oppression.

There are a lot of French-speaking residents in this area. So, the private International School of Brooklyn, located in Carrol Gardens, provides dual-language programs in French and Spanish for pre-K learners to eighth grade.

Like many other top-rated Brooklyn schools, public schools are sometimes overcrowded, and some of them are considered for relocation.

If you settle in these neighborhoods, some of the best Brooklyn public schools will be just nearby: Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn International High School, P.S. 11 Purvis J Behan Elementary School, and P.S. 8 The Robert Fulton School. Lots of parks and playgrounds make these neighborhoods very convenient for children.


All of the neighborhoods mentioned above provide the highest standards regarding safety, attractions, and opportunities for kids and families. So whatever you choose, you won’t be sorry. When you choose the neighborhood you’d like to live in, start looking for an apartment to rent.

Finding the best apartment you can afford is not that easy. So, consider hiring a reliable apartment rental agency Brooklyn to help you find your dream apartment. With the help of a professional renting agency, your life is going to be a lot easier. Professionals know how to help you find the perfect apartment in Brooklyn. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and check our offers on Brooklyn rentals in the Brooklyn neighborhoods with the best schools for your children.

New York Private Schools: Best Schools, Cost

Features of private schools in New York, their pros and cons, the secrets of choosing the right boarding house

Ask a question about New York private schools

What is the difference between private schools in New York, how to choose the right boarding school and what amounts should those who want to study in the USA expect? We answer common questions from parents.

Features of secondary education in the USA

The American school is distinguished from the Russian one by several important features. First of all, this is the duration of training: the basic school course of the High School Diploma lasts 12 years. It includes Elementary school – elementary school, Middle school – high school from grade 6 to grade 8, High school – grades 9-12, where students are preparing to enter the university. After that, you can spend an additional year at the school to take the Advanced Placement course. You can also study in the USA under the International Baccalaureate program.

An important point is extra-curricular activities, physical education and social activities, which are given no less attention than academic disciplines. Achievements in sports, creativity and volunteering add points to the graduate when entering the university.

As for the affiliation of secondary schools, there are public and private schools in the United States. The latter are divided into day schools and boarding schools. Non-residents have the right to study in a public school for only one year, so most foreign children study in private ones.

Best Private Schools in New York

Hackley School

Hackley School is a college preparatory school: only grades 9-12 study here. Compulsory disciplines correspond to traditional liberal arts education: to obtain a certificate, you must pass an English and foreign language program, three years of history, mathematics, three years of natural sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), a year of performing or visual arts. The choice of additional courses and electives is extremely wide: from philosophy and economics to computer science, from marine biology to music theory. By the way, Hackley has its own music school where you can learn to play any instrument and take vocal lessons. School football, ski racing, fencing, lacrosse, track and field teams replenish the piggy bank of sports achievements every year, and the Hackley squash team is one of the best in the country.

The Stony Brook School

Another school to prepare for the university, teenagers aged 13-18 study here. Included in the Preparatory Ivy League, and is one of its first members. The emphasis in the curriculum is on an interdisciplinary approach, as well as the development of students’ critical thinking and the ability to reason, to argue their point of view in writing. The school offers 21 Advanced Placement courses and numerous elective courses in engineering, innovation and design, ethics and politics, and creativity. The school has an innovation center where children learn programming and robotics. You can train or implement your projects at Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Every student at Stony Brook plays a sport.

Leman Manhattan Preparatory School

Léman Manhattan teaches children from kindergarten through grade 12 according to the standard American curriculum, with an individual curriculum for each student. You can also study under the IB program.

The school is located in the heart of New York, in Manhattan. It is very well equipped: there is a huge library, modern computer classes, music and art studios, a large sports center with a swimming pool. Léman teachers use many special programs in teaching that make education as technologically advanced as possible: courses in computer graphics, digital video, etc. The school also offers many sports and creative activities.

Whitestone Academy

Children aged 11-18 study at Whitestone Academy. The school is distinguished by a family atmosphere and small class sizes: there are only 140 students, and there are 11 children per teacher. In addition to academic training, students are offered a varied sports program, interactive activities, creative workshops and circles, excursions and trips. 90% of graduates successfully enter universities.

Dwight School

The youngest students of this school are 3 years old, the oldest – 19. The school is part of the international Dwight network, which, in addition to the campus in New York, also includes schools in London, Seoul, Dubai and Shanghai – this allows students to participate in intercultural educational programs. Dwight School is one of the oldest private schools in the city, but at the same time one of the most innovative. The three pillars of their work are individual approach, social development and global education. The program includes many disciplines and implies the mandatory application of theoretical knowledge in practice. High school students can get internships in large companies.

