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Baby Pals DS Review – –

Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 8.1
Sound 8.2
Value 8.3


Sarah Wright


Baby Pals

Someone special, someone dear, someone
new to love is here! Bring hours of baby fun home in Baby Pals, a game
where you get to do all the fun things real parents do like feeding,
bathing, playing with and teaching your baby. If you’re a really good
parent, your little angel will even love you back…kootchy kootchy koo!
[From the Developer]

We’ve seen all sorts of
sim games and “Baby Pals” from THQ is probably one of the most unusual
and strangely rewarding games to have graced the Nintendo DS in quite
some time. With that said, the game is aimed at both girls and women
(one would presume) who
thanks to some clever programming can look after their virtual babies in
Baby Pals. That’s right, you can feed your baby, dress your baby, play
with your baby and perform a variety of other mother like aspects in Baby


  • Tickle, peek-a-boo,
    and even patty cake with your baby

  • Customize your
    baby’s physical appearance, clothes and toys

  • Teach your baby to
    crawl, walk and talk

  • Utilize the stylus
    as a spoon to feed or soap to wash

  • Earn items like new
    toys, cute clothes and accessories for your baby

Before you start, you
must adopt your baby (YAY) and of course organise the way your little
new born looks by tweaking a variety of their features. Once you have
created your virtual baby, you must start to look after your baby where
you can play a variety of real-world games with he or she.

My favourite aspect of
the title is using the stylus as a spoon while feeding the baby, it’s
super cute… no… it’s uber cute! These mini-games have you playing
with your baby, teaching your baby and just making sure they have all
their needs met. It’s like the Sims but for babies… and a lot more
simplistic. As you progress through the game, you are awarded various
items that can then be given to your baby because as we all know, babies
love new things. There are also some consequences if you do not look
after your baby but how could you, they are once again… yes… uber

Graphically, Baby Pals
is quite impressive on the Nintendo DS, even though some of the babies
are a little creepy looking from their realistic movements, however the
majority of babies are what you would aspect to see in real life. The
animation of the babies are also quite realistic and the move with this almost
otherworldly grace and you look after these little virtual creatures.

To compliment the
graphics, what other sorts of sound effects would you expect to hear
than little babies crying, laughing and in general acting like real-life
babies. Needless to say, you need quite a lot of patience to play Baby

In conclusion, Baby Pals is an interesting premise that will appeal to a
wide variety of female gamers and maybe a few males who have their
partners pushing them for babies. The title is gender biased, however
for those gamers who wish to experience the joys and downs of caring for little babies,
than this is the game for you.

graphics, realistic sound effects and interesting mini-games, Baby Pals
may be the sleeper hit of 2008 for the female gamer!

Baby Pals Review – IGN

Baby Pals

By Lucas M. Thomas

Updated: May 13, 2012 6:49 am

Posted: Jan 11, 2008 1:55 am

A virtual dog or cat game? OK. Digital monsters or other kinds of fantasy creatures? Also fine. But when you get to the point where you’re looking at, interacting with and taking care of simulated human babies, the concept behind the pet care genre begins to get just a bit too creepy.
A few months ago the DS saw the release of the first game to try that idea, with Ubisoft’s Imagine: Babyz. And while the gameplay of that title fell short, the visual presentation at least kept things relatively comfortable by presenting its human children in a stylized, cartoony form. Baby Pals isn’t so lucky. This second digital babysitting design on the DS is more playable than Ubisoft’s product was, but it’s also much more disturbing – its babies are meant to look realistic, but instead come across as vacant and eerie.

You won’t want to spend too much time staring into his or her lifeless eyes, even when you’re beginning the game and choosing, from a customization menu, what color those eyes should be. And what skin tone, head size and body dimensions they should have. You can make your pick of gender, too, though the choice seems to be mostly arbitrary – the selection doesn’t affect the baby’s body at all, only minor aspects of its face.

Gender issues are also where Baby Pals makes itself even more unappealing, and, worse, inappropriate, because two of the game’s mini-game designs display your virtual child completely nude on the screen. Imagine: Babyz at least had the sense to obscure its babies’ nether regions creatively to facilitate the inclusion of a diaper-changing mini-game design. But here, no such attempt is made – you’re left with a completely exposed (though, thankfully, anatomically incorrect) child that’s closest equivalent must be something like handing your son a naked Barbie doll.

Notice how no official screenshots were released of the diaper-changing or bath-taking mini-games. Yeah.

It’s such a confusing and questionable inclusion that that element alone would give me pause in recommending Baby Pals to anyone. And there’s an E rating on the box? Even more odd to make sense of.

The rest of the Baby Pals experience is more tame. You can, aside from playing the “take a bath” and “change the diaper” mini-games, also choose from a variety of other childcare activities. There’s feeding. There’s teaching. There’s playing with toys, and there’s lulling your baby to sleep.

Feeding plays out like a lite version of Cooking Mama or Imagine: Master Chef, in that you first prepare a variety of simple dishes like Pureed Bananas or Apple Rice Pudding by slicing, mixing and blending ingredients and then sit your kiddo down in a high chair to spoon it into their mouth. Ever played “Airplane” with a hungry baby that wasn’t cooperating with your attempts to feed them? There you go. That’s the idea.

Teaching is the way to make progress, of sorts, through the “adventure” of Baby Pals – most of the mode is locked in the beginning, but over time you’re allowed to begin teaching your youngster to distinguish between different colors, crawl, walk, and the like. It’s a fair design, too, though it may give you some trouble if you have difficulty distinguishing between different colors yourself.

Playing with toys is probably the most basic, as you just hold different objects in front of the kid and wait for him or her to grab at them. And you’ve got a patty cake design that plays out like a game of Simon, a simple implementation of Peek-a-boo that you can see a screen of up above, and a design wherein you guide little cartoon sheep through a garden in order to help your baby go to bed.

All of these elements together end up working well, and none are plagued with the touch screen unresponsiveness that the similar mini-games of Imagine: Babyz had. So Baby Pals would be, overall, the more playable and less frustrating of the two.

But it really all comes back to the disturbing elements of presentation in the end, because they’re unavoidable as you continue playing. Your baby has Needs meters, one of which is Cleanliness, so you’ll be forced to play the mini-games featuring the disturbing, inappropriate nudity over and over again as you continue with the title. And those lifeless, ever-staring eyes never let up either – they pierce your very soul with their persistence, even popping back open immediately after a successful completion of the “go to sleep” mini-game. Disturbing, disturbing, disturbing.


That’s really the word for Baby Pals – disturbing. And creepy. And inappropriate. This is a game that succeeds in presenting a fair representation of taking care of young children, interpreted as DS touch screen mini-games. But it doesn’t succeed at being a welcoming, inviting experience – instead, its “realistic” babies seem eerily lifeless and, even worse, it contains incredibly odd displays of child nudity that are questionable at best. If that sort of thing doesn’t bother you or doesn’t seem inappropriate for your kids, then take a look. But I’d really recommend passing this one by, and I’d hope that the developers of this one would think twice about including elements like that again in any potential future follow-up.

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  • Crispy Zucchini Sticks Video

    Crispy Zucchini Sticks Recipe with step by step photos

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