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Lovable Us Childcare

1113 Joy Ave
Akron OH 44306
(330) 724-4451
Licensed Type B Family Child Care Home. SUTQ Rating: …

Ebony Brooks Daycare
(330) 414-4413
Licensed Type B Family Child Care Home. SUTQ Rating: …

St Paul’s Nursery School

1361 W Market St
Akron OH 44313
(330) 836-2355
Licensed Child Care Center. SUTQ Rating: …

Head Start at Summit Lake

390 W. Crosier Street
Akron OH 44311
(330) 940-1090
Licensed Child Care Center. SUTQ Rating: …

Lakeview Christian Preschool
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4613 S Main St
Akron OH 44319
(330) 644-8809
Licensed Child Care Center. SUTQ Rating: …

Smart Start Enrichment

436 Noble Avenue
Akron OH 44320
(330) 328-3902
Licensed Type B Family Child Care Home. SUTQ Rating: …

Head Start at Helen Arnold

450 Vernon Odum Blvd.
Akron OH 44307
(330) 761-1621
Licensed Child Care Center. SUTQ Rating: …

Precious Moments Learning Center
./images/profile_bg1.gif” rowspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”top”>

1494 S. Arlington St. Unit B
Akron OH 44306
(234) 334-3744
Licensed Child Care Center. SUTQ Rating: …

Wee Care Children’s Ministries

P.O. Box 66
Akron IN 46910
(574) 598-2008
Please call for more information.
Mention that you found us on …

Head Start at Oak Creek

1335 Massillon Road
Akron OH 44306
(330) 572-8530
Licensed Child Care Center. SUTQ Rating: …

Westminster YMCA Child Care
./images/profile_bg1.gif” rowspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”top”>

1250 W Exchange St
Akron OH 44313
(330) 864-3560
Licensed Child Care Center. SUTQ Rating: …

Nana’s Place Childcare

17 E Ido Ave
Akron OH 44301
(330) 956-0066
Licensed Type B Family Child Care Home. SUTQ Rating: …

Evening Dreams Child Care

1232 Honodle Avenue
Akron OH 44305
(330) 809-8896
Licensed Type A Family Child Care Home. SUTQ Rating: …

ABC Kids Academy Childcare
./images/profile_bg1.gif” rowspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”top”>

1129 Kinzie St
Akron OH 44305
(330) 400-4876
Licensed Type A Family Child Care Home. SUTQ Rating: …

Mr. DanS Daycare

937 Dover Ave
Akron OH 44320
(234) 231-1222
Licensed Type A Family Child Care Home. SUTQ Rating: …

Just 4 Kids Home Daycare

1283 Andrus Street
Akron OH 44301
(234) 900-6026
Licensed Type A Family Child Care Home. SUTQ Rating: …

Patti’s Daycare
./images/profile_bg1.gif” rowspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”top”>

204 E. North St
Akron IN 46910
(574) 893-1287
Please call for more information.
Mention that you found us on …

Childtime Learning Center

555 White Pond Drive
Akron OH 44320
(330) 864-4499
gif” align=”left” valign=”top”>

Licensed Child Care Center. SUTQ Rating: …

Akron Balanced Child Development Center

481 Ash Ave
Akron CO 80720
(970) 345-6696
Infant – Toddler – Preschool Program. Accepts CCCAP. Please call for more information. …

Fitness Center Childcare | Shaw JCC of Akron

Fitness Center Childcare Services


Life is uncertain – childcare shouldn’t be.

Health and Wellness is important and we know that means regular workouts for a lot of busy parents. The J provides childcare services for members’ children ages six-weeks through twelve years old while you workout. Please call the childcare room at 330-835-0042 at least 24 hours in advance to make a reservation. We NOW also take walk-ins. Any questions, or feedback, can be addressed to Kyrah Cagle 419-217-3232.


We will continue to offer a $40 Childcare Card with no expiration date.

A new $80 Childcare Card that includes 20 visits plus two free hours is now available. These passes expire within one year of purchase date and do not have to be used within the month they are purchased. The new $88 Frequent Care Card, expires within a month of the purchase date. The Frequent Care Card reduces your cost for the first hour to $3.67/visit and is a bigger discount for our frequent users

Frequent Care Card reduces your cost for the first hour to $3.67/visit and is a bigger discount for our frequent users.


1.   It is mandatory that you make a reservation by calling 330-835-0042. You must make your reservations at least 24 hours in advance. If we do not have any reservations by that 24-hour mark, we will unfortunately not have the room open. No walk ins.


2. However, please note that no-shows will be charged for the hours that had been reserved. 


3. Running late? If you are running more than 15 minutes late, please call and let us know. With that being said, we are running strict 55-minute reservations to allow for cleaning time in between classes. If you are running late and will not be able to complete your workout within that time frame, please call and reschedule for another time.


