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We have seen our son grow so much in the year he has been at TopHat, particularly in his language and social skills. His teachers are warm and experienced and clearly take great joy in the progress our son has made. We have also been very grateful for the responsiveness and flexibility of the School Director. It is a great team.

My son joined TopHat at 4 months old. As a first time parent, I was nervous about it, but we were able to meet the Infant room teacher, Ms. Hiru and we felt more at ease. Over the year of our son being in the Infant room, Ms. Hiru has been absolutely incredible. She is always communicative with parents, works with the infants on their mobile and mental development, and maybe most importantly to me – she truly loves my son and makes him feel safe and cared for (sometimes he doesn’t want to leave!). We just love her!! Our son also spends some afternoons with Ms. Estella and she is fantastic too!
We appreciate all the teachers and admin at TopHat – it’s so nice to see other teachers and students know who our son is and enjoy interacting with him. In the front office, Patty is always quick to respond to emails and calls. If we ever have an issue, she is quick to sort it out and take action. There is also a monthly PTA meeting so parents know what’s happening at TopHat and an app so we can see photos and track our sons eating/napping progress throughout the day. We appreciate the community TopHat has built!

We had the pleasure of entrusting two children to Top Hat and cannot express enough how impressed we are with the exceptional care and nurturing environment provided by this daycare. From the moment we walked through the doors, we felt a sense of warmth and professionalism that immediately put us at ease.
The staff at Top Hat are truly amazing. Each and every member of the team exhibits a genuine passion for working with children, and their dedication to their profession is evident in the way they interact with the kids. They create a safe, loving, and stimulating environment that fosters growth, learning, and socialization.
Our children have thrived under their care, gaining confidence, developing new skills, and forming beautiful friendships.
The daycare facilities at Top Hat are top-notch. The premises are clean, organized, and designed with the safety and comfort of the children in mind. They have age-appropriate play areas, stimulating toys, and a variety of activities that engage children’s imaginations and creativity.
We wholeheartedly recommend Top Hat to any parent seeking an exceptional daycare for their child. This daycare has exceeded our expectations in every way, and we are incredibly grateful for the love, care, and support they provide to my child.

Our daughter is currently in the infant room and loves her teachers Ms. Marbely and Ms. Lilia. Every morning we drop her off, she has a huge smile on her face. The app gives us constant updates and even pictures of her throughout the day. We are very happy with our choice in daycare.

Our daughter has been at Top Hat from about 5 months old until her current age of 18 months. We love Top Hat and so does she. It’s a clean and safe environment, the teachers are friendly and always greet her with a smile, and the administration does a good job of communicating with parents. We have been very happy with our choice of daycare!

Our daughter is currently in the infant room and loves going to Top Hat each day. Ms. Marbely and Ms. Lilia are so loving and caring. The directors are also very thorough with email communications to parents. We have been happy with our choice in daycare so far

My two children have been to this daycare and we love it. My son has learned so much and he loves going to school. The teachers are caring and great. Ms. Patty is always available to answer any questions. We would definitely recomend Top Hat

My son truly enjoyed coming here but this place is anything but a Montessori. In fact it is a business and if your child is anything but normal according to their standards they will abruptly end caring for them.
Jessica Xu was an amazing director and a true advocate for children. She always saw the innocence in our son and knew that every child learns in his/her own way. Ever since she left we lost our son’s biggest advocate.
Out of the blue my wife was called to a meeting where the owner and acting director decided that our son was not a good fit for their environment. They suspected that our son has some form of ADD and was hindering the other children from learning. On their website under about us it clearly says “we work with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD.”
We decided to get our son an evaluation and even contacted our speech therapist for help. The speech therapist offered to give the school pointers on how to help our son focus. They agreed to give it a try and reevaluate after three weeks.
During the last week the acting director emailed my wife offering us an extension for another month. This gave us a glimmer of hope that maybe our son had improved in their eyes. We had been scrambling looking for a new place to no success so the month extension was a relief.
Less than 48 hours later my wife received another email from the acting director. They had rescinded the previous offer saying one of the teachers will be out for the next month and that his last day will be the end of the week. The least they could have done was contact us by phone. This felt like the equivalent to “break-up over text.”
Now we are left with no childcare after this weekend. If anyone out there has any recommendations please help us.

Unprofessional and untrustworthy administration. Maria Montessori would not be proud of this place. Do not send your children here, they only care about their business not your child.

My daughter likes her teacher and her classmates lot. The facility is clean and nice. They care about my child’s well-being. Definitely recommended this school.

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