Private school in New York: pros and cons

Private American schools have advantages that public schools cannot offer:

  • Unique learning experience;

  • Excellent academic preparation, allowing you to enter the best universities;

  • Innovations in teaching and the best teachers;

  • Comfort and safety;

  • Development of self-discipline and independence;

  • Opportunities for personal growth;

  • International study programs;

  • A variety of extracurricular activities – creativity, sports, interest clubs;

  • small classes;

  • High level of English at the end of school;

  • Useful acquaintances and friendships that last a lifetime.

Of course, studying in a private school does not consist of only pluses. Future students and their parents should take into account the shortcomings of private schools and the potential difficulties of such education:

  • High prices. Education in private schools is quite expensive, but even more expensive are boarding schools, where accommodation and meals are included in the price.

  • Separation from family. Some children have difficulty with it, sometimes leading to problems such as boarding school syndrome. Before sending a child to study in another country, it is important to make sure that he is psychologically ready for this.

  • Difficulties of adaptation. It takes time to get used to a different educational system, a new setting and environment.

  • The problem of choice: without the help of a specialist, it is quite difficult to find out which school is best for a child.

Tuition fees

The best private schools in New York offer intensive and versatile education, comfortable accommodation and vivid impressions. Such opportunities are expensive: the minimum price for a year of study at the school from our selection is $28,500, the maximum is $63,200.

Accommodation options

For foreign children who study in private schools in the United States, there are two options for accommodation: a boarding house or a host family. Most often, parents choose the first option when children live in residences on school grounds. But some day schools do not provide such an opportunity, and then you can resort to the services of a host family. In this case, children spend school days at school, and evenings and weekends at home. Of course, such families go through a rigorous selection process before accepting foreign children, and undergo regular checks.

New York Boarding Schools: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements?

Requirements vary by school policy. In any case, you will need an academic transcript (grade statement), letters of recommendation from teachers, an English language exam certificate. Younger students, as a rule, pass only an interview, however, in schools with competitive selection, there are also entrance tests in the main subjects – both for high school students and for secondary school students. You may need a letter of motivation and evidence of personal achievement – diplomas, certificates, etc. A study abroad consultant will help you find out the requirements of specific schools.

How to choose a private school in New York?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a school. First, it is necessary to find out the academic features of candidate schools: what programs they offer, what methods they use, what abilities the child is ready to develop.

Secondly, it is necessary to compare schools in terms of living conditions. The child will have to spend several years at school, so it is important to take into account all the little things: where he will sleep, what to eat, what surrounds the campus, what is nearby – in a word, you need to find out everything related to the concept of “comfort”.

Thirdly, find out if schools are oriented towards foreign students, and if so, what is being done to adapt children.

How old can you be to apply?

The optimal age is 12-13 years old: it is already easier for a child to part with their parents and get used to a new environment, but there is still time to get involved in the educational process, learn the language and calmly prepare for the university. It should be borne in mind that admission to a private American school takes about a year: during this time you need to choose a boarding school, improve your language, collect documents and apply, and then get a visa and prepare for departure.

Private school in New York with Allterra Education

To make studying abroad as effective as possible, you need to have comprehensive information and know how to apply it. Allterra Education specialists will tell you about other features of New York schools, help you collect documents for the ideal school and enroll in it, and then supervise your child throughout the entire education.

Choosing a school when moving to the US / Sudo Null IT News

Many people with children who are planning to move to the US have heard about the need to carefully choose their area of ​​residence. It is especially important to understand which schools belong to the chosen address.

After a move, the head is usually spinning and there is no time to sort out the intricacies. It is important to understand and remember the following: websites of real estate agencies and aggregators like Zillow do not provide up-to-date and correct information about whether a particular address belongs to a particular school!

Below is a step-by-step guide to identifying schools associated with a specific address and analyzing those schools.

First, a small cheat sheet (information may vary slightly for different states):

Elementary School – c K (Kindergarten) to 5th grade (from 5/6 to 10/11 years)

Middle School – from 6th to 8th grade (from 11 to 14/ 15 years old)

High School – 9th to 12th grade (15 to 18 years old)

K-8 – combined Elementary + Middle, more common in new development areas and sparsely populated areas.

Charter school – charter schools. Private schools funded by the state. They require a separate story. In short, a good charter school is chosen by lot. Therefore, they cannot be guided as a “default” school

Magnet school – specialized schools with additional subjects.

Sometimes it is possible to study in the same school for all ages K-12 (more often in different buildings). It is important to understand that in this case, the school ratings will most often refer to High School.

In any case, you should carefully read and check all the information in each case.

1) By far one of the most convenient sites for finding real estate is

You can start searching with it. The interface of the site is intuitive, but the boundaries of the districts related to schools are not completely and not always correct.

