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ABC Mouse Review 2023 plus FREE ABC PRINTABLES for parents!

If you are considering ABCmouse for your child, I’ve done extensive research for you so that you can decide if it’s for you! Check out my ABCmouse review below and feel free to leave a comment if you have any further info for us.

One of the most popular learning programs, ABCmouse is well-known by parents all over and many, many kids have really benefitted from it. There are lots of options out there, though, so you are smart to do a little bit of research.

I’ve taken the time and really dug into the ins and outs of this app for you, as a mom, and as a former teacher and I’m happy to share all that I’ve learned with you so that you can make a great choice!

Oh – and I’ve got a link to not only free 26 alphabet printable pages for you, but ALSO a set of free beginning sounds alphabet flashcards, plus lots of other free reading goodies – just scroll a little further down to the bottom of the page.

*You’ll find on the page Affiliate links. I get a small percent of the sale at no cost to you for clicks or purchases. See full disclosure here. 

ABCmouse: More than 850 Lessons Across 10 Levels curriculum is a carefully designed program of more than 850 lessons in ten levels. Each time your child completes a lesson, he or she is guided to the next activity, motivated to continue learning by the’s Tickets and Rewards System.

Get more info:

Just as an FYI before I get into my review below, these are the three programs from the same company in case you are curious to try them out. The first is of course the well-known ABCmouse, then you have Adventure Academy (great for older kids!), and also you can check out ReadingIQ, a wonderful library of endless book choices.

in the picture: A look inside ABCmouse and 30 Free Days.

Get more info: http://www.

Shown: Adventure Academy from the makers of ABCmouse. Great for kids who have outgrown ABCmouse and need a move up & tons of FUN!

Get more info:

in the picture: A look inside the Level One portion of the complete kit.

Get more info:

ABCmouse Reviews

ABCmouse Reviews – Whenever I purchase something new for myself or my family, I ALWAYS check out any online reviews I can find. Usually Amazon has a ton of reviews for just about anything, and I always like to check out Common Sense reviews, plus I go and ask all the MOMs in the Facebook boards I frequent.

So, here’s what I found for each:

     -ABCmouse Reviews on Amazon:

Yes, you can purchase the app through Amazon! (You can get anything from Amazon, right?). From the over 5100 reviews (the last time I checked), 63% of the reviews are 5 stars.

Here is one of the best positive reviews: “Fun way to keep my son’s skills active and engaged over the summer. Very pleased with this app. Great value.”.

And another: “Wonderful company and customer service. This product is the best decision I have made for furthering my children’s education. I highly recommend.”

I always want to hear from the bad reviews too. I gathered that the majority of them came from folks who were frustrated about trying to cancel (although some wanted a refund after months of using it, or just tried to cancel after the cutoff date), some bad reviews came from problems with connection, and others whose child just didn’t take to it.

If you would like to see the full page of Amazon reviews for ABCmouse, you can check that out here.

     -ABCmouse Reviews from Common Sense Media

I love Common Sense Media because I’ve had great luck in finding out what movies, tv shows and games are appropriate for my kiddos.

You can get separate reviews from the kids, and then from the parents.

The Common Sense Media reviews for ABCmouse were somewhat ambiguous, in my opinion. In summary, the good mentioned was in the content (particularly positive comments for the ReadingIQ), and the fact that ads are not shown in the child area of the app.

The negative mentioned was in the “busyness” of the program – being too much for little ones, and that the rewarding is by letting kids go shopping to buy items in the game.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with either of these points, though! My kids get bored easily, and having more to do in an app just makes it that much better (and will last longer in my house!)

     -ABCmouse Reviews from Facebook Mom group boards

Here’s what the moms have to say from Facebook. On one thread, the question was posed, “Is ABCmouse worth the money?

Out of the 158 responses, lots of moms said their child loved it – several preferred Homer &/or Reading Eggs, but many said it was worthwhile for their family, primarily for younger children or struggling readers.

To note, this thread was created in June 2019 and no one mentioned having trouble unsubscribing.

ABCmouse video

To give you a little more insight, check out this ABC mouse video:

ABCmouse Reviews BBB (Better Business Bureau)

So me being a bit fanatical about checking out all the reviews I can find before buying I even checked out the BBB for you. Keep in mind that all you’re really going to find there is what’s been reported as negative toward a company. You aren’t going to hear what is good, so know that.