4. Please come prepared! If your child is still in diapers, please bring a labeled diaper bag. If your child is still taking a bottle, please have one labeled and as prepared as possible. We ask that you do not bring snacks, sippy cups, stuffed animals/blankets, or toys with you.


5.  Illnesses tend to be shared amongst children as easily and often as toys and laughter. Please keep your child home if you think he or she may be sick. If your child has had chicken pox, strep, hepatitis, lice, or COVID-19 and was in the Child Care room while contagious, please notify a staff member  immediately. A child cannot come to the care room if they have a fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat, and/or possibly exhibiting symptoms similar to COVID or if they have recently been in contact with someone who has COVID or think they may have it.


6. Unhappy or misbehaving children are not expected and are desperately avoided, but sometimes even with our best efforts we cannot console every child. If your child is upset or misbehaving longer than 15 minutes, we will have to ask that you remove him or her from the Child Care room and try again another time. We completely understand that some children merely go through an adjustment period while being away from their parents, and we do all that we can to make that transition as easy as possible.

However, we like to ensure the best possible care for your child as well as other children in our care.


7. Signing in and out is required every time you place your child in our care. For the safety of your child, we do not release him or her to another adult without parent consent. Please sign out after you return to the Child Care room and not while you are signing in.


• There may be up to 3 families or 6 kids at a time. There will be no more than 3 different families at a time.


• We will have very limited toys to choose from.

We will limit these toys to ones that are easy to clean. On the days that are nice, we will go outside to play.


• Our reservations will last 55 minutes per family to accommodate the cleaning requirements. Reserve 5 days to 24 hours ahead at 330-835-0042


• All of our staff is required to wear masks throughout their shifts.


• Children over 10 must wear a mask. (per state guidelines)


• We have new procedures in place for families who are entering and leaving the child care room:


1. Everyone, including children, entering the building will get their temperature checked by the desk staff.


2. After getting your temperature taken, you will knock on the child care door and drop your children off. Because of the current circumstances we will not be allowing any parents or family into the child care room.



We then will sanitize their hands before playing and before leaving the room.


4. When picking up your child, please knock on the door and wait outside of the door while we get them ready to leave.


5. In between reservations we will wipe everything down and spray items including toys, chairs and tables, and door handles.




Delicates Detergent Floral (refill pack) Lion Acron, 900 ml

Acron Delicates Detergent Floral

Description: Detergent is intended for washing clothes made of delicate woolen, silk, cotton, synthetic fabrics. For a long time retains the appearance of new clothes even after repeated washing in the washing machine. Eliminates wrinkles, wringing marks, stretch marks, and also protects against fading. The product has a deodorizing effect, removes persistent unpleasant odors. It has an antistatic effect. Delicate floral aroma remains for a long time after washing and opens with every movement. Does not contain fluorescent whiteness enhancers.

Helps keep the look of new clothes for a long time even after repeated washing. ACRON components quickly penetrate the fabric and remove the most difficult stains, leaving clothes clean and with a floral scent. Eliminates wrinkles, wrinkle marks, stretch marks. Protects fabric from fading. Contains ASP components without fluorescent bleach, which allows you to maintain the shape of the product. Effective when washing Woolmar products.

Precautions: Do not use for washing in high temperature water. For delicate fabrics (silk, wool), do not use water over 30℃. Gloves are recommended for hand washing. Keep out of direct sunlight, away from heating and heating appliances, and out of the reach of children. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water.

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Linoleum Tarkett Europe 2m Akron-6 2m (gen.


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Europa Linoleum 2m Akron-6 2m – TIME-TESTED One of the first collections of Tarkett linoleum in Russia remains in demand to this day due to the successful combination of price and quality. Steadily improving the coating – new designs, new quality, new effects in the creation of relief – over the past more than 10 years “EUROPE” has not only changed, it has become a real standard for the industry in the medium price segment. An excellent solution for all buyers looking for an inexpensive, but at the same time reliable, time-tested solution for the floor of the house.

On order: delivery up to 7 days 689 ₽

In stock 689 ₽


  • Dimensions
  • Length:

    25000 mm 9 0005

  • Width:

    2000 mm

  • Height:

    3 mm

  • Thickness:

    3 mm

  • Shipping area:

    50 m²

  • Shipping dimensions 9 0069
  • Package length:

    2000 mm

  • Package height:

    323 mm

  • Package width:

    323 mm

  • 9012 0 Weight, volume

  • Net weight:

    2 kg

  • Gross weight:

    1. 95 kg

  • Other parameters
  • Brand:


  • Strength class:


    90 069

  • Manufacturer:


  • Origin:



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