For the initial review, you can make a filter by the rating of schools by turning off private, charter schools and choosing a rating of more than 7. Decent areas are already visible by the concentration of good schools. Please note that Zillow uses data from the website, the interpretation of which is a separate conversation.

So, we roughly determined the area where we want to live. Having turned on the filter by the price of rent or purchase, we are sadly convinced that there are very few options.

But it’s important to make sure the options we have are right for us.

View information about the selected object:

In this case, the work of checking the correctness of information about the school was done by the agent. And his information confirms Zillow’s data. This is a rather rare option, but even in this case, I recommend making sure the information is correct.

Another picture is more often seen:

Here is a strange situation. Only Elementary and Middle are listed on Zillow. The agent gives three schools, but the Middle school is different.

Let’s try to figure it out and find these schools

Go to the next step:

2) Determine the County we are interested in.

County is the smallest autonomous territorial unit in the United States. There are more than 3000 of them in total. They are responsible for the schools in their territory. The biggest problem is that counties most often have unique websites, registration systems, accounting, etc.

Very often, counties divide one city into several parts. Sometimes in quite unexpected ways. Orlando (FL) split example:

As you can see, Orlando is divided into 3 counties. And 3 more counties cover the outlying suburbs.
You can determine the county using the service or similar.

I’m sure everyone knows what a ZIP is, but let me remind you that this is a five-digit postal code, usually indicated at the end of the address, after the state name. In the examples above, ZIP 32828 and 32746.
On the resource above, we make sure that this is Orange County and Seminole County

3) We are looking for a link to a service for determining whether schools belong to an address. Due to the fact that the sites of all counties are different and saturated with information, it is often difficult to quickly find the way to the service. The easiest option is to type a request in Google, like: “ orange county school enrollment

Google will helpfully give you the link you need. We go through it and fill out the form. It seems that everything is obvious here, but here the lack of a unified approach begins to affect and bugs and glitches appear. Sometimes there is sensitivity to case, extra spaces, etc.

If a particular house fails to “break through”, you need to check a couple of neighboring ones, taking the address from the same Zillow.

There is also an alternative option – to find a map of school zones on the county website, but it is often difficult to clearly define the boundaries there.

Fill in and get the list of schools:

takes children from kindergarten to 8th grade inclusive.

For Seminole County, the picture is completely different:

Please note that the real situation does not match either the agent data or the Zillow website data.

Moreover, some Region2 is specified for Elementary. This means that several Elementary schools are linked to this address at once. We get a specific list by clicking on the link:

Specifically, for the 2nd region – three Elementary at once, and one of them is Magnet – i.e. with specialization.

Unfortunately, these schools usually differ greatly in quality. Parents can choose, but when places run out in a good school, lottery begins. In short, if there is a bad school on the list, and you start studying from the middle of the year, the chances are very high that you will end up in the worst one, since there will no longer be places in good schools.

Now we need to check the quality of schools. To do this, go to the next step.

4) We break through the school on rating sites. In the US, there are several popular school evaluation websites that differ in their methods. It is worth paying attention to the following:

Every site has pros and cons. The analysis of the school on all sites allows you to get an integrated assessment.

Luckily, Google does the crawling:

Note that Schooldigger is the least popular site and doesn’t always rank on the first page. But, in this case, we were lucky and the links go in a row.

Another problem is that due to the popularity of some names, there may be several schools with the same name in different states. We need to keep a close eye on this, paying attention to County.

Let’s try to consider the result.


It is Niche that many realtors are guided by when they promise “A-rated School”

However, the problem is that the Niche rating is integral and only partially depends on academic success. It can be seen that this school has A + only for diversity. The ethnic composition is implied: Latinos, Black American, etc.

You can see more details below:

Another important indicator “Free or Reduced Lunch” is an indirect indicator of income level. The lower this figure, the better.

6) Now let’s see Greatschool

Here the score is on a 10-point scale. 4/10 – bad.

This site has the most reviews, where parents and students rate the school. This also needs to be paid attention to.

If you watch the school on 9/10 or 10/10, read the reviews carefully. Parents often complain that they put a lot of pressure on their children to get good grades. They describe bullying, etc.

7) And, finally, the least popular rating on schooldigger.

I like this site because it is the most convenient way to view academic results. The position of the school in the overall ranking throughout the state is also visible: 1451 places out of all 2118 Elementary schools in all of Florida. Badly.

Apparently, the realtor in this case tried to mislead.

Really at “4540 Messina Dr, Lake Mary, FL 32746” there is a small chance of getting into a good Lake Mary Elementary School, but a much higher chance of getting into a bad Wicklow Elementary.