I was prepared with an open mind, and I feel pretty good about ABCmouse after reading all the complaints I could.

Of the complaints listed toward ABCmouse, most were resolved and all I could see had at least been attempted to be resolved by the company (Age of Learning).

Also, it seemed to me that many customers just don’t understand automatic billing. I know it’s frustrating, but if you sign up for something that is clearly stated to automatically take out from your account or credit card at the next billing period, that is what you should expect.

You can check out for yourself this report here.

ABCmouse Starter Pack (New offer!)

The pack contains:

Six ABCmouse workbooks, plus

Three sticker sheets to make learning extra fun, 

Plus more learning materials! You can grab this and get your first month free HERE.


CLICK HERE to grab ABCmouse for the 1 Month Free Trial.


ABCmouse App

It’s a fun little app! There are a TON of things for kids to do in the program, and for kids today, that’s a good thing.

Here is a screenshot of the home screen. You can see the options listed. There are fun places to go, like the Zoo area. the Classroom, or the Farm. There are also extra activities and other fun things to choose from.


Here’s one of the areas your child can go to from the Home Screen: The Learning Path, which keeps your child moving along the path on their level.

In the Farm area (below), there are lots of places to visit and do activities. .

Although I’m only showing you a few screenshots of the many activities available on ABCmouse, here’s one I thought was really fun. Puzzles at different levels of difficulty. Easy to maneuver and good for kids!

And here is a pic of the “Classroom” in ABCmouse. Lots of potential learning and fun activities for kids to find on this screen:

ABCmouse Teacher Reviews

I’m giving you the rundown on what I’ve learned in the teacher Facebook groups I’m a part of.

In general, teachers like ABCmouse and recommend it.

The comments I read are almost all positive, as long as a parent is not FORCING their young one to spend a certain amount of time on it a day. If you are a teacher or parent on Facebook or just in the know, you’ll realize how much of our youngest children’s learning is being (or should be) directed towards PLAY.

For this reason, teachers recommend it as a tool for kids to learn through enjoyment.

Also, teachers love it because they can sign themselves and their classrooms up for FREE! Woot!

ABCmouse Age Appropriateness Guide

The workbook/dvd set for Level 1 is perfect for ages 3-4, where children are in the pre-reader, early emergent stage of reading.   So this age group is perfect for the app or workbooks as well.

ABCmouse Coupon – Most recent coupons & deals

Here are the current deals that are going on for ABCmouse. There is the Two Years deal for $99 and also the awesome 2 Month Sale for $5. If you are planning to do the Free month but just aren’t sure if 30 days is enough time to know if you like the app or not, the $5 deal might really be a great option!

I’ve also read and heard of parents who have found good deals for ABCmouse on Groupon. So you could check that out too!

ABCmouse Free – How to get it!

If it’s free – it’s for me! If you feel the same, check out these FREE ways to use ABCmouse.

First, as I’ve mentioned above, you can get the first 30 days free with the trial. If you do this, if you decide not to continue, make sure you decide and cancel if needed BEFORE you get billed for the next billing cycle.

Next, if you are a teacher, you can sign up to get it free AND free for your classroom!

And – of course, if you are not a teacher, you can always ask you child’s teacher or school if they have an an account.

Another idea – and I don’t know if it will work or not, but try asking your local library if they have an ABCmouse account for members. Maybe they will and you can sign on!

ABCmouse Price

So, to sum up about ABCmouse Price – 

You can try it for 30 days free, or sign up for a free teacher account.

After 30 days, you’ll pay $9.95 per month.

However, I strongly suggest that you wait for a sale, because they come around often! I always keep the latest deal I can find up at the top of this page for you, so bookmark it and keep coming back..

ABCmouse FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are a few questions that I see commonly asked about ABCmouse on the internet, and the best answers I’ve found:

Can ABCmouse be used on multiple devices?

Yes, the ABCmouse app can be used across many different personal devices, plus your desktop for the full ABCmouse.

What ages are appropriate for children to use ABCmouse?

Most children using the app or finding the app fun and interesting will be between the ages of 2-6.

How much does ABCmouse cost? 

Aside from the 30 day free trial, ABCmouse is a subscription billing at $9.95. They frequently have discounts that you can check on their homepage at

Does ABCmouse help teach your child to read?

For sure! The “Great Reading Show” area in the app is a great way to introduce the alphabet and letter sounds if a pre-reader still needs these skills before diving in.

ABCmouse can help in the instruction of reading by helping children practice letter sounds and putting them together to form words after they have already been taught.

ABCmouse Alternative Options

If you are looking for an ABCmouse alternative option, I would recommend the Hooked on Phonics program, that has a 30 Day Hooked On Phonics trial 

You can read my Hooked on Phonics review if you would like more details!

So – Is ABCmouse worth it?

Definitely a great little program for your young learner. I loved it for my kids. If you have a beginning reader, or especially a struggling reader, you will love this amazing kid’s program. There are so many activities included to help build phonics and reading skills.

It has pros and cons, as they all do, but it’s worth a look for your collection of learning tools.

If nothing else, I’d definitely say it’s worth it for the free trial!

If you have had ABCmouse for your kids, let me know in the comments what your experience was like!

FREEBIE FOR YOU! Did you sign up for ABCmouse? 

After you do that, hop on over to this page to access your free alphabet printables, beginning sounds flashcards and other freebies. (See a pic below of a sample of what you’ll get.)


Happy reading!



Other Free Educational Websites for Kindergarteners and Up..

Kindergarten Resources

Online Resources (covers multiple subjects)

  • https://www.
  • Redeem Code: SCHOOL6364 (This code will work for all 3 products below.)
    • For Children in Preschool Through 2nd Grade ABCmouse, Early Learning Academy: Please visit and redeem your access code. 
    • For Children In Preschool through 6th Grade ReadingIQ: Please visit and redeem your access code. 
    • For Children in 3rd Through 8th Grade Adventure Academy: Please visit and redeem your access code.

Hands-on Activities

  • Use Playdough to make words, letters, numbers
  • Write in the dirt with a stick
  • Write green and orange words or math equations or numbers  on sticky notes or paper and spread them around the house or outside and have your child find them.  
  • Put the above items in Easter eggs and hide them. 
  • Measure how many steps it takes to get from one spot to the other, ie. the yard, patio, the kitchen, the bathroom, ect. Then compare it to another place
  • Measure using objects (markers, crayons, blocks) how long the table is or how tall someone is
  • How many times can you jump or jump rope 
  • How many hopes does it take to get from point a to point b
  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Go on a letter hunt, how many items can you find that start with a letter or end with a letter or can you find something for each letter
  • Paint with water or paint letters and numbers ‘
  • Help cook dinner
  • Vacuum
  • Sweep
  • Put away dishes




  • Volcano 
  • We used a sand pail and put a small cup in the pail so that the open part of the cup was against the bottom of the pail, then we filled it with mud. We dumped that out onto the ground, put some baking soda in, then poured some vinegar in.
  • How it Works:
    • A chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda creates a gas called carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the same type of gas used to make the carbonation in sodas. What happens if you shake up a soda? The gas gets very excited and tries to spread out. There is not enough room in the bottle for the gas to spread out so it leaves through the opening very quickly, causing an eruption!
  • Extra Experiments:
    1. Does the amount of vinegar change the eruption?
    2. Does the amount of water change the eruption?
    3. Does the amount of baking soda change the eruption?



  • ​

Social Studies

Where I live


Login to i-Ready

Class Dojo Portfolio

  • If you use an IOS device
    • https://youtu. be/t6txmMjX_UU 
  • If you use an android device
  • If you are using a computer you will need a link. Let us know and we will send that to you.
  • Here are the written instructions

Read Aloud Kindergarten

Alligator Baby

You Silly Goose

Mouse’s First Spring

English Alphabet With Cookie Png , Mouse, English Alphabet, Alphabet For Kids PNG Images and Clipart PNG Images and PNG Clipart and PNG Image and Cliparts for Free Download 0002 Special Offer

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Pngtree>Vector >Food >Cookie

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You can download the English Alphabet Cookie PNG images with transparent background for free, just click Download PNG on the right. Whether you just need a transparent PNG image or add a new background to your image, mouse, english alphabet, kids alphabet PNG vector images (EPS or AI) are also available for you to edit your design in Illustrator. They can be downloaded from the link “Download EPS (AI)”.

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002 free

  • english alphabet c for cookie vector illustration


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  • english alphabet red metallic


  • gold english alphabet


  • hand stereocop English alphabet


  • v donut design alphabets


  • chocolate candy drawing 9 0002 Free

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  • Similar alphabet background on white background

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